Data Science


Natural Language Processing and Text Mining Without Coding

Analyze Text using Natural Language Processing ( NLP ) techniques & Text Mining without writing a single line of code.

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Sep 2018

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What you will learn

Students will learn various Natural Language Processing techniques and build various real world examples all without writing a line of code.


Looking to Earn a 6-Figure Income?  Data Scientists with Natural Language Processing & Text Mining Skills are the Hottest and Most In-Demand Job Applicants Today!

Data Scientist was recently dubbed “The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century” by Harvard Business Review, Glassdoor reports that Data Scientist was named the “Best Job in America for 2016,” and business media from Forbes to The New York Times frequently report about the increasing demand for data scientists.

Most of this boom is using data that is organized and structured from your databases and spreadsheets but a huge opportunity awaits from the untapped unstructured text data (aka tweets, Facebook posts, blog posts, comments, SMS, chats, voice transcripts, etc.).

Within the data science field, natural language processing is an extremely hot area in academia, startups and is just being started to be used widely within the mainstream of corporate America. Data Scientist job posting with natural language processing skills roughly doubled in 2016.

Why is this great news for you? 

When you learn natural language processing and text mining, you will be among the elite few who can choose from a huge amount of career opportunities and a high 6-figure average salary.

The sudden increase in demand for Data Scientists with natural language processing and text mining skills will create a huge gap in the coming few years. 

A Rare Opportunity to Quickly Learn Natural Language Processing and Text Mining at an Affordable Cost… No Previous Knowledge of Programming Required!

Traditional Natural Language Processing and Text Mining requires students to know software programming, which enables them to write NLP algorithms.  As a new learner the complexity of learning programming languages like Python or R can be demotivating and make you lose interest fast.

But in this groundbreaking Udemy course, you’ll learn Natural Language Processing and Text Mining fundamentals and techniques without any coding whatsoever.  You will learn these basic concepts using a visual tool where you can just drag drop Natural Language Processing functions, hiding the ugliness of code, as a result, it’s much easier and faster to learn! 

There’s literally no other course on the market that teaches Machine Learning without the need for programming knowledge or coding using Rapidminer!

Happily, now you can shorten your learning curve and be on your way toward earning a 6-figure income with this groundbreaking Udemy training.

We’ll Build Several Natural Language Processing Algorithms and Advanced Reports Using Text

 I’ll “hand-hold” you as we build from scratch several hands-on examples using Natural Language Processing algorithms used in the real world. I will explain where and how these algorithms are used.

Learn Both the Theory and Application of Natural Language Processing

The course will teach you those fundamental concepts of natural language processing by implementing practical exercises which are based on real world examples. You will learn the theory, but get hands on practice building these natural language processing algorithms.

You’ll also get access to:

  • The datasets used in all the exercises.
  • The solution files of the completed exercises.
  • Cheat sheets to help you remember the fundamental concepts.

Join the class now!


Natural Language Processing and Text Mining Without Coding
Natural Language Processing and Text Mining Without Coding
Natural Language Processing and Text Mining Without Coding
Natural Language Processing and Text Mining Without Coding



What is Natural Language Processing ( NLP )?

How To Make The Most Of This Course

Sneak Peek Of What We Will Do In This Course


Why Use Rapidminer?

Difference Between Rapidminer and Python

Installing Rapidminer

Rapidminer Development Environment - Introduction

Rapidminer - Operators, Extensions, Repository, Parameters, Help

Install The Text Mining Extension

Download The Data

Let's Build A Basic Process

Text Classification - Detecting Spam From Text Messages

What Will You Learn From This Exercise?

Downloading The Data

Importing Data

Change Data Attribute Role And Type

Creating Word List And Word Vector

Balance Your Dataset

Building The First Spam Detector

Validate Our Spam Detector

Measure The Performance Of The Spam Detector

Optimize Performance of Your Spam Detector

Conclusion - Spam Detection

Additional Reading


Let's test your knowledge

Analyze The Sentiment Of Stocks In Your Watchlist

What Will You Learn From This Exercise?

Connecting To The Twitter API

Install Extension For Text Mining and Create API Account

Downloading The Data

About The Data

Import The Historical Data

Search For Tweets About Company In Your Watchlist

Clean and Prepare Text in Tweets

Find Sentiment Of The Tweets

Gather Required Data To Calculate Sentiment Score

Generate a Sentiment Score For The Stock

Conclusion - Analyze The Sentiment Of Stocks In Your Watchlist

Bonus - Scraping Web pages For Text Data

Install Web Mining Extension

Extracting Text From a Webpage or RSS Feed


Let's test your knowledge

Building a Scorecard For Customer Retention Agents

What Will You Learn From This Exercise?

