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Online Course Creation - Master Promotional Emails - LITE

Master Udemy Promotional Announcement Emails: Create Great Promos, Increase Enrollments, Make More Sales - Unofficial

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Jun 2021

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What you will learn

Promotional Announcements are a key Online Course Creation skill - I hold nothing back in helping you master the skill of Creating high converting Promo Announcement Emails

Discover how to create Promotional Announcement Emails that will help you to sell more of your Online Courses, Products and Services

You will see how successful instructors create high converting Emails and Promotional Announcements and be able to use their copywriting as templates for your own promos

Understand the best time of the month to be sending out your Promotional Announcements based on over 10,000 of my own sales

Discover how to increase your open rates and click through rates by following my system for evaluation and analysis - and create your own with my downloadable template


This Course is not sponsored by or affiliate with Udemy Inc.

FULL Disclosure: This is a LITE version of my Promotional Announcement Emails course that is being published shortly on Udemy.  Content in this course will be repeated in that course.

Online Course Creation includes a CRITICAL SKILL - writing and sending effective, HIGH CONVERTING Promotional Announcement Emails.

If cross selling your courses to existing students is one of the BEST WAYS TO MONETISE your courses - and get 97% of the proceeds - why are more instructors not focusing on sending better promotions to their students?

Do you want to sell more of your courses to more of your students?  

Of course you do! 

So, I urge you to read on, your Promotional Announcements will never be the same again!

With nearly five years experience on Udemy and having created over 40 Courses (not all are live as I write), I have been striving to improve my Udemy Promotional Announcement Emails constantly.  

By applying my Copywriting expertise to the challenge and studying over 2,000 emails I have received from other instructors, I have found that it is possible to create Promotional Announcements that engage and entertain as well as sell!

In this Course, I have distilled my Email Marketing experience of Udemy Promotional Email Announcements to share with you the skills and knowledge you need to make huge improvements to your Promotional Announcements. 

This is how I have converted literally thousands of sales of my courses using my Coupon Code and gaining the 97% Revenue share!  

And you can too!

In this Course you will discover:

  • The Basic Structure of an effective Promotional Email Announcement
  • Discover a Promotional Email Marketing Template from one of the most successful instructors
  • Copywriting and Content Writing skills to help you to create high converting Titles for your Email Marketing
  • Creative Use of Images in Your Promotional Announcements
  • Answers to a critical Email Marketing question relating to Udemy Course Promotion
  • How do find out how effective your Promotional Email Marketing of your Udemy Courses really is

Imagine if your Promotional Announcements could be twice as effective as they are now? 

What impact would that have on your Sales?

Of course, you could just stick with the same old emails you have always sent out…and be in the same stagnant place in a years time that you are now.  Or you could take action today and transform your Promotional Announcements into something truly spectacular!

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Online Course Creation - Master Promotional Emails - LITE
Online Course Creation - Master Promotional Emails - LITE
Online Course Creation - Master Promotional Emails - LITE
Online Course Creation - Master Promotional Emails - LITE


Welcome to my Promotional Announcement Email Lite Course

Is this Course for You? Watch this ONE Lecture to find out

Why I Made This Free Course For You...

Is this Course for You? Watch this ONE Lecture to find out

The Basic Structure of a Promotional Announcement

How to Create Effective Promotional Announcement Email Titles

Using Course Landing Page Images to Highlight Your Courses

Try This Punchy Promo Announcement

How Effective Are Your Promotions?

What is the Best Date in the Month for a Promotion?

Lite Course Summary and Wrap Up



Sarabjeet11 April 2019

It appears taken effort to collate various aspects of the topics and also shared some of his consolidated tips. Exceptional for a free course.

Squittia29 January 2019

I like the fact that this Instructor only makes 5 star courses. That instills in me that he won't give nothing but the best to his students. And he want them to succeed professionally. I'm ready for more of his classes. Professor JDColley. I'm ready for my virtual desk Professor Colley!

Bonitto23 January 2019

Great course, if you are a marketing beginner, taking this course is a great way to get your feet wet. The instructor did a fantastic job. Thank you so much.

Joe17 November 2018

I needed straightforward advice on making better promotional emails and announcements for my courses and this course did that in a very clear and easy to understand way with lots of great examples. :)

Nella4 November 2018

Excellent course! Very well organized and comprehensive. The instructor has a very beautiful speaking voice and he organized his material exceptionally well. I really loved the fact that he summarized the course in his final lecture.

Terry29 October 2018

really useful for my promo emails, a detailed approach that is helping me write better emails and make more money!

William11 September 2018

The Lite course is the perfect primer for the full course. John uses parts from the full course to give the student the idea of what it entails. He is really straightforward, and has a wealth of knowledge particularly in the course creation spectrum. Thank you for this opportunity.

