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Online Course Creation Master Promotional Emails Fast & Easy

Master Udemy Promotional Announcement Emails: Create Great Promos, Increase Enrollments, Make More Sales - Unofficial

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Apr 2021

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What you will learn

Promotional Announcements are a key Online Course Creation skill - I hold nothing back in helping you master the skill of Creating high converting Promo Announcement Emails

Discover how to create Promotional Announcement Emails that will help you to sell more of your Online Courses, Products and Services

You will see how successful instructors create high converting Emails and Promotional Announcements and be able to use their copywriting as templates for your own promos

Find out some of my Promotional Announcement Tips, Tricks and Tactics for even higher conversions

Understand the best day of the week and time of the month to be sending out your Promotional Announcements based on over 10,000 of my own sales

Discover how to increase your open rates and click through rates by following my system for evaluation and analysis - and create your own with my downloadable template

Discover step by step how I used my Content Writing skills to create the Promotional Announcement for this Course


This Course is not sponsored by or affiliate with Udemy Inc.

Online Course Creation includes a CRITICAL SKILL - writing and sending effective, HIGH CONVERTING Promotional Announcement Emails.

If cross selling your courses to existing students is one of the BEST WAYS TO MONETISE your courses - and get 97% of the proceeds - why are more instructors not focusing on sending better promotions to their students?

Do you want to sell more of your courses to more of your students?  

Of course you do! 

So, I urge you to read on, your Promotional Announcements will never be the same again!

With nearly five years experience on Udemy and having created over 40 Courses (not all are live as I write), I have been striving to improve my Udemy Promotional Announcement Emails constantly.  

By applying my Copywriting expertise to the challenge and studying over 2,000 emails I have received from other instructors, I have found that it is possible to create Promotional Announcements that engage and entertain as well as sell!

In this Course, I have distilled my Email Marketing experience of Udemy Promotional Email Announcements to share with you the skills and knowledge you need to make huge improvements to your Promotional Announcements. 

This is how I have converted literally thousands of sales of my courses using my Coupon Code and gaining the 97% Revenue share!  

And you can too!

In this Course you will discover:

  • The Basic Structure of an effective Promotional Email Announcement
  • Discover Promotional Email Marketing Templates from some of the most successful instructors
  • Copywriting and Content Writing skills to help you to create high converting Titles for your Email Marketing
  • Tips Tricks and Tactics for even more effective Promotional Announcement Emails
  • Creative Use of Images in Your Promotional Announcements
  • Answers to some critical Email Marketing questions relating to Udemy Course Promotion
  • How do find out how effective your Promotional Email Marketing of your Udemy Courses really is
  • How to use Educational Announcements as part of your Email Marketing Strategy
  • How I created the Promotional Announcement Email for this Udemy Course

Imagine if your Promotional Announcements could be twice as effective as they are now? 

What impact would that have on your Sales?

Of course, you could just stick with the same old emails you have always sent out…and be in the same stagnant place in a years time that you are now.  Or you could take action today and transform your Promotional Announcements into something truly spectacular!

Not Sure? - Check out the FREE Preview Videos below!  See what you are missing!

How many more sales do you need to justify the investment in this Course? 

I leave it to you to decide!

When you have made up your mind, Enroll Today!

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Online Course Creation Master Promotional Emails Fast & Easy
Online Course Creation Master Promotional Emails Fast & Easy
Online Course Creation Master Promotional Emails Fast & Easy
Online Course Creation Master Promotional Emails Fast & Easy


Welcome - Is this Course for You?

Is this Course for You? Watch this ONE Lecture to find out

Who Is This Course For?

The Basic Structure of a Promotional Announcement

The Basic Structure of a Promotional Announcement

How Do You Format Your Course Links in Your Promotional Announcements?

Please Do This One Thing For Me - Essential Building Block!

Add this to your Announcements: Join My Facebook Community

Learn from the Best Instructors - How Many Different Ways Can You Promote?

Long Form Promotional Announcements

Compact Structured Promotional Message

High Cred Promotional Announcement

Image Led Promotional Announcement

Why Not Try BOGOF?

Try This Punchy Promo Announcement

How to Market A Course Update with a Promotional Announcement

Activity: Create Your Own Promotional Announcement Now!

Creating Effective Titles for Your Promotional Announcements

How to Create Effective Promotional Announcement Email Titles

Tips, Tricks and Tactics for More Effective Promotional Announcements

Should You Promote to ALL the Students in Your Course?

Social Proof Your Signature In Your Promotional Announcements

Boosting Sales with Bonuses

Using Ratings and Reviews as a PS

Promotion Expires Tonight!

Anchor Text Simple But Effective

Preview For Free

Creative Use of Images in your Promotional Announcements

Using Course Landing Page Images to Highlight Your Courses

Adding Gifs to Your Promotional Messages

How Effective Are Your Promotions?

How Effective Are Your Promotions?

What are your Best Courses for Promotions?

ACTIVITY: Create Your Own Promotional Analysis Spreadsheet

Key Questions To Answer About Promotions

What is the Best Day of the Week for a Promotion?

What is the Best Date in the Month for a Promotion?

How Many Courses Should I Include In A Promotion?

What is the Best Way to Send Multiple Promotional Announcements?

Educational Announcements - the Little Brother of Promotional Announcements

Why Not Offer Free Coaching?

Why Not Run a 5 Day Challenge?

Why Not Offer A Free Webinar?

Why Not Send a Video Message?

Why Not Offer Office Hours?

Why Not Ask A Stimulating Question?

Lets Create the Promotional Announcement For This Course

Lets Create the Promotional Announcement For This Course

Promotional Announcement Email Drafting

Promotional Announcement Email Final Draft

Promotional Announcement Tests And Results

Simple Multiple Course Promo Test

Summary and Wrap Up

Promotional Announcement Emails - Course Summary and Wrap Up

Bonus Lecture: What's Next - Don't Miss This!


Samantha27 March 2018

Another great course you made John! I am glad I got the opportunity to see more examples of educational and promotional announcement to engage more with my students. Thank you

Abdelwahab26 March 2018

Another create course from John Colley, thanks for the useful content. i recommend it for every one want to understand promotional emails and to create them the correct way

Bart24 March 2018

Lists a whole slew of terrific promo techniques and how to make them work even if you are a complete newbie to creating course promotions!

Khalid24 March 2018

Yet again, John delivers another amazing course. Very easy to follow lectures. Very responsive when it comes to student engagement. Cannot wait for his upcoming courses.


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