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Adobe Lightroom CC + Classic // Learn Photo Editing by Pro

Lightroom - Learn all my Lightroom CC Classic secrets & photo editing techniques. Get organized & make your images pop!

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Jun 2021

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What you will learn

Learn how to edit your photos properly, like a pro. In both Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC.

Learn my editing pro tips for awesome photos. In both Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC.

Learn where your editing starts. It's not where you think.

Learn hidden secrets within the Develop Module - for editing precisely. In both Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC.

How to use Lightroom productively

You will learn how to use all the editing tools, in both Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC, to edit your photos based on your creative vision.

How to use Collections & Smart Collections (my favorite)

How to create Develop presets

How to edit properly and productivley

Know exactly where to start your editing process

How to organize your photos

How to create a book in Lightroom

How to create a slideshow in Lightroom

Export your photos with presets

Use the Print Module to create files for your professional lab

Add keywords to your images

Find any photo, among thousands, within seconds

Tips for increasing your chances of getting your images displayed on the first page of search engines

Use keyboard shortcuts to increase productivity

Use smart previews - for when you're traveling and you want to take your catalog with you.

How to edit in the Library Module!

Learn how many Lightroom catalogues you should have

How to create copyright presets

Free photos resources included to follow along

How to adjust the Lightroom identity plate to add your logo or name

Learn the difference between Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic CC

Learn how to use all of the features and tools in Lightroom CC (mobile version).

I could go on and on. But, I think you get the picture. :)


I guarantee this is the best class and the only one you'll need to master editing and organizing your images in Lightroom... or your money back!  Try it out for a full 30-days, risk-free.  You have nothing to lose!

Adobe Lightroom CC + Classic... learn photo editing taught by a pro.

130+ Adobe Lightroom Made Easy Tutorials!  Whether you're using the new Lightroom CC or the old Lightroom Classic CC, you'll learn everything you need to know to master the software for retouching, photo-editing, image editing, getting organized and more.  Guaranteed.  

Hello, my name is Chris Parker, and I've been a professional photographer for 30 years.  I've been teaching Lightroom for over 8 years.  Plus, I have 10 courses (just on Lightroom) published on Udemy!  Over the last 12+ years, I've used Lightroom to process hundreds of weddings and thousands of portraits.  


A Few Student Testimonials…


“This course is awesome, I learned tons of new tricks. Every single tool inside Lightroom is perfectly explained. I definitely recommend this course.”

~ Cristobal Ascencio


“I am new to Adobe and was interested in learning how to edit my pictures. I went through the LR classic portion (not interested in the cloud version at present) of the class and have learned a great deal. Since the course is so well laid out, it will be easy, as I practice editing, to refer back to any area I need to revisit.

Mr. Parker's shares, through his teaching style, both his in-depth knowledge of the program and his practical experience with it, which will save you years of trial and errors.”

~ Alina Larin


“Great course and instructor. Everything is very well organized and explained nice and clear. I am happy I bought it. Thank you so much, Chris, Great job.”

~ Petr Sejkora


“After completing this course my understanding of Lightroom and my organizational skills within the program have been improved a lot.

Now I am able to take full advantage of Lightroom features and tools.”

~ Alexandru Daniel


“This course is just amazingly complete and precise! The teacher explains clearly each part of the software. It's just perfect!”

~ Guilhem Matarin


I liked the way the instructor broke the classes into small easy to understand learning experiences. It was very easy to follow along and work side by side with Chris.

~ Albert Dauphinais


In this Lightroom Classic + Lightroom CC mastery course I share all my secrets, tips & techniques.  

This is a complete guide to Lightroom Classic + Lightroom CC. Everything you need to know to use and master this software. From organizing and editing your images to sharing via printing, slideshows and more.

You'll learn how to use all 7 modules; Library, Develop, Map, Book, Slideshow, Print and Web.

Includes photos you can use to follow along and additional free resources (presets and templates).

I'll share my personal insight, techniques and recommendations for properly using Lightroom.  Join me, with over 6,854 other students, in the Udemy discussion area for additional questions and assistance on Lightroom Classic + Lightroom CC .  It's like having your own personal Lightroom coach.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic + Lightroom CC . is designed for photographers.  It provides you the ability to organize, edit and manage your photos like no other software. 