Downloading The Data

What Is This Data?

Importing The Data

Prepare Text - Change Type

Cleaning Special Characters From Text

Count Number of Words in Each Conversation

Removing Scripted Conversations

Remove Disconnected Calls

Extract Entities from Call Logs

Find Sentiment Of Call Logs

Save Your Process

Exploring Our Text Data - Theory

Exploring Our Text Data - Hands On

Create Metrics - Agent List & Sentiment Score

Create Metrics - Average Word Count by Agent

Create Metrics - Average Time On Call by Agent

Create Metrics - Customers Retained Count by Agent

Create Metrics - Customer Greeted By Title Count by Agent

Create Metrics - Calculate Total Calls by Agent

Replace Missing Values

Creating The Scores

Score Carding Retention Agents

Presenting Our Results

Identifying Competitors From Identified Entities

Conclusion - Scorecard For Customer Retention Specialist

Bonus - Solution Files

Downloading The Solution Files

How To Use The Solution Files

Bonus - Research Papers and Additional Reading

Research Papers and Additional Reading

Thank You

Thank You!


Romadhon27 April 2020

Please, consider the updated version of RapidMiner and the extensions nowadays, because some menu have different interface than the old one which is used for this lectures. Let us know about the adjusted way to utilize the updated ones regarding the presentation still uses the old ones.

Ali13 March 2020

The content is really good and helpful. It familiarizes me with the concepts alongside teaching some practical aspects. However, the course is not up to date, which makes it possible that some problems with compatibility may show up during set-ups.

Deepankar27 August 2019

Yes learnt something new. The Cross Validation Operator of Rapidminer. Presented in a very lucid manner easy to understand.

Li30 May 2019

I took this course after his 'Machine learning without coding' which I gave 5 star. However, I felt this course is not as easy to follow as the other one. There are a few times that the lecturer speaks and acts a bit too fast for me to catch up even if I replayed a couple of times. Did I learn something new and useful from this course? Yes, absolutely!

OBrien31 December 2018

The course is fine. So much emphasis on theory when more time could be spent teaching how to use rapidminer. There are many instances where I have to keep rewinding the videos because you click through screens too quickly. All of the work is being done by the software, so more time could be spent just doing a tutorial on how to use it. At the end viewers have created what you told us to build, but its just all regurgitation.

Eugene22 December 2018

This course feels like it is more centered on promoting Rapidminer, the program we are using for the course, rather than to teach the concepts that go into Natural Language Processing. There were various places in the lectures where I had no idea why I was pressing one data type versus another and why I was setting the options the way the instructor was because there wasn't sufficient explanation. Also, the lectures center more around how to get the job done, rather than to explain what job it is we want done and how to approach that conceptually. I had wanted more conceptual explanation but left confused.

Michael16 September 2018

This is a focused course that gets you off the ground to get started in natural language processes sing. Ram is clear and focused in his goals for the course and teaches a valuable and little-known skill that has real value.

Gerard5 September 2018

yes. this seems to exactly what i was looking for - a course that teaches NLP without getting caught in the intricacies of programming to begin with

Ashwil23 August 2018

I expect the course to deliver to my expectations as per what is explained in the intro videos. Till now it was engaging, hope it continues to be so.

Sripriyan11 August 2018

The course gives an quick but good coverage on NLP and how to get the work done in Rapidminer Studio. Both NLP and Rapidminer were new to me when i started this course. At the end of the course, now, i can think of many real world problems where this can be applied. Now it's easier for me to choose Python or any other language to solve similar NLP problems.

Prateek4 August 2018

The course is very interesting and is informative. Easy to learn and understand. Detailed explanation of each process and operator help us learn fast. Thank you so much for the course. !

Reyhan7 July 2018

Hopefully it is! I'm a computer science student who hasn't really loved programming so far, and I hope this course will help me learn implementations in my field without the fear or hassle of getting good at programming first

Ram23 May 2018

I believe so. I will only be able to tell for sure once I work through the remainder of the lessons, but so far, so good!

Karthik17 May 2018

This course was very helpful in giving me a head start on NLP and Text Mining. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get into Text Analytics!!

Silviu7 May 2018

The teacher shows both passion and patience for this domain and gives me the oppportunity to learn something new.


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