Management Science Models and Techniques

Learn how to logically solve real word business problems using management science models and techniques using Excel

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Project Management
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Jul 2015
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What you will learn

Choose to apply the right Management Science Model and Technique

Apply linear programming to solve common business problems

Conduct a Breakeven Analysis

Learn to make effective decisions using Management Science techniques

Use linear programming: Maximizing diet options example

Use linear programming to minimize transportations costs


The stuff of management science can seem abstract, and students sometimes have trouble perceiving the usefulness of quantitative courses in general. Part of the problem is that the examples used in books often do not seem realistic.

Unfortunately, examples must be made simple to facilitate the learning process. Larger, more complex examples reflecting actual applications would be too complex to help the student learn the modeling technique. The modeling techniques in this course are, in fact, used extensively in the business world, and their use is increasing rapidly because of information technology.

The real objective of management science is to solve the decision-making problems that confront managers by developing mathematical models of those problems

For this course, the main goal is to demonstrate solutions to various problems that managers face every single day. From maximizing profitability, minimizing transportation costs, to optimizing employee scheduling, this course will provide you with a hands-on approach to dealing with management science models and techniques.

There is no mathematical programming in this course or learning complex formulas, as we will use Microsoft Excel as an aid to solving various common business scenarios that you encounter at the workplace.

The whole idea is to make these mathematical topics seem less complex and present them in a practical way to your benefit. Each modeling technique is explained with straight forward examples followed by hands-on tutorials.

Thank you.

Syed and Team ClayDesk

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What Will I Learn?
Course Agenda
Management Science Models and Techniques
Introduction to Management Science
Break even Analysis
Management Science Models and Techniques: Breakeven Analysis
Breakeven Analysis Tutorial
Management Science Models and Techniques: Linear Programming Technique
Linear Programming Modeling Technique
Linear Programming Tutorial: Maximizing Diet options
Linear Programming Tutorial: Minimizing Transportation Costs
Introduction to Project Management
Introduction to Project Management
Decision Making using Management Science Models and Techniques
Decision Making using Management Science Techniques
Bonus - Discount
13 March 2021
Easy to follow and concise. My only suggestion is the examples used from templates are Excel 2013 and I was unable to follow along as they are not available in Microsoft 365 versions.
2 February 2018
Pretty good course! I would advice to add a couple of modules to make the course more in-depth. And background music is just annoying, as I've pointed out to a tutor personally. Other than that, it comes recommended!
24 October 2017
I am tempted to leave 4 stars because of the helpful quality of the content, but the audio quality is pretty low on the videos I have seen thus far. I know my macbook computer speakers are partly to blame, but its pretty quiet here in management science land. Lol. The lecture style is way easier to follow than my on the ground version of this class currently is. I am grateful for this course.
16 August 2015
This was just the right course for me. Syed is great in explaining key concepts in a very professional manner. The combination of lecture with hand-on tutorial is just awesome, and by far the best method of teaching. As a small business owner, I have learned several techniques to solve business problems. This course is worth every penny! Well done Syed, and looking forward to your next course. Definitely recommended.
1 August 2015
Excellent introduction for anyone who wants to know what management science is about. Clear and precise examples of linear programming method using Excel. I would give 5 star if the course provides more advanced methods that can be applied through real world examples.


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