Master SwiftUI 2 App Development for iOS 15

Get In-Depth and Hands On Learning By Building A Ton Of Apps From A Proven Trainer & App Developer

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15 hours
Nov 2021
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What you will learn

Become proficient with XCode

Become proficient with the Swift programming language

Become proficient with UI design using the newest SwiftUI framework

Get your app published on the app store

Get a job as an iOS app developer


** Adapted for XCode 13 / iOS 15 (SwiftUI 2) **

Get on the edge of development and be ahead of the curve with this brand new way to build iOS apps, SwiftUI 2!

Our philosophy is simple - keep the theory at a minimum and focus heavily with hands on learning.

Who better to learn how to build iOS apps than from a seasoned teacher and accomplished real world app developer.  In this course, we take your existing programming knowledge of other languages and move cutting edge SwiftUI app development.  We get right into the meat and potatoes and start building apps step by step. 

Don't waste your time with other courses.  The materials here are based on our live courses taught to 1000's students who have paid thousands of dollars to be there so you're not getting second rated material and you will retain everything as we reinforce the material into you.

Sure anyone can teach you to build an app, but will your app satisfy Apple's rules and allow you to get published.  Don't waste your valuable time learning lessons and designs that Apple may reject.

We made the mistakes in the past so that you don't have to in the future!

What you will get:

  • The experience of building tons of apps while satisfying Apple's design guidelines.

  • Take your beginner (or expert for that matter) programming experience and turn it into expert SwiftUI development.

  • Learn to build key features in the Apple ecosystem including:

    • The basics of SwiftUI

    • Gaming using SpriteKit

    • Maps & Searchable Directions

    • Apple Watch Connectivity

    • Apple Watch Complications

    • Drawing using Apple Pencil

    • Downloading data off the internet

    • Music playback

    • Core Data

    • JSON parsing

    • and much more!

  • Learn the basics of app design - we give you tips and tricks on how to make your app look beautiful so that your future users will enjoy your eye-candy.

What are you waiting for?  Get started today!


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Lets Begin!
App #1: Hello World
App #2: A Simple Calculator

Page Navigation

Page Navigation
App #3: Page Navigation


iPadOS, PencilKit, TextField's & WebKitViews
App #4: Drawing App Using PencilKit

Sound And Animations

Sounds & Animations
App #5: Music Player App With Animations


App #6: List App With Both Basic and Custom List Cells

Core Data, UserDefaults & Gestures

Core Data, UserDefaults & Gestures
App #7: Food management app using Core Data, UserDefaults and Gestures

Remote Database Parsing Using JSON, MySQL, PHP and SwiftUI

Remote Database Parsing Using JSON, MySQL, PHP & SwiftUI
App #8: Creating a MySQL Database using PHPMyAdmin
App #9: PHP & JSON
App #10: JSON Downloading & Parsing in a SwiftUI App

Mixing UIKit & SwiftUI

Mixing UIKit & SwiftUI
App #11: Mixing Swift & SwiftUI


Gaming in iOS
App #12: Getting Started With SpriteKit
App #13: Adding Physics To A SpriteKit Game



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