A Master Course on Electrical Concept & Interview Prep

A course will help to develop strong base to Electrical Engineering students for their interviews & clearing concept

A Master Course on Electrical Concept & Interview Prep


2 hours


Apr 2021

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What you will learn

Concept on Electrical Machine & Power System for Interview Preparation


This course has been designed with utmost care to fulfill the basic needs of the students with clear explanation of some topics related to Electrical Engineering that will help the students to

1 . Build a strong CONCEPT that they might have ignored during their traditional course work.

2 . Produce an edge for INTERVIEW PREPARATION.

3 . Can develop an observation on topics which is not easily accessible from book.

4 . Will help to GROW INTEREST towards Electrical Engineering.

5 . Have a strong hold on selected topics of Power System and Electric Machine.

6 . Think differently on a particular topic that would be beneficial for their working domain in future.

A bonus lecture has been included to show them the way to analyze any topic and create a habit of analysis of even any simplest topic that can form a strong grip over any subject. Some quick tricks have been introduced in order to help the students to memorize any topic logically and free them from the burden of mugging up. The real life examples introduced in this course will help the students to co-relate between their theoretical knowledge with contemporary practical or industrial atmosphere.The mathematical aptitude used in this course will help the students to form a solid base of their knowledge.Students will able to find much of their basic doubts.




Electrical Machine

Why DC series motor is widely used in traction purpose?

Why starters are required in DC motor?

Quick tricks to memorize speed control techniques of DC motor

Why DC motor field coil should never be kept open circuited?

Why Fleming's left hand rule is motor rule & right hand rule is generator rule ?

Why single phase induction motor main coil has high inductance?

Why slip ring induction motor can generate high starting torque?

Quick tricks to memorize speed control techniques of induction motor

Is Ohm's law applicable in transformer?

What will happen if we apply DC to transformer primary coil?

Why transformer rating is in KVA or MVA?

Power System

How inductance & capacitance develop in overhead transmission line?

Why there is no neutral wire is present in overhead transmission line?

Why there is a single wire in overhesd circuit of electric locomotive?

What is sparking?

How to determine Miniature Circuit Breaker(MCB) rating?

Why Short Circuit causes fire?

Why earth pin diameter is higher compared to phase pin?

Some Additional Concept

Battery, Processor, Energy conservation


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