Mapping of groundwater zones in deserts in ArcGIS with AHP

Step-by-step guide

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What you will learn

Analytical Hierarchy Process

spatial mapping

groundwater mapping

SAVI index

LULC classification

NetCDF precipitation modelling

Lineaments density mapping

Depression layer



This course is a handful, easy to learn, and apply guide for students, who want to apply GIS instrument and Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) to delineate groundwater areas in desert zones. The knowledge and skills represented throughout the course are easy to master and apply for any study area a student desires.

Although this might seem surprising, desert areas also have groundwater beneath. Usually, groundwater travels slowly and silently beneath the surface, but in some locations, it bubbles to the surface at springs. Groundwater is the largest reservoir of liquid fresh water on Earth and is found in aquifers, porous rock and sediment with water in between. Water is attracted to the soil particles and capillary action, which describes how water moves through a porous media, moves water from wet soil to dry areas.

AHP is the most widely applied multi-criteria decision analysis tool and is used for multiple purposes during GIS analysis, including soil erosion modelling. AHP incorporates both psychological and mathematical methods to assign appropriate weights while making a different choice, whether it is choosing a university department, buying a car, or even searching for a partner. In this course, AHP will be used to assign weights for six thematic layers that directly influence to formation of groundwater.

The amount of water that is available to enter groundwater in a region is influenced by the local climate, the slope of the land, the type of rock and soil, the vegetation cover, land use in the area, water retention and lineaments areas.

The course will teach to prepare all those thematic layers for any study area. By accomplishing this course a student will be able to create a map of groundwater areas for any study area that belongs to arid and semi-arid regions. The results a student may use either for thesis dissertation or publication of an article, as well as conducting a research project.


Mapping of groundwater zones in deserts  in ArcGIS with AHP - Screenshot_01Mapping of groundwater zones in deserts  in ArcGIS with AHP - Screenshot_02Mapping of groundwater zones in deserts  in ArcGIS with AHP - Screenshot_03Mapping of groundwater zones in deserts  in ArcGIS with AHP - Screenshot_04



Introduction to the course
Data for the course

Depression layer

Download ASTER DEM for your study area
Fill and mosaic all DEM images
Mosaic raw DEM
Creating Depresson layer
Reproject into UTM and extract study area

Land use and land cover classification

Download Landsat images
Extract, add and group bands of images
Composite bands
Mosaic images

Lineament layer

Preparing the data
Creating Hillshade from DEM
Delineating lineament areas
Creating lineament density map
Reclassify Lineament Density map

Precipitation layer

Download CRU precipitation data
Creat raster from NetCDF and extract data for study area
Sum and convert into point dataset precipitation
Interpolation with kriging method
Extract study area and reclassify

SAVI layer

Extract Band 4 and Band 5 with Make raster layer tool
Creating SAVI map

Slope layer

Create Slope map

Analytical Hierarchy Process Concept

AHP. Theory
What is a pair-wised comparison in AHP
How to create reciprocal matrix
How to compute Eigen value and Eigen vector
Consistency index and Consistency ratio

Analytical Hierarchy Process analysis

Creating comparison matrix
Reciprocical matrix
Calculating percentages for each layer
Consistency index

Weighted overlay in ArcMap

Weighted overlay in ArcMap

Map presention in ArcMap

Final map presentation



Mapping of groundwater zones in deserts  in ArcGIS with AHP - Price chart


Mapping of groundwater zones in deserts  in ArcGIS with AHP - Ratings chart

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