Master SaaS Marketing for Software Products

Learn SaaS Product Marketing, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, SaaS Metrics & Analytics, Retention planning & more.

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Product Marketing
9.5 hours
May 2022
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What you will learn

Learn the various moving parts of SaaS Marketing

Find out how Product Marketing works with SaaS Marketing

Learn Competitor Comparison, STP and Persona Building for SaaS Products

Understand Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Onboarding, Retention in the context of SaaS Products

Learn the opportunities to apply analytics in different areas of SaaS Marketing

Understand SaaS Metrics - simplified to fit the context of Marketing

Gain the expertise via a series of animated short case studies custom prepared for this course


Take a look at these various components of SaaS marketing:

That is a lot of stuff you need to learn to get hold of the SaaS marketing landscape,

  • Product marketing

  • digital/growth marketing

  • content marketing

  • Marketing Operations and Automation

  • Demand Generation

  • SaaS Marketing Analytics

  • and more

So, how do you suggest we should go about learning it? Well, I have an idea.

Let us do it for a SaaS company and learn along with the business. Meet LandItRight a SaaS business that sells a Landing page builder product. They have to start their product sales and marketing, and we have the liberty to listen to their meetings and then learn from them.

While the business doesn't exist in the real world, the situations discussed in the course are authentic. We study SaaS marketing situations; we do competitor analysis, learn pricing and positioning of SaaS products, promotions, analytics, metrics, and more.

I am Rudranil, and I have about a decade of experience in SaaS marketing, during which I have marketed more than 20 SaaS products. I am offering this course that comes with hours of content and material, an enormous discount, subtitles, lifelong access, and a 30 days refund offer. It means that you have zero risk in subscribing to the course.

I hope you do give it a try. Thank you.


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Warm Up

Course Structure
Marketing In-General
SaaS Marketing vs Traditional Software Marketing
The LandItRight Software (That I made Up!)
Scene: Meet the LandItRight Team

SaaS Product Goals and Objective

Scene: Setting Business Objectives at LandItRight
Understand Business Goals for SaaS Products
Possible Options to Finalize Business Goals
Examples on How to Set Business Goals
Product-led SaaS Marketing

Competitor Analysis

Scene: Competitor Analysis Discussion at LandItRight
Step-by-Step Analysis of Competitors
Real-world Analysis of Competitors
Assignment on Competitor Analysis

Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning

Scene: STP Challenges at LandItRight - I
Scene: STP Challenges at LandItRight - II
Concepts on Segmentation
Concepts on Targeting
Real-world Example of Segment and Target
Concepts on Positioning
Real-world Examples on Positioning

Building Audience Persona

Audience Persona Introduction
Scene: Persona Debate at LandItRight - I
Scene: Persona Debate at LandItRight - II
Persona Analysis Techniques
Audience Persona - Template and Examples
Scene: Persona Building - Enterprise Audience
Enterprise B2B Persona Analysis
Example of a Popular Persona Builder Tool

Pricing a SaaS Product

Scene: LandItRight Pricing Strategy
Pricing Analysis Deepdive
Pricing Strategies - I
Pricing Strategies - II

Demand Generation and Digital Marketing

SaaS Marketing Landscape Overview
SaaS Marketing Landscape Details
Introduction to SaaS Marketing Channels
Google Ads and SaaS Channel Framework
Google Search and SaaS Channel Framework
LinkedIn and SaaS Channel Framework
Facebook and SaaS Channel Framework
Email Marketing and SaaS Channel Framework
Scene: LandItRight Marketing Budget
A General Overview on Marketing Budget
Budget Calculation Example - Google Ads

Content Marketing for SaaS Businesses

A Framework for Content Marketing for SaaS Products
Short Content Types
Videos and Long format blogs
Case Studies for SaaS Products
Webinar Marketing for SaaS Products - I
Webinar Marketing for SaaS Products - II
Using Whitepapers for SaaS Products
Knowledge Universities
Content Marketing Funnel

SaaS Marketing Analytics

Scene: Channel Analytics at LandItRight
Introduction to SaaS Marketing Analytics
Analytics Concepts: Google Ads
Analytics Concepts: Email Marketing
Scene: Product Analytics Discussion at LandItRight
Analytics Concepts: Product Analytics
Analytics Concepts: Subscription Analytics

Marketing and Sales Collaboration in SaaS Products

Scene: Sales Review of LandItRight
Sales Enablement Overview - I
Sales Enablement Overview - II
Marketing to Sales Handover of Leads
Sales Enablement Documentation

SaaS Onboarding

Assignment Lecture
Scene: Onboarding at LandItRight
Onboarding Discussion at LandItRight
Onboarding Ideas - I
Onboarding Ideas - II
B2B Demo-Styled Onboarding

Retention Planning in SaaS

Scene: Retention at LandItRight
Introduction to Retention
Introduction to Retention - Continued
A Study on Retention - I
A Study on Retention - II

Relevant SaaS Metrics for Marketing

LTV to CAC - The only Metric Mantra for Marketing
Revenue, ACV and ARR Simplified
Total Customers, Churn and Retention Rate
Finally! Calculating the LTV to CAC

Way Forward for a SaaS Marketer

Scene: Way Forward at LandItRight
Planning for Marketing in Long Term
Closing Comments
Goodbye from LandItRight Family


April 5, 2022
A very detailed course that explains all the concepts in a concise and easy-to-understand manner. If you are into marketing SaaS products or planning to be a SaaS marketer this course will set you up for success.
December 19, 2021
This is a really comprehensive, real-world focussed course. Prior to this course, my knowledge on the various SaaS Marketing topics was patchy, but after this course I have filled in all of the gaps, and enhanced my clarity on what each area is about. The section on Marketing Analytics alone is worth the price of the course.



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