James3 June 2018

Being Newbie to Udmey the information John provided was not only informative, but insightful. Some really good stuff that I'm going to put into practice.

Ludwin13 May 2018

The course is really helpful and above all it makes sure to deliver the knowledge you expect from this course.

Chris30 March 2018

Review of Online Course Creation Mastering Promotional Emails This is a course that is aimed at Instructors on Udemy. There are thousands of courses on Udemy. It is reasonable to assume that some Instructors are very very tech-savvy and at the other extreme (I am nearer that end) Udemy is still a bit of a mystery. Please bear that in mind when you read this review. I should also declare that I am a very experienced teacher of Business and Economics but from an age that is pre-social media. I have courses on Udemy on Business and Economics but also Old Age, Strokes and Death! (Covering all bases). I am not in any way a competitor to John except in the very broad sense in that all Instructors, indeed anyone selling anything, is in competition. I have tried to make this review as detailed and as honest as possible. I have considered three areas: a. what I like b. what I do not like c. (I hope) constructive suggestions. Please remember, these are just my opinions as a student – you may well disagree with them. If you do not wish to read this long review here is a summary: SUMMARY This course is free. It is interesting, well structured and certainly imparts useful information. John (the Instructor) is very very clear to understand most of the time. If you do not understand something then there are always the Q/A forums – I have asked some questions there where I was not clear. Technically the video quality is excellent. Does this course suggest that the ‘paid course’ is worth the money? Most definitely yes and I certainly think people should buy it BUT at the discounted price. You will gain from it. This FREE course here is a ‘Lite’ course so of course, by definition, the Instructor is not going to go into much depth but he goes far enough to stimulate interest and to impart useful information. That alone makes the course – in terms of time as it is FREE – worth watching. 44 minutes of your time – not wasted. I note that one reviewer says it is ‘too short to rate yet’ – I can only assume the student did not finish the course but for some reason chose to write a review mid-way through. Now to the FULL REVIEW A word about the Instructor. John Colley went to the University of Cambridge (UK) and Cass Business School (1992) where he gained a Distinction. So, he’s bright and definitely knows what he is talking about. However that does not mean his lectures are beyond constructive criticism as you will see. I lecture in Oxford (UK) and some of the very best teachers have credentials far less impressive than John’s !! I remind anyone reading this review that what follows are my reactions as a student. They may reflect more on me than the Instructor, John. Section 1 Lecture 1 This lecture started with a straightforward question: “Are you struggling with promotional announcements or emails?” The answer (from me) was ‘yes’ and I know that initially I struggled with the difference between Promotional and Announcement emails on Udemy as surely the Announcement are made to ‘promote’ so it would have been helpful if that immediate distinction had been made. A clip was shown of a dog. From 47 seconds – 1.11 the clip was frozen. This immediately distracted me and also I saw no point to it. John said that it is possible to track sales with coupon codes. Remember my earlier comment that Udemy Instructors will span a wide arc of competence? 30 seconds on what a coupon code was, would have been useful John then closed the lecture with the very bold statement: “You will not be alone I will be with you step by step!” OK….I have asked several questions. It will be interesting to see how long it is before they are answered. I will update this review when I have seen the answers. Lecture 2 is entitled ‘Why I made this free course for you’ John makes the point that this course is ‘Stand alone’ and ‘If you don’t want other courses then that’s fine’. That, to me, is very very appropriate and the right thing to say at the beginning of the 44 minute course. I hate free courses on Udemy that seem to be simply expounded advertising puff, teach nothing except that there is some other paid course that your life will be even more incomplete if you do not sign up for it. This ‘stand alone’ comment meant to me that I will gain from the course but I am still on lecture 2 and I am not sure what I am going to gain. Perhaps the next lecture will tell me. John also asks for a review. That’s fine – I will comment on ‘reviews’ a bit later in this…review. Lecture 3 was entitled ’ Is this course for you?’ It says in the Landing page that the course is for Instructors. I am an Instructor. I do not need to be asked or told whether this course is for me. If it isn’t then I will stop watching. This – to me – is a waste of a lecture. In fact, really, it is a minus as I disliked the Tom Hanks extract. Again this was telling me what I was going to get – I am now on lecture 3 and still waiting to actually LEARN something. I prefer to see instructor if on split screen rather than film clips or gifs unless they are directly relevant. Lecture 4 'An Important Message' This lecture deals with reviews. Wait! I have yet to start this course! I have yet to learn anything! Why am I being told about reviews? Hang on, though, perhaps I will learn something after all this is about ‘promotion’. Sadly, I don’t. I am an instructor for Udemy. I know how the review system works. What I WOULD like to have been told though is on what criteria I should assess the course. Why not expand this lecture and go through the criteria for evaluation – give me something to think about before I leave the review. Should I be asking myself whether the Instructor is clear or the course well structured? (yes) Should I consider any resources? (yes) The Instructor says he thinks the course is worthy of a 5 star review – but