Management Consulting Skills Mastery

Problem solving, communication, corporate strategy, financial analysis, operations analysis. Everything is included!

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Oct 2021
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What you will learn

Gain a well-rounded consulting techniques. This program is taught by industry professionals who have real-world experience to bring to the table.

Explore the techniques and frameworks for problem solving to dominate your upcoming interview and land your dream consulting job

Participate in management consulting engagement to apply the consulting skills you learn in a real-world situation

Master consulting presentation skills that makes an impact

Learn how to develop your corporate strategy

Conduct a market analysis for your company and business

Learn the steps to an effective financial statement analysis

Learn how to deliver operations analysis to find out how your operation is working

Understand proven communication strategies for management consultants

Master steps to developing effective consulting slides

Learn leadership skills for a management consultant

Learn useful time management tips and techniques for consultants

Understand the process to prepare for a consulting interview


**Updated for 2021!**

The most complete course available on management consultant. 8+hours of videos, activities, templates, case studies, articles and more.

Everything you need to know about management consulting tools and techniques from problem solving to presentation skills, from corporate strategic analysis to financial analysis.

Learn management consulting skills step-by-step. Real life consulting projects, business cases, and templates included. Learn by doing!

Management consulting involves identifying and suggesting important changes to what a company does and how they do it—developing a working strategic plan and guiding its execution with optimum effectiveness.

You can see why management consulting is a growing field very much in demand in today’s marketplace.

College graduates with management consulting degrees receive offers from top firms with compensation approaching or exceeding $90,000 in their first year alone. Experienced management consultants can earn well over 6 figures—and that’s not accounting for bonuses.

Our goal in this training program is to help you improve your day to day operations, career and yourself, so I will show you techniques and toolkit that we use in management consulting industry, and ones that I frequently share with my clients and students.

You simply have to find a way to acquire practical skills that will give you an edge over the other candidates.

But how can I help you do that?

The Complete Management Consultant Course 2020 is the most comprehensive, dynamic, and practical course you will find online. It covers several topics, which are fundamental for every aspiring management consultant:

What makes this course different from the rest of the consulting courses out there?

  • Knowledgeable instructor (experience in companies like BCG)

  • Complete training: We will cover all major topics and skills you need to become a top-class management consultant

  • Extensive simulation scenarios: To help you reinforce everything you’ve learned

Why should you consider a career as a management consultant?

  • Salary. A management consultant job usually leads to a very well-paid career

  • Promotions. Management consultant acquire valuable technical skills, which makes them the leading candidates for senior roles within a corporation

  • Secure Future. There is high demand for management consultant on the job market, and you won’t have to be concerned about finding a job

  • Growth. This isn’t a boring job. Every day, you will face different challenges that will test your existing skills

You will make your money back from the price of this course. Udemy guarantees it with their no-risk 30 day money back guarantee. You really have nothing to lose.

Thank you for signing up for this course on Udemy. The course will always be up-to-date here and nowhere else. I am also available for questions inside the course discussion board.

Act now! This immensely valuable course, The Complete Management Consulting Skills Course 2020, gives you unlimited access to over 8-hour training videos you can view on any device! You will receive step-by-step guides to develop a corporate strategy. Receive in-depth case studies, templates, toolkits, and methodologies. In addition to 130+ training videos, read and refer back to the all-inclusive, 200-page power point.

