Master Wireshark 3 in 5 Days

Your ultimate course to becoming a Wireshark expert

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Network & Security
Master Wireshark 3 in 5 Days
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Apr 2020
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What you will learn

Troubleshoot and secure your network with Wireshark

Capture common communication protocols with Wireshark

Understand and interpret network protocols

Learn how to leverage Wireshark to perform ethical hacking

Capture and analyze HTTP, FTP, DNS, DHCP, ARP, SMTP and ICMP traffic

Analyze and troubleshoot network problems before they cause any harm to your network

Deep packet inspection and analysis for famous protocols

Why take this course?

🚀 **Master Wireshark 3 in 5 Days: Your Ultimate Course to Becoming a Wireshark Expert!** 🎓 --- ### **Course Overview:** In our interconnected world, networks are the lifeblood of commerce, communication, and information exchange. Ensuring that these networks function optimally is critical, and with **Wireshark**, you hold the key to unlocking a deep understanding of network protocol analysis. This comprehensive 5-day course will transform you into a Wireshark expert, providing you with the skills to diagnose and troubleshoot complex network issues like a pro! --- ### **What You'll Learn:** ✅ **Introduction to Wireshark:** Get acquainted with the powerful tool that's revolutionizing the way we analyze network traffic. ✅ **Network Fundamentals:** Dive into the TCP/IP suite and understand the different layers of network communication. ✅ **Capturing Packets:** Learn how to capture, display, and interactively browse the traffic running on your network. ✅ **Wireshark Filters:** Master the art of using Wireshark filters to efficiently capture data using various protocols. ✅ **Analyzing and Troubleshooting Networks:** Gain invaluable skills to identify network issues, analyze traffic, and apply real-world solutions. --- ### **Course Structure:** 1. **Wireshark Fundamentals:** - Setting up and configuring Wireshark for optimal performance. - Capture and display filters to monitor targeted network traffic. 2. **TCP/IP Explained:** - Comprehensive walkthrough of the OSI model and its relevance in network analysis. - Understanding IP, TCP, UDP, and other essential protocols. 3. **Deep Dive into Wireshark Filters:** - Using display filters to identify specific types of network traffic. - Applying capture filters to narrow down the data you're capturing. 4. **Practical Network Analysis Techniques:** - Dissecting network conversations and understanding protocol interactions. - Identifying patterns and anomalies in network traffic. 5. **Troubleshooting and Real-World Applications:** - Using Wireshark to diagnose and fix common network issues. - Applying your new skills to real-world scenarios for a practical learning experience. --- ### **Why Take This Course?** - **Real-World Skills:** Transition from theory to practice with hands-on learning that you can apply immediately. - **Industry-Recognized Software:** Learn the tool used by professionals worldwide in various industries. - **Expert Guidance:** Led by Mohamad Mahjoub, an experienced instructor who brings real-world insights and practical knowledge to your learning experience. - **Flexible Learning:** Study at your own pace, with access to course materials for lifetime learning and revision. --- ### **By the End of This Course, You Will Be Able To:** - Confidently use Wireshark to capture and analyze network traffic. - Troubleshoot common network issues with ease. - Understand complex network interactions. - Become a valuable asset in your organization's network management and security efforts. --- ### **Enroll Now and Elevate Your Network Analysis Skills to New Heights!** 🌟 Don't miss this opportunity to master Wireshark 3 and become an expert in network protocol analysis. With our comprehensive course, you'll be ready to tackle any networking challenge that comes your way! 🖥️🔍

Our review

🏆 **Course Review for Wireshark Mastery** **Overall Rating:** 4.15/5 ### Course Summary The **"Wireshark Mastery"** course is designed to introduce learners to the basics of Wireshark, a network protocol analyzer, and to provide a solid foundation in network analysis using this tool. The course balances theoretical knowledge with practical application, ensuring that students not only understand the concepts but also know how to apply them effectively. ### Pros: - **Comprehensive Theory and Practice:** The course offers a good balance between theory and practice, which is essential for understanding both the underlying principles and their real-world applications. (🌟) - **User-Friendly Structure:** The program's structure is well-liked, with clear action steps provided in each module to guide students through the learning process. (🌟) - **Engaging Content:** The course content is engaging and provides a journey full of knowledge and opportunities to develop new skills, as noted by several learners. (🌟) - **Clear and Concise Explanations:** For beginners, the course explains Wireshark's functions and features clearly, with walkthroughs of icons and dropdown menus, making it accessible for those who are new to network analysis. (🌟) - **Positive Learning Experience:** Many learners reported feeling comfortable and learning a lot in a short period, highlighting the effectiveness of the course material and delivery. (🌟) - **Highly Recommended for Beginners:** The course is recommended for beginners who are new to Wireshark and network protocols, with the caveat that advanced users may not find it challenging enough. (🌟) - **Expert Instructor Praise:** Thanks were extended to the instructor(s) for their expertise and dedication, suggesting a high level of teaching quality. (🌟) - **Applicable Across IT Roles:** The course is not limited to network analysis; it also has applications in various roles within IT administration. (🌟) ### Cons: - **Limited Practical Troubleshooting:** Some learners felt that while the theoretical concepts were well-covered, there was a need for more practical troubleshooting and network analysis content to complement these concepts. (⚠️) - **Lack of Advanced Content:** The course may lack depth for advanced users looking for more in-depth knowledge on Wireshark or complex network scenarios. (⚠️) - **Subtitle Issues:** One review pointed out that the auto-generated subtitles sometimes did not align with what was discussed in the videos, which could be confusing for learners. (⚠️) - **Missing Encryption Content:** A notable gap identified by some learners is the lack of coverage on packet encryption and decryption processes, which are crucial skills in network analysis. (⚠️) - **Trivial Network Protocol Introduction:** The course was described as more of an introduction to basic Wireshark functions rather than a deep dive into network protocols. (⚠️) ### Additional Feedback: - One learner expressed that the course was average but still managed to reveal new capabilities within Wireshark and provided insights on its professional use. (📈) - Another experienced learner from the IT administration field found the course to be one of the most compact and complete they had encountered, highlighting the course's value across different levels of expertise. (📈) ### Final Thoughts: Overall, the **"Wireshark Mastery"** course receives high marks for its ability to teach Wireshark in an accessible manner, especially for beginners. While it covers a broad range of topics well, there is room for improvement in including more advanced content and addressing practical troubleshooting and encryption/decryption techniques. The positive feedback from learners across various levels of expertise underscores the course's effectiveness as a learning tool in mastering Wireshark.



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