Master Microsoft Power BI in 21 Days

Master Microsoft Power BI in 21 Days

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Mar 2022
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What you will learn

Students can learn the basics of Microsoft Power BI & can understand to connect to different data sources & Create their own data models

Students will get deeper knowledge on Microsoft Power BI and can understand more advanced features

In 21 Days student can get started with Power BI, can build own datasets, can create visualizations and can publish & share across different places

End to End understanding of Microsoft Power BI

As a Power BI analysts, one can learn to create visualization which will be helpful for business.


If you want to learn Microsoft Power BI from the basics if you want to improve your analytical skills which have vast demand in the market.

Following are the topics you are going to learn from in this course.

  • What is Power BI?

  • What technology or toolset is needed to learn Power BI?

  • Why do we need Power BI?

  • Different components in the Power BI area.

  • What is Power BI Desktop? How to start using it? How to create the projects in Power BI Desktop?

  • How to connect to a different database in Power BI Desktop?

  • Understand Query Editor and how to use it?

  • How to create Data Model? How to create relationships?

  • Understand different relationship types, Cardinality and join Kinds with Practical example

  • How to create your First Visuals?

  • What are different visuals you can create, what are different formatting capabilities that can be used to make the most of the visuals?

  • Learn about Microsoft Power BI service?

  • How to Move your local project created in Power BI Desktop to Cloud?

  • How to create different dashboards? How to publish it.

  • How to share and collaborate your applications with other users.

  • Explore all aspects of Microsoft Power BI Pro service.

  • What is DAXDAX vs M-Language

  • Which one to use? DAX or M-Language

  • Implement DAX formula and M-language practically

  • What is Power BI Mobile?

  • How to set up Power BI Mobile? How to access different reports/dashboards in Power BI Mobile?

  • What are Custom Visuals and what's it used?

  • Tools and technologies needed to create Custom visuals?

  • How to bind real data with Custom visuals.

  • all these with theory and practical examples.


Day 1-2 : Overview of Microsoft Power BI

Welcome to the Course
What is Microsoft Power BI?
How to Install Power BI & Necessary Project Setup
How to Connect Power BI to Source Files
What is Query Editor & how to work with Query Editor
What is Data Model & How to create your first Visual
Useful Resources

Day 3 - 4 : Power BI Desktop : Introduction

How to use Course resources
Understand Power BI Desktop workflow
Understand the interface of Data Model & Query Editor
How to create Project Files & recommended settings
Useful Resources

Day 5 - 6: Query Editor : All about Query Editor & interface

Connect source files to Power BI Desktop
Data Transformation - Keeping & Removing rows, Remove Empty Rows
Append Queries, Working with Columns - Rename Columns, Replacing Values
How to Format Data & Handling Formatting Errors
How to Pivot and Unpivot data
How to Split Data
Create Groups & Clean up project
What we learned and Next steps

Day 7- 10 : Part II : Query Editor

What is Star Schema?
How to use Star Schema in our Project
What is Query Duplicates & References?
Creating Dimension Table - DIM Region table & Remove duplicates
Understanding Merging Queries - Theory
Merging Queries - Practically
What is Join Kind? Theory
Merging Queries Applied & Finish Dimension Table - DIM Region table
Take a Break - Understand Next steps
Creating Dimension table - Creating DIM-Age table
What is FACT table & How to Create FACT table
Speed up the performance of our Project

Day 11 - 14 : Data Model Part I : Data & Relationship View

Module Introduction
What is relationships?
What is Cardinality? Understand Types of Cardinality
Cross Filter Direction & Active Properties & its Use
What is M Language? What is DAX?
Difference between M and DAX with Practical Example
Basics of DAX and its syntax
Understand DAX Data Types
Understand Operators & DAX Functions
Calendar Function Example
Apply DAX basics practically
Understanding IF & Related
What is Calculated Columns and Measures & Its Difference & Create First Measure
CALCULATE & FILTER Understanding
Calculate & Filter - Practically
Useful Resources

Day 15 - 17 : Visuals in Report View

Module Introduction
Basic Visual Concepts
Creating our First Visuals
Understanding Tooltips & Interactions
Diving into Hierarchies & Drill Mode
Data Colors & Conditional formatting
Formatting Reports
Formatting report pages & Visuals
Working with Report themes
What is Slicer and its Use
Default Summarization & Sorting
Working with Treempas & Tables & Syncing Slicers
Filter Types : Visual, Page & Report
Working with Row cards
Creating Combined Visuals & Waterfalls
Using Custom Visuals
Useful Resources

Day 17 - 18 : Power BI Pro (Service) : Move the project to Cloud

Module Introduction
Need of Power BI Pro (Service) & Service vs Pro vs Premium
How to Register for Power BI Pro
Alternative to non-business emails
Explore Power BI pro Interface
Connecting Power BI Pro & power BI Desktop
Understanding Datasets in Power BI Pro & Work with reports
Creating Dashboards
Refreshing Data with Gateways
Sharing and Collaboration
Working with Power BI Mobile

Day - 19 Other Data Sources

How to Import JSON Data
Importing Data from REST APIs
Setting up mySQL Server
Importing data from mySQL Server

Day -19 Stay updated with Power BI World

Helpful Resources

Day 20 - 21 : Custom Visuals : Power BI for developers

Module Introduction
The required Technologies & Tools
setting up and Installing required tools
Creating New Visual
Analyzing the Project & the code
Using D3.js and creating first shape
Getting started with Bars
Rendering chart for test data
Binding real data
Coloring the Bars
Adding an Axis
Package & conclusion

Final Conclusion

Congratulations!! Step Ahead


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October 29, 2022
For someone with zero knowledge in Power BI, this course has improved my knowledge and confidence marginally.
October 25, 2022
Very basic course except for the Custom visuals which is very advanced and not useful for day to day users. also you need a good knowledge of programming concepts to understand that. The tutor would have avoided this section and concentrated on DAX which is very much needed to master PowerBI.
September 29, 2022
Very Good learning experience, nice explanation on each and every topic. Thank you for design this course
September 24, 2022
The instructor is very knowledgeable about this topic. The instructor takes time to explain and show examples of concepts.
September 13, 2022
It was indeed a good match . Its slow and steady allowing beginner like myself to enjoy the process and keep a positive mindset towards learning .
August 30, 2022
Excellent, Learning the new things and way of explaination is good and language fluence is very good and understandable.
August 12, 2022
This course is really amazing. The lecture given is very informative and easy to follow. Thank you so much for the helpful lesson and projects.
July 16, 2022
Great Effort. Concepts Very well explained and i like the videos are not lengthy so its easier to concentrate. Would love to learn SAP from you ;)
May 19, 2022
Excellent course. The author is very clearly explaining everything. It is easy to understand. This course teaches the power bi from scratch. One must definitely enroll in this course to become a data analyst.
April 25, 2022
In whole course, only one recourse used that's the drawback of the course & it's irritating too much, everywhere dim & fact file !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . Waste of money
April 15, 2022
Excellent comprehensive course well suited for a novice Power BI user. Teaches you basics of installation, cleaning & formatting data, relationships, DAX, creating a variety of visuals and more. I will be recommending this course to friends and colleagues.


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