The Lightroom tutorials start off explaining what Lightroom is, what catalogs are and how many you should consider having.  Then we'll dissect the interface and learn how to customize for our own personal preference. 

From there, you can follow along as we import photos, organize and do advanced searches.  Once you're organized, we'll explore all the options for creating works of art by editing in the Develop module.

Use the provided photos, to follow along as we create basic and advanced edits.  Once you've completed your edits, we'll move onto sharing your photos with the world. 

Learn how to create slideshows and web galleries.  Plus, we'll learn how to properly take your photos out of Lightroom and export for prints!

Once you've completed the Lightroom video tutorials you'll have a full understanding of how to use Lightroom properly and productively.


Adobe Lightroom CC + Classic // Learn Photo Editing by Pro
Adobe Lightroom CC + Classic // Learn Photo Editing by Pro
Adobe Lightroom CC + Classic // Learn Photo Editing by Pro
Adobe Lightroom CC + Classic // Learn Photo Editing by Pro


New Updates to Lightroom

Where to start?

Join the Student Community!

Getting Started With Lightroom Classic for Beginners

01 Lightroom Classic CC


What is Lightroom?

Understanding Catalogs Step 1 - Non vs. Destructive editing

Understanding Catalogs Step 2 - Previews

Understanding Catalogs Step 3 - What is a Catalog?

Creating a New Catalog?

Catalog Settings


Backup Your Catalog

Backup Your Extras

Backup Everything. Everyday.

