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Learn 4 Steps to Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing!

These 4 steps took me from a complete beginner to making a life-changing income online.

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Learn 4 Steps to Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing!



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Mar 2021

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Learn 4 SIMPLE Steps to Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing

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Learn How to Make Your First $1,000 Online


Have you ever wanted to make money online even while you are sleeping?

Would you like to spend time with your loved ones and earning money at the same time?

It happens to me all the time.

I still remember the day when I stumbled online and searched something like, "How to make money online".

There was a young man from the United States who said that he can show me how to make money using the Internet.

My first thought was, "that must be a scam or something!"

Well, I gave it a try...

And guess what.

I failed!

The reason was that I just "tried" it. I didn't really commit at first.

Then I saw dozens and dozens of examples:

Someone made $2,000/month online.

Another person made $5,000/month online.

Some people made even $10,000/month online...

And more...

I realized that if they can do it, I can do it.

And sure enough, I did it.

I made a life-changing income online and I've traveled around the world in 40 countries in total.

Nowadays I run a YouTube channel called "Learn To Make Honest Money Online" with over 200,000 monthly views helping ordinary people to make a life-changing income online too.

I simply share the steps that I took to make money.

And it works.

In this course, you'll learn the steps that I have taken to make a life-changing income online and achieve the ultimate freedom in my life.

I can't give you any income guarantees because it's against the law but I can tell that the steps that I teach have worked for me and dozens of my friends.

I'll see you inside the lessons!

Looking forward to helping you my friend!


- Roope "From a complete beginner to making a life-changing income online" Kiuttu


Imagine having a life that you've always dreamed of.

Imagine having the freedom...

It's Your Time!




4 SIMPLE Steps to Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing

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7 ways to make money with affiliate marketing

7 ways to make money with affiliate marketing


Richard1 March 2021

He just spend all the time talking about how you could make money online, what should you do, etc. But never teach you step by step how to do all that things Also all the videos of the course are from his youtube channel, so you could just copy the name of the video and search it on YouTube and there it'll be I do not recommend it, waste of time and money

ogab24 February 2021

i think everything is already avialable on youtube so why paye for it ? then there's a lot of repetitions and randomly chosen to make this course..Thank you anyway!

Mihir17 February 2021

Below the average information has been updated on this course. Most time on video promote the product of Legandary marketer. There is no useful information . Need a video like see on YT. There is not much things you can learn and implement on real life to get the result. I think not worth a money to pay for this.

Vidya4 February 2021

Simplicity in the explanation is really commendable. I loved it. All beginners should definitely take this class.

Saif21 January 2021

Informative Content but it is also available on youtube at free of cost, because this guy uploaded the same youtube videos here.

89766 January 2021

Basically everything is taken from his youtube channel which is already free, most of the 5 stars here are either bots or people begging for money

Rajiv23 December 2020

I really appreciate you with big thanks for sharing the knowledge and the experience that you gain and which is going to help for others , Iwish you all the luck and great success .

Nana17 November 2020

Instructor is very passionate and there are some gems, but I suspect the first few videos were made for YouTube- he keeps saying “click the link in the suscription”, but I don’t see a link. It could be that he means the videos coming up, which would be great, but it’s unclear. No biggie but I want to find out what link so I can follow. However, I enjoy his energy and passion and will Def be checking out his YouTube channel. These are the people you want to learn from.

Michael4 November 2020

The course author has mainly bunched some of his own YouTube videos together and made this course. So in essence he has taken content that is already available for free online and now wants you to pay for it on Udemy. Another rather enoying thing is that he's continously trying to make you go and sign up on his own affiliate links. I would NOT pay full price for this course!

Smith19 August 2020

This, as well as those who merely upload PLR as 'courses' is a clear example of a presenter who is re-using stuff for his own profit, promotion and benefit and NOT in the aim of actually teaching anything. Here, as well as his other things, he is using content made for another medium, carelessly uploaded whilst still bearing demands for 'likes' and such. Sure - he is young, has an exciting way of speaking, and COULD be great if he would actually bother to try to teach the folks who need what he is actually NOT TEACHING AT ALL. The 1-star rating is NOT accidental, and I'd give ZERO STARS if it was possible here.

Mohammed19 July 2020

Very bad course. The instructor uploaded videos from his YouTube channel! Not to mention that these videos are not providing any value even for free viewers on YouTube.

Christopher18 July 2020

I was a beginner who has no idea regarding Affiliate marketing. I was looking for ways to make money. I found this one as good option for that. For sure I might try this. Thank you for the knowledge transfer.

Apeh12 July 2020

Scattered and shallow course. He didn't teach anything at all. Just kept repeating the same thing in each of the videos

Patryk6 July 2020

I got this course for free, but I would be really mad if I spent any money on it. It's clearly effortless, as he basically re-uploaded some of the videos from his you tube channel. It is really annoying when you ask for subs and likes, even though there is no such thing on Udemy, you should at least edit those parts out. You will not find here any new knowledge worth paying for, as anything he says is already available for free in the internet. I am also sorry to say this, but the way you speak isn't quite enjoyable to listen to, you should work on your pronunciation (or at least add subtitles) and drop that pseudo excited way of talking.

Mustapha5 July 2020

I found it very basic ,repeating the same contents full of personal advertising of the creator and other third part.


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