Master the Expander: The #1 Tool for Transcription!

Learn text expander shortcut methods to increase your typing speed and productivity at the keyboard!

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Jun 2021

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What you will learn

Please Note: The text expander used to demonstrate shortcut methods (Instant Text) is NOT compatible with macOS.

Develop your own easy-to-remember shorthand abbreviations for headings, specialized terminology, medications, and client-specific information.

Enhance entries with comments or flags to prevent critical errors.

Create custom glossaries for specific clients or fields of practice.

Create powerful commands for the editing of voice recognized material.


Disclaimer: Please note that this course uses Instant Text 7 and not IT8 and 9. However, the big focus of this course is in learning shortcut methods, which is universal and transferrable to whatever expander you use.

Welcome to the first course of its kind, specifically designed to teach the transcriptionist how to become super efficient at the keyboard with the use of a text expander! 

In brief, the text expander is a typing productivity tool that docks onto the bottom of any word processor, such as MS Word, Google Docs, and editing platforms used by transcription companies. With the expander docked to your editing screen, specialized terminology and commonly used phrases can be typed very quickly using abbreviations or shortcuts that the user assigns to the program. This significantly reduces the number of keystrokes needing to by typed, which in turn increases your speed immensely.  The text expander also prevents critical spelling errors and cuts down on the amount of wear and tear on your wrists, joints, and hands.

This course is geared toward the transcriptionist who has peaked in their level of productivity at the keyboard and would like to increase their line rate. This course will also benefit the transcription student who is looking for an in-depth course on the text expander so they are more prepared prior to entering the workforce. With the specialized terminology already provided within the text expander glossaries, students and seasoned transcriptionists alike will feel more equipped and efficient in their work as a transcriptionist.

Stay ahead of the curve and learn how to use the text expander program that all your colleagues are talking about!  


Master the Expander: The #1 Tool for Transcription!
Master the Expander: The #1 Tool for Transcription!
Master the Expander: The #1 Tool for Transcription!
Master the Expander: The #1 Tool for Transcription!


Introduction Part 1 - Welcome and Course Overview

Before We Begin

How Does it Work?

Intro Part 2 - The Three Biggest Myths

The 3 Biggest Myths Intro

Myth #1

Myth #2

Myth #3

Intro Part 3 - The 3 Key Components to Success

Key Components to Success

Key Component #1

Key Component #2

Key Component #3

Intro Part 4 - What will you learn?

Course Breakdown

Introduction Wrap-up

Program Setup and Interface (specific to Instant Text users only)

Download and Installation

Docking and Linking Indicators

Client Configurator

Phrase and Word Advisories

Capitalization and Spacing Indicators

Help Button

Section 5 Wrap-up

Interface Elements

The Options Menu (specific to Instant Text users only)

Options Menu Intro

Marker Selection

Automatic Spacing


Advisory Colors

Special Keys

Productivity Screen

Section 6 Wrap-Up

Options Menu

Glossaries 101 (specific to Instant Text users only)

Glossary Intro

Medstart 101

Drugs Glossary

Adding Glossaries

Reordering Active Glossaries

Switching Glossaries

Transferring Entries

Taking her for a Spin!

Spin Comparison Key

Section 7 Wrap-Up

Includes (specific to Instant Text users only)

What's an Include?

Viewing the Includes

Dates Include for Medstart

Numbers Include for Medstart

Labs Include for Medstart

Medstart and Dates Includes for Drugs

Dosage Includes for Drugs

Too Add or Not to Add

My Includes

Reordering Includes

Deleting Includes

Section 8 Wrap-Up

The Glossary Viewer (specific to Instant Text users only)

Deleting Entries

Editing Entries

The Typo Glossary

Moving Entries

Search Function

Treasure Hunt (specific to Instant Text users only.)

Section 9 Wrap-Up

"Add Glossary Entry" Window (specific to Instant Text users only)

Adding Entries 101

Display As Field

Elements of the "Add Glossary Entry" Window

Section 10 Wrap-Up

Single Word Entries

Single Word Entries 101

Phrases in the Single Word Advisory

Sound-a-Likes (specific to Instant Text users only)

Sticky Keys (may not be applicable to expanders other than Instant Text)

Section 11 Wrap-Up

Phrase Entries

Introduction to Phrase Entries

Shortcut Method #1

Shortcut Method #2

The Pros & Cons

The Workshop (specific to Instant Text users only)

Shorts For 3 or More Words

Hyphenated Entries (some parts specific to Instant Text users only)

Patient Ages

Comments for This and That (specific to Instant Text users only)

Continuations (specific to Instant Text users only)

Getting Started with Shortcut Methods

Section 12 Wrap-Up

Unorthodox Entries

Words Ending in "X"

Thinking Outside the Box


Time Frames

Section Wrap-Up

Medication and Dosing

Intro to Drug Entries

Meds as a Single-Word Entry

Meds as a Phrase Entry

Adding Meds to Your Main Glossary - Why?

