Marketing Fundamentals


Marketing Strategy - Principles, Strategy, Practice

From fundamental principles to modern strategies

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Mar 2021

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What you will learn

Core marketing principles

Fundamental marketing strategy & application

Persuasive techniques and how to use them

A deep understanding of marketing personas, what they are and how to create them, including demographics and psychographics

How to use modern market research tools such as: digital surveys, keyword research tools, trends data, forums, statistical data, facebook insights, analytics tracking and website insights

In depth look at marketing frameworks such as the marketing funnel and growth loops.

Theories of modern day marketing gurus


After being in the marketing industry for over a decade I’ve picked up that there are many that practice marketing without a core fundamental understanding of Marketing & Strategy.

The course is designed for those that want to strengthen their core marketing principles and gain a rich understanding of what marketing strategy is and the vital role it plays both in principle and in practice. The course is focused on practical applications of marketing strategy including contemporary market research tools, modern day marketing frameworks and concepts. As the course instructor I run a digital marketing agency and practice these techniques daily, there is a strong focus on practicality and application as well as theory.

The course is divided into 4 sections:

In the first section we start by gaining a thorough understanding of what marketing and market strategy actually is. We cover a number of key marketing tenets such as the 4P’s and persuasive techniques used in marketing.

In the second section we discuss market research in depth and how to generate marketing personas. We explore the components of marketing personas and we dive into modern tools that can be used to conduct market research

In the third section of the course we take a deep dive into marketing frameworks. These are models that can be used to apply marketing principles and market research to our modern day consumer landscape. We discuss 6 marketing frameworks and look at their evolution and usage.

In the fourth section we take a look at modern day marketing personalities and consider their ideas and how to incorporate them into our marketing practice. We also provide a nice and easy summary of the course and the models we have discussed.


Marketing Strategy - Principles, Strategy, Practice
Marketing Strategy - Principles, Strategy, Practice
Marketing Strategy - Principles, Strategy, Practice
Marketing Strategy - Principles, Strategy, Practice



Introduction to Marketing Strategy

Course Overview

Marketing Fundamentals

First Principles of Marketing

Marketing is Note Sales

A Definition for Marketing

Defining Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy cont'd

The 4P's

Persuasive Techniques

Market Research

Market Research Components

Customer Profiles

Market Research Tool Types

Category 1: Industry Tools

Industry Tools: Digital Surveys

Industry Tools: Keyword Planner

Industry Tools: Digital Trends

Industry Tools: Q&A forums

Industry Tools: Government & Agencies

Category 2: Competitor Research Tools - Facebook and Linkedin

Competitor Research with Keyword Data

Competitor Research: Email Marketing

Category 3: Owned Properties: Google Analytics

Owned Properties: Hotjar

Owned Properties: Quantcast Measure

Owned Properties: Facebook Audience Insights

Other Owned Properties

Market Segmentation


Introduction to Models

The AIDA Model

AIDA model and the 4P’s

AIDA & Customer Profiles

A.R.E Model

A.R.E & the 4P’s


A.A.R.R.R & The OMTM

A.A.R.R.R - For Which Businesses?

A.A.R.R.R & The 4P’s

The Consumer Decision Journey

CDJ and Market Research

Experimentation Models

Testing with Feedback Loops

Testing the 4P’s

Tools for Testing

Growth Loops

Growth Loops: Tik Tok

Growth Loops: Survey Monkey

Growth Loops: Other Examples

Growth Loops Motivators

Growth Loops: Beyond Referral Models

Growth Loops For Your Business

Marketing Gurus Today

Modern Marketing Gurus

Gary Vaynerchuk

Simon Sinek

Seth Godin

Rand Fishkin on Flywheels

Marketing Guru Takeaways

Course Conclusion & Model Recap


Yogesh31 May 2021

The examples that was taken in the very beginning is not applied for explanation of the models. If the travel insurance example was continued throughout it would have been an easy way


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