Lightroom Classic Library Module - Working With The Interface + View Options


Interface Basics

Tools Panels

Viewing Options

Grid Info Overlays

Grids & Guides Customization

Using Compare and Survey Modes

Lightroom Classic Importing & Exporting


Importing From Your Hard Drive

Importing from Camera or Media Card

Watched Folder Option


Export - Publishing Services

Lightroom Classic Library Module - Image Manipulation


Quick Develop



Lightroom Classic Library Module - Organization


Working with Smart Previews

Flags, Stars & Color Labels

Creating Quick Collections

Manual Collections and Sets

Creating Smart Collections

Image Keywording

Keyword Sets

Keyword Nesting

Import and Export Keyword Lists

Utilizing Image Metadata

Paint Can

Image Stacks

Basic Sorting

People View

Lightroom Classic Library Module - Search


Attribute + Text Search

Filter Lock Criteria

MetaData Search

Using Filter Presets

Lightroom Classic Map Module


Geo Coded + Non Geo Coded Images

Use Saved Locations

Smart Collections + Geo Tags

Lightroom Classic Develop Module 101



Develop Presets

Learn More About Lightroom Develop Presets

Free Develop Presets

How to Install Develop Presets

Snapshots, History + Virtual Copies

Developing a Productive Workflow

Lightroom Classic Develop Module - Local Adjustment Tools



Clone + Healing Tools

Graduated Filters

Red Eye

Adjustment Brush

Free Adjustment Brush Presets

How to Install Adjustment Brushes

Range Mask - How to Use To Precisely Control Your Edits

Lightroom Classic Develop Module - Global Adjustment Tools


Where Does Editing Begin

Camera Profiles

Adjusting White Balance

Adjusting Dynamic Range

Adjusting Presence

Tone Curves

Adjusting HSL + Color

Adjusting Split Toning

Adjusting Digital Noise

Adjusting Sharpening

Adjusting Lens Correction

Transform Tool

Adjusting Effects

Adjusting Camera Calibration

Lightroom Classic Book Module


Book Module Basics



Custom Page Layouts


Save & Publish

Lightroom Classic Slideshow Module


Slideshow Basics

Add Audio & Music

Video and Pan + Zoom

Smart Templates

Save and Publish

Lightroom Classic Print Module


Download Free Templates

How to Install Print Templates

Print Basics

Soft Proofing

Image Gamut

Print Templates


Lightroom Classic Web Module


Gallery Options

Custom Gallery

Save Gallery

Output to the Web

Lightroom Classic FAQ's


Constrain to Image

Lightroom Classic Updates

How to Use the New Range Mask

February 2018

April 2018 - Camera Profiles, De-haze, and more

Enhanced Details

02 Lightroom CC - Cloud Based Version

Check out Lightroom CC's New Interface

Setup Preferences

Learn How To Add Photos To the New Lightroom CC

Learn How To Migrate Photos From Your Old Lightroom Catalog

Learn How To Organize Your Photos In the New Lightroom CC Cloud Version

Learn Where To Start Your Editing - You May Be Surprised by the Answer

Editing Step 1

Learn How To Use the Light Panel

Learn How To Use the Tone Curve

Learn How To Use the Color Panel

Learn How To Use the Color Mixer

Learn How To Use the Effects Panel

Learn How To Use the Split Toning Tool

Learn How To Use the Detail Panel

Learn How To Use the Optics Panel

Learn How To Use the Geometry Panel

How to Use the Crop Tool

How to Use the Healing Brush

How to Use the Local Adjustment Brush

How to Use the Gradient Tools

Learn How To Edit Multiple Images in Seconds

Learn How To Use Presets

Download & Install Free Presets

Share Your Photos With the World

Manage Your Photos With the People Option

NEW LR CC Tool - Learn How to Use Enhanced Details For Better RAW Files

NEW LR CC Tool - Learn How to Merge Multiple Images to Create HDR Photos

NEW LR CC Tool - Learn How to Merge Multiple Images for a Panoramic Photo

NEW LR CC Tool - Learn How to Use the Target Adjustment Tool

NEW LR CC Tool - Learn How to Use the Clipping Mask for the Histogram


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Carrie1 September 2020

I am just still learning and trying to figure it out. I'm not usually a video learner but trying something new. I am also trying to figure out the "note" thing and to see if there are any written materials that I can print.

Stafford2 August 2020

Through module 26 so far. Chris has a super teaching ability. Some of you may find some sections too emphasized and lengthy... but I have done photography many years... just never used lightroom. (imagine that!). I have found myself actually pausing the instructions to try options and test. It seems everything is explained in just the right amount of detail. Gotta go! Many more sections to cover!

Christ26 July 2020

Ce cours était exactement ce qu'il me fallait pour démystifier Lightroom et augmenter mon work flow. Genial !!

Shubham21 July 2020

Hi i am Shubham Mourya stared my first journey towards Light room. I this this course help me a lot about lightroom!

Tom31 May 2020

I knew a little bit of LR. This course was wonderful. You will understand everything of the software and a lot of tricks also. I loved it because im a photographer and its clearly made for us. Chris is a wonderful teacher, clear and easy to follow. Look forward to take another one with you!

Amy20 February 2020

Amazing! Did not realize how much I did not know and much faster ways of doing things. The instructor did an awesome job of explaining and keeping your interest. Will be taking more classes from him.

Cornelia20 February 2020

So far it is definitely what I have been looking for and what I need. I have struggled to understand the function of the Lightroom catalog. None of the documentation I have read have explained it like it is done in this course so far

Katie19 February 2020

i am starting from scratch, no previous knowledge or experience on laptops or photography, editing etc. i thought this was also for complete beginners. so using technical vocabulary does not help.

Veronika14 February 2020

Oustanding course in my opinion! I loved every second of it! Chris is an amazing teacher and one of my favorite, not just here on Udemy (from 105 courses I've done on Udemy so far) but at all. I wish every teacher would be able to pass their knowledge the way, Chris does. I had some challenges understanding Lightroom in the past but not anymore. Thank you, Chris!

Carolina4 February 2020

Very easy to understand and follow instructions. I want to highlight that what I have appreciated the most is that you took the time to teach Lr as they have updated it THANK YOU!!!!

Mariella15 January 2020

He is telling all about panels en toolbars, but doesn't show how to import your photos at the beginning. So you have to do that yourself in order to do the things he is presenting in his course.

Mike10 December 2019

To date - it is appear to be as expected. I'm on the correct path to begin making a decision on which version is best for me.

Paul22 November 2019

I have completed the course as yet and I have a much greater understanding on how to use lightroom. I had cancelled my subscription to Lightroom because I wasn't understanding the videos on youtube. I will definitely will be subscribing to lightroom again. Thank you!!!

Tero13 November 2019

Seems to be so that in this course you have match deeper explanations what is the inside of Lightroom and is really new for me!

Jelle4 November 2019

The content is good, a lot of neat little tips and tricks. The presenter clearly knows what he's talking bout, my only feedback is not to use the word "and" so much starting a sentence. He puts a lot of emphasis on the word "and". It quickly becomes repetitive. This was, content wise, exactly what I was looking for. Setting up Lightroom and how to make the environment optimal to start optimizing your photos.


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