doesn’t tell us why. Great – why not tell us what you are trying to achieve and then I as a student can consider whether for me, it has been achieved? John also asks me to message him before a rating. Well, no. As a student I would be apprehensive about messaging an Instructor if I am going to leave a bad review. (I am not – I have given this 5 stars remember!) Anyway by leaving a review the Instructor has the chance to comment. I thought this lecture was either not needed or could have been a lot more useful. Note: I am still trying to learn something about mastering promotional emails. In terms of the course time almost a quarter of the time has passed and I have not learnt anything. The course is FREE sure, but surely the aim is to make every second worthwhile? Lecture 5 ‘The basic structure of a promotional announcement’ This is good. This is why I enrolled. This is something I can learn. “Promotional emails have structure and have frameworks that can be used in creating them. I am trying to help you understand the framework that promotional announcements can be organised into. If you have that basic outline then you can be flexible within – 9 key components of promotional announcements “ That’s very good – that is why I am here. John then briefly goes through the 9 key components. I say ‘briefly’ but that is NOT a criticism. This is a ‘LITE’ course so I am not expecting anything in depth. Here are the 9 key components: Title Hook Course link and codes Benefits Scarcity Risk removal Calls to action Sign off PS I was asked for a review at the end of this lecture by Udemy – I declined. Lecture 6 – ‘Using Course Landing Pages’ This dealt with Promotional announcement titles. John told us (for the second time I think) that “ I have 2000 received examples?” That’s great so even in this LITE course I expect to see half a dozen examples. After all as he says, ‘your fellow instructors are sending you announcements all the time’ Sadly no. He then referred to a PDF. Suddenly I realised there were other resources with this FREE course! Why on earth did John not mention this before? I clicked back to see what else there was on offer – and thus lost the track of the lecture. Why were these not announced at the end of the other lectures? Also why not feature extracts from the other resources in the lecture and tell us what they are and how to use them? John then gave a list of titles – data would have helped a lot as to which titles seemed to work. Just a few examples on this LITE course (I keep mentioning LITE because students should not expect a full long course for free – this course is to whet your appetitite). ‘Leading with new’ seems to be the best one – why not give an example?? Could spend more on a 'bargain' – what it means. Which is better – a low price or a discount? Experienced students on Udemy will never trust the original price anyway as most of them seem to be discounted sometime, plus coupons etc He says I should run a swipe file – I wonder what that is? He then finishes the lecture with a picture of himself for thirteen seconds which is about 5% of the time of the lecture. Why not have as a closing picture a rolling list of titles or examples??? Lecture 7 – ‘Using landing pages images to highlight your courses’ This lecture shows how the Landing Page t is a sales document and talks about ‘use screenshots’. I have asked a question about this in the Q/A section. John then gave an example from another instructor. Great – an example! BUT….I would then have made it full screen and asked the viewer to think about what they liked about it. And THEN said what you liked. And THEN suggested if you saw other things then write in! It was impossible to read. Example is then given of John’s own copywriting courses. Again I would have preferred that by far to be full screen Then this phrase appeared: “Use the who of the top of the landing page?” It would have been helpful if John had expanded a bit on this – again why not use examples from his own courses? That would make this FREE course better and also promote his own courses! (In one of my courses about cinema and depression I use numerous clips from films I have been in as examples BUT they – of course – also promote me!) By 4.03 we were back to an image of the instructor. This is beginning to irritate. I would have much preferred it if he had shown a promotional email complete with images and thus showing us exactly how the course is promoted. This would have had the knock on effect of the example actually promoting his course! So that’s 11 seconds of wasted time Lecture 8 ‘Try this Punchy Promotion Announcement’ This started off very well with an example that was then broken down. This is exactly what I want There would be no risk of diluting the main course because as he says he has 2000 examples! Example: “First 30 students and then this is gone” The example was blanked out because ‘this isn’t a selling process’. Well why not use his own example of own courses and show it in full and then subliminally this will be a selling process. The target audience is instructors who you want to buy your course so why not use own material and go through the background – without, of course, trying to sound like you’re crowing. This is a course – teach us. The point was admired that 85% off sounds a lot better than saying $9. I am not sure this is true. Jaded students may just prefer a low priced course… perhaps pass comment? Here’s an opportunity to engage with your students actually on this course – ask them for their opinions! Also I can’t read the image shown John makes a criticism of the email: Use more bold Use more images Good, that’s useful so SHOW US how you would improve it! Last nine seconds – showing the instructor again. I dislike this. Why not invite students to show their own announcements and encourage feedback? Lecture 9 – ‘How effective are your promotions?’ At 1.09 the instructor dashboard is shown. I am viewing this on a laptop and cannot clearly see the dashboard. More to the point why not have it full screen and use a cursor to highlight whichever area you are discussing? At 3.28 the instructor seemed to stumble a bit and a comparison of the two emails he was talking about would have helped a great deal He then talks about the unsubscribe rate – it would have been helpful if he had suggested reasons why people unsubscribe. 