[2023] MEAN Stack: Master NodeJS y Angular

Crea Aplicaciones con Angular NodeJS Express desde cero a nivel experto MEAN Stack

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Web Development
[2023] MEAN Stack: Master NodeJS y Angular
17 hours
Jun 2024
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What you will learn

Creacion de Backend API con NodeJS

Creacion de base de datos MongoDB

Angular 10+ desde cero

Material Design y Angular

Implementacion de JWT Json Web Tokens usando NodeJS y Angular

Creacion de componentes graficos avanzados con Angular

Why take this course?

馃専 隆Descubre el Poder del MEAN Stack con Nuestro Curso Completo! 馃専

隆Transforma Tu Visi贸n de Desarrollo Web!

Course Title: 馃殌 [2023] MEAN Stack: Master NodeJS y Angular desde cero a nivel experto

驴Listo para Dominar el Desarrollo Full-Stack? 隆脡ste es el curso que buscabas! Acompa帽ate al experimentado instructor Vaxi Drez en un viaje intensivo donde aprender谩s de cero y te convertir谩s en un experto en construir aplicaciones web robustas y escalables utilizando la poderosa combinaci贸n de NodeJS, Express y Angular. Este curso est谩 dise帽ado para desarrolladores Javascript con ganas de profundizar su conocimiento y dominar las 煤ltimas herramientas y tecnolog铆as del stack MEAN.

Contenido del Curso:

馃攳 Fundamentos de NodeJS:

  • Creaci贸n de un proyecto Backend API desde cero.
  • Estructura de un proyecto profesional con NodeJS.
  • Conceptos b谩sicos de Deno y su diferencia significativa con NodeJS.

馃摎 Bases de Datos MongoDB:

  • Configuraci贸n y uso de MongoDB en tu aplicaci贸n backend.
  • Dise帽o de APIs web con NodeJS, Mongoose y rutas/controllers.

馃帹 Desarrollo Frontend con Angular:

  • Aprende Angular desde los fundamentos hasta componentes graficos avanzados.
  • Integraci贸n de Material Design en tus proyectos Angular.

鈿欙笍 Manipulaci贸n de Datos:

  • Manejo de colecciones en MongoDB a trav茅s de endpoints cliente de Angular.

馃攽 Autenticaci贸n y Seguridad:

  • Implementaci贸n de JWT (Json Web Tokens) en NodeJS y Angular para proteger tus aplicaciones.

馃殌 Explorando Deno:

  • Fundamentos de Deno y su papel en el futuro del JavaScript.
  • Gesti贸n de m贸dulos, dependencias y scripting con Deno.
  • Incorporaci贸n de modulos de la Biblioteca Standard y terceros en tus proyectos.

Por Qu茅 Elegir Este Curso?

  • Proyecto Completo: Aplicaremos lo aprendido en un proyecto real que te mostrar谩 c贸mo conectar todos los aspectos del MEAN Stack.
  • De Cero a Experto: Te llevaremos desde las bases hasta conceptos avanzados, asegurando que tienes una comprensi贸n profunda de cada tecnolog铆a.
  • Actualizado y Relevante: Este curso se mantiene al d铆a con las 煤ltimas versiones y tendencias del MEAN Stack.
  • Apoyo Continuo: Contamos con foros, Q&A y soporte del instructor para asegurarte de superar cualquier obst谩culo.

驴Qu茅 Aprender谩s?

  • Construir APIs robustas y seguras con NodeJS.
  • Crear interfaces de usuario impresionantes con Angular.
  • Utilizar MongoDB para la gesti贸n de bases de datos NoSQL.
  • Implementar JWT para manejar la autenticaci贸n y autorizaci贸n en tus aplicaciones.
  • Comprender las diferencias clave entre NodeJS y Deno.
  • Aplicar mejores pr谩cticas en tu desarrollo full-stack.

馃帗 隆Es el momento de sumergirte en el mundo del MEAN Stack con un curso que te acompa帽a cada paso del camino! 馃帗

No espere m谩s, la oportunidad para convertirse en un experto Full-Stack est谩 a solo clic de distancia. Inscr铆base hoy y comience su viaje hacia el dominio del desarrollo web con NodeJS, Angular y el MEAN Stack. 馃殌馃捇鉁

Our review

馃搨 Course Review for "Complete MEAN Stack Development Course"

Overview: The "Complete MEAN Stack Development Course" has been highly rated by recent reviewers, with an overall global rating of 4.40. The course covers a comprehensive range of topics from backend to frontend development, including databases and security practices using JWT (JSON Web Tokens). It is recommended for beginners as well as those looking to refresh their knowledge of Angular and introduce themselves to Deno.


  • Theoretical & Practical Application: The course provides a solid theoretical foundation while also applying the concepts in practical scenarios, which is appreciated by learners.
  • Quality Content: The content is described as very interesting and complete, allowing students to undertake a full project from start to finish without encountering any issues.
  • Expert Instructor: The instructor is commended for their ability to effectively convey knowledge and the use of diagrams and graphics to simplify complex topics.
  • Comprehensive Teaching Materials: The course includes a wide range of tools, from backend setup with Node.js and MongoDB to frontend development with Angular and secure authentication methods.
  • Innovative Approach: Learners appreciate the approach of not using standard CSS frameworks like Bootstrap or Tailwind for the project, which encourages a more hands-on learning experience.
  • Didactic Focus: The course is prepared with clear didactic intentions, ensuring that foundational concepts are well-understood.
  • Real-World Application: The course's structure and content are praised for aligning closely with real-world scenarios that developers may encounter.


  • Technical Inconsistencies: Some reviewers pointed out technical errors such as missing methods (update, delete), omitted database field information (publication dates), and a project final file that didn't match the course's final expected version.
  • Incomplete Content: There are complaints about certain sections of the course being left incomplete or somewhat disorganized due to outdated information or updates that were not fully revised.
  • Misaligned Course Description: A couple of reviewers mentioned a discrepancy between the course description and actual content, particularly with regard to Deno tutorials.

Additional Feedback:

  • The course is described as "muy completo en cuanto a temario" (very complete in terms of curriculum), but it's important for instructors to review and ensure all methods are covered and the project is fully demonstrated.
  • While some errors were noted, these did not detract significantly from the overall learning experience, which many found valuable.
  • The course structure is recommended for those aiming to get started with the MEAN stack, especially since it avoids over-reliance on external CSS frameworks and allows learners to use Angular's Material library effectively.

In summary, despite a few hiccups that could be ironed out, the "Complete MEAN Stack Development Course" is a solid choice for individuals looking to develop or refine their skills in MEAN stack development. The course is well-structured, comprehensive, and offers practical knowledge that can be directly applied to real-world projects. With a focus on clear explanations of concepts and hands-on learning, this course stands out as a valuable resource for beginners and intermediate developers alike.



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