Master Discrete Mathematics: Logic

Learn the fundamentals of propositional and predicate logic to help you succeed in Discrete Math!

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Master Discrete Mathematics: Logic
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Jul 2017
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What you will learn

Translate English sentences into propositional logic and predicate logic

Build truth tables based off of logical formulas

Use logic laws and truth tables to determine when two formulas are equivalent

Negate quantified formulas

Understand the relationship between conditionals, converses, inverses, and contrapositives

Use rules of inference to deduce a logical outcome given a set of premises

Why take this course?

🧮 Master Discrete Mathematics: Logic - Your Gateway to Mastering Propositional and Predicate Logic!

Course Description 🚀

Are you struggling with the basic mathematical skills you need as a computer scientist? Do you find yourself wishing for an instructor who can break down the fundamentals of propositional and predicate logic in a way that's both understandable and engaging? Look no further!

Why You Should Take This Course 🎓

  • University-Level Expertise: Trevor Block brings his expertise at a university level to lecture videos, ensuring you receive a top-tier education.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: We cover all important topics in Discrete Mathematics with depth and clarity. You'll learn the concepts thoroughly.
  • Practical Application: With examples, additional problems, and sample exams, you'll have the opportunity to apply what you learn, identify your weak points, and master the material.
  • Unique Challenges: Our unique and challenging questions are designed to test your understanding and prepare you for real-world scenarios.

Course Features 🖥️

  • Bite-Sized Videos: Each video delivers all the relevant information in under 15 minutes, making it easy to learn at your own pace.
  • Simplified Learning: We make the complex simple, ensuring you understand even the trickiest aspects of Discrete Mathematics.
  • Free Previews: Check out example videos and problem sets for free below and get a taste of what the course has to offer!

What You Will Learn 📚

  • Propositional Logic: Understand how to manipulate statements and use logical connectives.
  • Predicate Logic: Master the language of mathematical logic, including quantifiers and predicates.
  • Problem Solving Techniques: Learn effective strategies to approach problems in Discrete Mathematics.

Instructor Promise 💪

With Master Discrete Mathematics: Logic, you will not only understand the material but also see an improvement in your ability to solve complex problems. Trevor Block is dedicated to your success and will provide the tools and support you need to excel in Discrete Math.

Ready to elevate your understanding of Discrete Mathematics? Enroll now and take the first step towards mastering propositional and predicate logic with confidence! 📈🚀


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Our review

(Overall Course Review)

The online course on Discrete Mathematics and Logic received a global rating of 3.95 out of 5, with all recent reviews being positive. The majority of the students found the course to be insightful, well-structured, and beneficial for understanding complex concepts in discrete mathematics and logic.


  • Content Clarity: The course content is delivered in a clear and straightforward manner, making even complex topics understandable.
  • Teaching Quality: The instructor's ability to explain difficult concepts and translate them into English was consistently praised.
  • Value for Money: Students felt that the course offered great value, with solid content presented without unnecessary visuals or gimmicks.
  • Pace: Most found the pace of the course to be good, although some suggested it could be a bit slower at times to allow for better comprehension.
  • Understanding and Application: The course helped students significantly improve their understanding of logic, with a number of reviews indicating that it took them through all necessary steps to grasp the subject matter.


  • Practice Questions: A recurring suggestion was the addition of more practice questions to complement the learning process and solidify the concepts taught.
  • Complex Examples Explanation: Some students would have appreciated more complex examples being explained, as well as a greater variety and number of exercises for advanced understanding.
  • Pacing: While most found the pace satisfactory, a few learners felt that it was too fast, which could make it challenging to keep up with the material.
  • Specificity in Logic Examples: There were mixed feelings regarding the examples used for conditional truth tables. Some students found them confusing and preferred more detailed explanations.

Student Feedback Highlights:

  • "Good, but sometimes a little too fast." - Pro: The course is informative; Con: Pacing may be an issue.
  • "The course taught me a lot of stuff and it helped me understand logic in discrete maths much better." - Pro: Valuable learning experience; Con: Desires more challenging exercises.
  • "The course is put in a very simple and easy to understand way." - Pro: Clear presentation of complex concepts.
  • "The teacher does a great job walking you through the basics, the nuances and translating it to English." - Pro: Excellent teaching approach.
  • "Conditional truth table hard to logically see banished on author’s explanation. If sunny out then I will wear sunscreen seems to be true or false depending on the individual. If not sunny out no way of deciding if a person has on sun screen." - Con: Some confusion regarding certain logical examples; Pro: Real-world application highlighted.
  • "it is a good course for people who want to understand logic, it takes you through all the steps for better understanding." - Pro: Step-by-step approach to learning logic.
  • "No over produced visuals or gimmicks, just solid content presented well. A short course long in value." - Pro: Authentic and no-nonsense presentation; Con: The term 'short course' may be misleading if expecting extensive video content.

In summary, the Discrete Mathematics and Logic course is a well-regarded program that has been effective for many students. With its strong suit in explaining complex concepts and providing solid content, it has room for improvement in terms of pacing, adding more exercises for advanced learners, and refining examples to avoid confusion. Overall, it is a valuable resource for those looking to deepen their understanding of logic and discrete mathematics.



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