5.17 looks like a yawn The last 34 seconds are the picture of John – that’s THIRTY FOUR SECONDS of a 5.55 minutes lecture. Again, why not have a rolling series of examples of emails or why not a slide showing bullet points about the lecture? Lecture 10 – ‘The best date of the month for promotion’ Chart showing 10,000 sales (very impressive) but difficult to read (34 seconds) .Useful to know where to get the chart from. We are Instructors but that does not means we know very much! It would have been helpful if we were told whether the courses were similar. If not then the ‘best dates’ may vary. For example, if a course on diets is promoted on 1st Jan and 5th and 10th then that would not necessarily be the same for a marketing course. One strategy is described but the chart on the right – which I couldn’t see – was a distraction. It would have been better if actual promotional emails had been used with dates and then the results shown. 25 seconds of image of John!!! (Out of a 4.40 minute lecture.) Lecture 11 – ‘Lite course summary’ In the summary he goes over the key points. I would have preferred a slide with each key point appearing with the lecture number in brackets. Therefore if I have skipped ahead I know what I have missed... Lecture 12 – Bonus lecture John says “This was designed as a teaser and gives you really valuable information upfront” That’s true and there was some useful information. This course is FREE so I am not knocking it BUT some minor tweaks would, in my opinion as a student, have vastly improved it At 1.19 the landing page appeared behind the instructor talking – but only a bit. I wasn’t sure whether this was a mistake or whether I was supposed to be looking at it or not. 1.54 I am told there are many more lectures – it would have been helpful if he had said about what. He could for example have gone through the course curriculum and sample videos of the paid course so I could see for myself At 2.04 John is quoting reviews. In view of the previous lecture about using reviews why not show us a screenshot? A code is given to allow me to get the maximum discount BUT I don’t know how much this is and I don’t know how valid it is going to be. I tried it – there is still a discount and it is still valid – so readers of this review should go and use it! 15 seconds of John's picture again! I looked at John’s most recent promotional announcement. It included this: The link to the post is https://www.facebook.com/jbdcolley/videos/2117782184903603/ which will take you to the club and you will have to request to join - don't worry you will be welcomed with open arms. I clicked the link and got: Sorry, this content isn't available right now The link you followed may have expired, or the page may only be visible to an audience you're not in. That quite a big error – I hope it is sorted soon. Course details Now I want to say a few things about the Landing Page as it is mentioned in the course. John is British and yet uses American English in the course details “Increase enrollments”. Under What will I learn? John writes: “Promotional Announcements are a key Online Course Creation skill - I hold nothing back in helping you master the skill of Creating high converting Promo Announcement Emails” That, to me, seems completely untrue. This is a LITE course so of course he held a lot back – in fact as from my comments above, you can see some of what was omitted, in particular, examples. Nothing wrong with that but I prefer to see course details that are 100% accurate. The course details then say: “Discover how to increase your open rates and click through rates by following my system for evaluation and analysis - and create your own with my downloadable template2 It was at that point that I realised that these details MUST be referring to the PAID course rather than this one so I stopped reading. CONCLUSION 44 minutes and 10 supplemental resources. This is a FREE course and you WILL learn something. So, something for nothing except your time – well worth the five stars. However as from above, it seems to me that there are a lot of areas where improvements can be made. Just minor tweaks would not take much time. What does this tell us about the PAID course? Well John is a friendly, clear instructor . He seems genuinely enthusiastic and I am sure he will give full answers to my questions. He has thousands and thousands of students so I am sure his courses are of immense value. There is a discount available in the Bonus lecture – I STRONGLY advise you take advantage of it and enrol on his PAID course now. But I also suggest you don’t just sit there as a passive student, awaiting your completion certificate. John says he will be with you ‘every step of the way’ so take notes in the lectures, try them out, ask questions (as I have done in this FREE course) in the Q/A section. I am sure John will help! UPDATE I mentioned above that I have asked various questions. All my questions were answered within 12 hours! This is an important point as when doing a course, one advantage with Udemy (and with this particular instructor) is responsiveness. If the Instructor does not respond then you may as well go to Youtube. Here, John did respond which further enhances the value of this course and by implication , all his other courses!

Christopher23 March 2018

This is a wonderful foundational course for know-how regarding promotional emails. Very wise and clever technique for presenting your email in the most effective and meaningful way possible to your audience. Utilizing each part of the email to the best of its ability - the title, images, and even the sign-off and more. Many pdfs to go along with the course, so you can take your information with you wherever you go - online or off. I am very satisfied with the course and eager to put to use what I've learned! Thanks John Colley!


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