Master Class on Salesmanship and Relationship Management

Learn Sales Process, Relationship Marketing, Case Study and Assessment

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Feb 2022
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What you will learn

Learn Salesman Ship and Stage of Sales Cycle

How to manage Relationship Marketing, the strategy and importance

Master the art of sales and relationship management through case studies and analysis

Conduct self-assessment on your sales acumen and mastery on sales process management

Get a full access to a guidebook on sales process management

Become a successful entrepreneur, sales motivator, account manager and grow your business

Learn to understand the customer, ask the right questions, know your product and services and how to validate the deal to close the cycle.



As a first-time sales manager or account manager, you are probably looking for ways to improve your sales and relationship management skills and be a great team leader, so you can create highly engaged and long-term returning customers

Whether you were promoted into a sales manager role internally or you are a first-time sakes manager in a new workplace, this course will teach you how to take action and grow your business.

You will be introduced to a set of sales and relationship process management skills and techniques that every great account and business owners owns. You will have the opportunity to learn how to communicate in an engaging and effective manner, to validate and close the deal; and how to understand your own sales acumen.

So it’s time to take the leap and dive into how to become a fantastic leader for your project/account/business/organization.

This course is divided into three parts, each covering a number of topics associated with one certain aspect of sales and relationship management. With this structure, the course can be used as a guideline for training new managers as well as a guide for more experienced managers.

Course Breakdown: Total 4 Parts and 5 Sections)

Part1: (Section1 – 4) Learn the sales process cycle and stages, improving the process and the best practices

Part2: (Section3) Learn the relationship management basics, it’s importance and strategy and improving the relationship management

Part3: (Section4) Learn the sales and relationship management skill through real case studies and analysis

Part4: (Section5) self-assessment of sales acumen and sales process management with a complete guidebook on sales process management

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Intro to the course
What will you Learn?
Course Structure

Sales Process and Cycle

Sales Process & Cycle 1: Greet the Customer, Ask Questions, Qualify the Customer
Sales Process & Cycle 1: Know Your Products & Services, Offer, Close & Validate

Improving the Sales Process

Prospecting, Researching , Contacting, Presenting, Handling objection & Closing

Best Practices for Creating the Sales Process

Best Practice Examples
Improve Your Sales Cycle

Relationship Management

Basics of relationship management
Importance of relationship management
Strategy for relationship management

Improving Relationship Management

Contacting, Soltuining & Purchasing
Going Beyond the First Purchase & “1-on-1” Connection

Case Study on Sales and Relationship Management

Case Study1
Case Study2
Case Study3

Course Work on Sales and Relationship Management

Self-Assessment: Quick Challenger Self-Assessment
Sales Process Management guidebook



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