Managing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Implementation

Learn about On-premise and SaaS- ERP, understand business flows. Become expert in project management methodology in ERP

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What you will learn

Difference between Cloud and On Premise ERP application its advantages and disadvantages

Different Cloud platform such as - Software as Service, Platform as Service and Infrastructure as service.

ERP project implementation life cycle from a Project management perspective

What is Business transaction flow.?

Get an understanding about ERP flows - such as Procure to Pay , Order to cash, Accounting to Financial reporting business flow.

The ERP platform to choose - On Premise or Cloud?


Any modern day enterprise, right from small enterprise generally have or implement Enterprise  Resource planning application towards effectively managing  their business transactions.

This unique course is one of its kind, is packed with details towards effectively managing successful ERP implementation. In recent years, one also find ERP Cloud (Software as a service) products along with ERP on-premise production. Covers provides an overview on some of the cloud terminologies and concepts.

This course covers following topics.

  • Enterprise resource planning  - Difference between On premise and Cloud (Saas) based ERP.

  • What is cloud and difference between different cloud platform such as Software as a service, platform as service and Infrastructure as service.

  • Which ERP platform to choose - Cloud or On Premises.

  • What is business transaction flow in ERP.

  • Business Transaction flows - Procure to Pay, Order to Cash, Accounting to Financial reporting, some of the associated sub flows and variations.

  • ERP project implementation life cycle from a project management perspective.

  • Best practices in ERP implementation.

There is a flavor of Oracle on premise E-Business Suite and Cloud Saas ERP's,  but the course does not get into the demonstration of these products as they are quite exhaustive and out of preview of this course.

This course is more about understanding and managing an ERP implementation.

Happy learning !!!


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Course Overview

Course Overview

Introduction to Enterprise Resource Planning

Introduction to Enterprise Resource Planning and its Evolution
Technical Architecture of ERP system - An Overview
On - Premise vs Cloud Application - Real Life Analogy
Cloud - Saas, Paas, Iaas - An overview and solution providers
Which ERP to choose - On-Premise or Software as a Service (cloud)?
Quiz 1

What are business process flows?

What is a business process flow?

Enterprise Resource Planning - Procure to Pay Business Flow

Procure to Pay - Overview
Sourcing to Agreement business flow- RFI, RFP, Tender and Negotiation
Request to Receive business flow - Standard, Drop shipment, Consigned inventory
Supplier Invoice to Payment business flow
Plan to Replenish Business flow - ABC analysis, replenish methods
Supplier returns to Settlement business flow - Return material Authorization
Quiz 2

Enterprise Resource Planning - Order to Cash Business Flow

Order to Cash - Overview
Sales to Order business flow
Pricing to Order business flow
Order to Shipment business flow - Standard, Made to Order, Configure to Order
Invoice to Receive business flow
Quiz 3

Enterprise Resource Planning - Accounting to Financial Reporting Business Flow

Accounting to Financial Reporting

ERP Project implementation Life cycle

The Difference between Implementation, Upgrade and Re-implementation
Avoiding common mistakes in ERP implementation
Selecting and Scoping ERP Project Implementation - Part 1
Selecting and Scoping ERP Project Implementation - Part 2
Configuration Vs Customization in ERP project
ERP Team composition
What is Conference Room Pilots in ERP implementation?
Difference between Conversion and Interfaces
Conference Room Pilot - CRP 1
Future Business Flow, Flow questionnaire - Sample
Conference Room Pilot - CRP2
Conference Room Pilot - CRP3
Quiz 4

ERP Production Go Live and Best practices

ERP Production Go Live and Best practices

Bonus Lecture

Bonus Lecture: Concluding remarks


December 19, 2021
The topic and content are good but the narrator is very hard to understand. Udemy should offer these courses with correct closed captioning.
February 5, 2021
I used this course as an ERP implementation refresher and I was not disappointed. The instructor showed his wealth of knowledge and experience implementing both on-premise and cloud ERP
November 24, 2020
The instructor is too long winded and repeats himself too much. For this reason the course could be shorter and crisper. He also gets into the minutiae of the finance module, which there is a whole 3 sections on, but not for the others such as HR or supply chain. My request would be to keep it more general so I can get through the course learning the information I came to learn and to create other courses for each module which has details specific to what individuals or modules want to focus on.
July 2, 2020
As a non-technical Project Mgr., who had to support an upcoming ERP project, I was only able to find this course that could give me some idea on ERP. This indeed helped me to understand ERP implementation but only at a very high level. The author could have dive deeper into certain topics especially the last section of Implementation. I was interested to learn more about what happens during different CRP phases, data migration, facilitation of different environments, how a PM would ask the right questions and ensure the ERP project is not going to collapse. Hopefully, the author could add at least a few more topics in an updated version to this course. It was still a decent course and a good learning experience on ERP implementation but at a higher level.
May 4, 2020
It was insightful to me as a professional stepping into Project Management for ERP with no prior experience in the IT field.
April 12, 2020
Good overview of managing an ERP project from start to finish. Content a bit dry at times but it is as expected given the topic. Overall enjoyed the course and had some good takeaways. The resource materials given were very helpful.
September 30, 2019
It is a quick and to the point course. Whether you have a little or some background, the information is concise. It helps if you have a project management background.
July 30, 2019
The instructor is just reading off the words on the slides. More depth of what each items involves would be better.
June 14, 2019
It provided me with a good snapshot of modules / information bundles which comprises an implementation program. I expected another level of detail, however I am satisfied with what was provided in the course. Thank you for creating this course and sharing the knowledge!
March 8, 2019
The information is very good. Sometimes difficult to understand the instructor, though he does speak very slowly, and he provides good materials to follow along, which makes him easier to understand.



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