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What you should know before watching this course
Download supplemental resources
How to use this course
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Consulting Approach to Problem Solving
What’s management consulting
The importance of management consulting
What’s a consulting project
Case – Introducing our client - Huntsman
Legal disclaimer
Understand the different project phases
Explore optional project phases
How management consulting project works
Phase 1 - Defining the problem
Case – Define key question
Conduct focus interviews
Case - Deliver preliminary studies
Case - Make a proposal
Sample consulting proposal
Phase 2 - Structuring problem
How to structure a problem
Business issues and framework
Case – Structure a problem
Case – Prioritize each branch
Phase 3 - Developing Hypotheses
How to develop hypotheses
Case - Developing hypotheses
Issue tree
Phase 4 - Building workplan
How to create a workplan
Phase 5 - Conducting analysis
Hypothesis 1 - Price cuts
Hypothesis 2 - Enter a new geographical market
Hypothesis 3 - Enter a new business
Hypothesis 4 - Cost control
Phase 6 - Synthesizing and presenting findings
Example of Synthesis
The Opposite of Synthesis
Case - Synthesizing analysis for Huntsman
Consulting report
Consulting Presentation Skills That Makes an Impact
Why do consultants use PPT so much
Using the PDCA cycle to create consulting slides
Management consulting presentation basic blocks
The power of storytelling for consultants
Keep vertical and horizontal logic MECE
Dot dash version of storyline
Pyramid principle
Combine the best of written and oral presentation skills
Cover page
Agenda page
Communicate the main message in 2 lines
Use the right word is critical to the flow of the logic
Say exactly what you intend to say with as little words as possible
The body must always produce the most important data to support headline
Think of the body as a more detailed explanation of the headline
Lengthy bullets of text are best broken with short sub-bullets
Bullet pages are sometimes easier to grasp when written as two columns
Keep graphics simple and easy to read with the main insight emphasized
Good chart vs. bad chart
How to choose among words, tables, graphics
Graphics or exhibits
Visualize what you want to say
Kicker answers the so what of the slides
Good presentations are events along the journey of change
Key is to prioritize the findings
How to prioritize
Pareto Analysis
When faced with a deadline, remember the following guiding principle
How to choose meeting rooms
Set up your room for presentation
Eye contact and body language
Your voice
Oral presentation style
Don't read your slides
Managing presentation nerves
What to wear to a client meeting
Wrap up
Corporate Strategy Analysis
Why have a corporate strategy
Business capsule
How it is prepared
Business capsule
What does it look like
Business capsule
What are the common pitfalls
Development of corporate strategy
Formalizing the planning process
Business capsule
Implement strategic intent
Business capsule
Download the full version of business capsules
Industry Analysis
Define an industry
Strategic group analysis
Exit and entry barrier assessment
Industry lifecycle analysis
Market trend analysis
Market size and growth analysis
Market segmentation analysis
The five forces
Financial Analysis
Financial analyses process
3 questions needs to be answered in financial analyses
Ratio analyses
Additional ratio analyses
Cost structure analyses
DuPont analyses
Capital effectiveness analyses
Operations Analysis
Value chain analysis
Balance scorecard
Business management process
7S framework
Next steps
Management consultant reading list
31 October 2021
Thank you John for this wonderful course. I was looking for inside view of the consulting project and this course gives step by step view of all the steps involved in consulting assignment, besides it also covers several other topics with case study examples around Industry analysis, estimation etc. Thank you for making this course.
23 October 2021
Excellent course for someone who wants to get an comprehensive view of management consulting skills and tools. Instructor draws insights from his personal experience to inform the audience of nuances involved. Highly recommended.
3 October 2021
Having already completed "Management Consulting Essential Training", joining this course gave me the motivation to strive further and deepen my Consulting knowledge. I've taken many courses in Udemy, yet it's rare to find such a thorough and wise guidance as John Burress. Aside his vast experience, he's practical in his explanations, giving many examples and insights to the Consulting domain. Needless to say that some concepts aren't easy to grasp for newcomers. Nonetheless, the purpose of the course is to get a solid understanding of what Management Consulting is all about and delve further with more personal research. I'll seek more courses from John in the near future. Thank you!
20 September 2021
A truly wonderful course. I used this as a refresh from my MBA and it sure delivered more than expected. For sure a solid recommendation.
28 August 2021
for me it was really amazing information I had here from this course it really open my mind for some valuable information and gives a lot of useful data to me even it improve my well for go through my planned step of MBA
27 August 2021
From my experience on Udemy, very few courses offer such vast amount of great content, plus free gifts within the course. This course is amazing.
20 August 2021
This course has give me a solid fundamental about Management Consulting and how to solve business problem in a more effective manner. Thank you very much for the instructor for giving me such a valuable experience throughout this course!
19 August 2021
The course is extensive and well covered. Using reality cases for better understanding is a great one.
18 August 2021
This course gives a good overview of consulting work. It's worthwhile for anyone who wants to improve storyboarding skills.
9 August 2021
The course really helped me understand management consulting to its core and gave me a broader overview. I am currently working in Business Consulting, and this course further guided me with resources which differentiate with a thin line between management and business consulting. I will recommend this course without any reservations to freshers as well as experienced candidates. However more of technical based content would have been helpful for advance level candidates.
28 July 2021
John provides many tools and frameworks and explanation which are fantastic for revision and also learning something new to be applied in problem solving and interviews!
19 July 2021
Speaker clearly explain each component of consulting project. He solved the functional issue step-by-step in order to demonstrate how individual should approach the problem. Apart from that, Speaker also focus on how to share you finding/synthesis to the client in presentation and what should be the key consideration while creating the same, and lots more....
19 July 2021
The course really gets me excited about consultancy and helps in solving real world problems while boosting my personality. Cheers !!!
12 July 2021
It is for sure, this is an above expectation course. I got some brilliant and refreshed ideas from the instructor. He had shared tricks, opinions, resources and many more in the slides.
26 May 2021
It is an amazing course, the curriculum is dic=versified and everything is explained fairly deeply. I'm more than satisfied with the course.


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