Dosing Schedules

Comments for Meds (specific for Instant Text users only)

Abbreviations and Acronyms

Abbreviations 101

Phrases with Abbreviations

Expanding Abbreviations using the Convert Key

Section 15 Wrap-Up

Surgical Entries

Creating a Surgical Glossary (specific to Instant Text users)

Moving Entries to Surgical (specific to Instant Text users)

Surgical Tools

Labs and Investigations

Intro to Lab Entries

Single-Letter Shorts for Labs

Phrase Entries for Labs

Comments for Labs (specific to Instant Text users)

Units and Measurements

Section Wrap-Up

Diseases, Viruses, and Syndromes

Bacteria and Viruses

Diseases and Disorders

Cancer Staging

Grading and Scores

Section Wrap-Up

Commands (specific to Instant Text users)

Introduction to Commands

The Inner Workings of a Command

Creating a Commands Glossary

Word Replacement Commands - Part 1.

Word Replacement Commands - Part 2.

Punctuation Commands

Cursor Commands

Section Wrap-Up

Account Glossaries

Creating an Account Glossary

Clinics and Departments

Locations and Nearby Locations

Physician Names


Section Wrap-Up

Headings, Formatting, and Correspondence

Headings 101

Headings Ending in "X"

Highlighting Entries (specific to Instant Text users only)

Formatting Entries (specific to Instant Text users only)

Formulating Dates (specific to Instant Text users only)

Salutations, Closings, and Signature Lines

QA Notes

Section Wrap-Up

Glossary Management

Backing Up Glossaries

Linking to the Cloud

Deleting Glossaries (specific to Instant Text users only)

Course Complete!

Congratulations and Thank you!


Gabriele23 August 2020

A very good match. It has helped me to understand Instant Text easily. Helpful tips and how to use the program properly, explained in plain, easy to understand instructions. Lots of useful tips. Well done to Linda on a wonderful presentation.

Sarah13 August 2020

Linda is a great teacher. She speaks so clear and takes the time to explain each step. This took me from a total novice to feeling confident. I can't wait to apply my new knowledge to my upcoming practicum!

Sheila22 July 2020

It is a perfect match, as I live in the US but work for a company in Australia. I have been using IT for seven years but due to a backup failure I lost all my hard work, so imagine my surprise Linda when you had a British Medstart and Drugs! Amazing is the perfect word!

Jennifer22 June 2020

Master the Expander course was a great learning experience as I spend hours typing documents every day. Due to completing this course, I have now reduced hours spent on typing by two thirds. This course is a fantastic learning curve to produce documents more efficiently.

Dawn1 April 2020

So far, I am learning quite a bit from this course. I never really learned much about text expanders from the medical transcription course I took. I wish they would have gone into it more. I am glad to have found this course to help me learn. Now that I am halfway through, I am very excited to be learning this. I feel I am learning so much more now. The only thing I am thinking about is how much it will slow me down trying to learn this when I get a job. I will have to practice some beforehand. I wish there was a list that came with all the words already done for you. I would pay for a list like that. Lol! As it turns out, there is a list of resources you can use to add to your glossaries. This course was so worth the small amount I paid. I will be going back over this many times when I need a refresher. Thank you so much. :)

Susan7 February 2020

I have never heard of the expander tool, I always thought medical transcriptionists are just doing reports. But seeing that I will also be able to use it in gen transcription is great! This is very much a new learning curve. Thank you for explaining this so well.

Shelly11 January 2020

I watched a forum on Canscribe about using a text expander. I had been using a different platform, but I liked the option of adding comments to my shortcuts and wanted a better platform.

Mary10 January 2020

I have been using Instant Text expander for nearly a year using only the basics of the program and doing this course has allowed me to use my Instant Text to more of its full potential and I look forward to increasing my productivity and decreasing my keystrokes. Thank you very much.

Angela7 January 2020

I would have been lost without this course! I also love that I can refer back to specific modules to refresh my knowledge. I am extremely happy with this course!!

Emilie18 November 2019

Great match. I am a medical transcriptionist and use InstaText, but not all its features. I have already learned some new things.

Helen14 November 2019

Thank you Lindy. I really enjoyed the course and your lectures. I would highly recommend this course. I wish this course was available when I first started using Instant Text :)

Susan28 October 2019

I just got the expander. I have not had time yet to set it up yet and starting school MT practicum soon. Very grateful to have found this course!

Dayzjanay24 October 2019

What a fantastic course and a magnificent instructor. The instructor did a great job on this course and the step-by-step walk through was very helpful.

Susan17 October 2019

Lindy, you have done an amazing job putting this together. After implementing a few of your changes I was able to type over 2000 lines with a 63% productivity gain and many thanks for that. This will definitely benefit anyone, new and old to Instant Text. I am so grateful to you for putting this together. :-) xxx One little thing that might benefit in the course is sometimes the screen is not clear, a little blurry, but your explanations make up for it.

Elizabeth18 September 2019

Yes this course is very, very informative and with use, I will get used to it and it will help me substantially in the long run!! Linda is amazing and I love how everything is chunked down and well explained. Such a valuable tool to have going forward!


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