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[2021] Recruiting: Talent Acquisition & Hiring (Version 3)

Be able to hire great people! Learn recruitment in a bestselling recruiting course used by IBM®, eBay®, Lyft® & others.

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Nov 2020

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What you will learn

Define an ideal candidate profile that includes skills and issues related to culture fit

Write a job description that attracts candidates

Attract high-quality candidates through referral recruiting and, in some cases, by maintaining a passive candidate stroke file

Use phone screens to filter out unmatched candidates and save time on interviews

Invite constructive engagement with stakeholders while working to eliminate bias

Negotiate compensation agreements with new hires


Be able to hire great people by learning from a former Fortune 500 recruiter!

5/5 Stars: “It is a good match as someone with no prior background in recruitment. I have an immediate and good understanding of the key aspects of finding the right candidates for the company I work for.” - Kamara Archer

5/5 Stars: “It is definitely a good match. I have learned so much from identifying the right candidates through choice, match and communication to the power of referral-based modality, the candidate journal and hacks to wind up with the best candidate.” - Vivian Felicen

How to Hire: Your 5-Step Roadmap to Hiring Employees!

  • Lead the HR / hiring process for your company or team

  • Write compelling job descriptions that attract candidates

  • Recruitment of candidates through referrals and from the general public

  • Use of LinkedIn as a recruiting tool

  • Perform phone screens and interviews with candidates

  • Negotiate salaries and contracts with new hires

  • Manage the decision-making process and extend job offers

  • Earn your Recruiting and Hiring Certificate fast!

Perfect for Team Leaders, HR Professionals, and Entrepreneurs

What drives the performance of most companies? Great people. While professionals at many levels of seniority and across many geographies will benefit from this course, some audiences that will likely find immediate applications for these skills are:

  • Recruiters and HR professionals looking to make great hires

  • Team leaders who need to recruit or filter through internal candidate applications

  • Entrepreneurs or business owners responsible for managing their own hiring process

If you want to make great hires then this course is for you.  Eazl’s Recruiting, Interviewing, and Hiring certificate course introduces you to a roadmap to making a great hire that was developed by a Fortune 500 recruiter in the field. In this course, you’ll build an ideal candidate profile, write a job description, onboard teammates strategically into your hiring process, and make a job offer and you’ll learn how to do it in a way that’s both informative and engaging.

In this course, you will:

  • Define an ideal candidate profile that includes skills and issues related to culture fit

  • Write a job description that attracts candidates

  • Attract high-quality candidates through referral recruiting and, in some cases, by maintaining a passive candidate stroke file

  • Use phone screens to filter out unmatched candidates and save time on interviews

  • Invite constructive engagement with stakeholders while working to eliminate bias

  • Negotiate compensation agreements with new hires

This course is also chock full of activities that allow you to practice what you’re learning. You’ll work with your instructor over 4 exercises to build an ideal candidate profile, write a job description, create and share a candidate interview journal, and make the final decision through a structured collaboration that you manage.

Why Learn how to Recruit, Interview, and Hire?

Learning how to make great hires can benefit you professionally because research shows that “A players” tend to create exponentially more value than their peers. Recruiting, interviewing, and hiring are excellent skills for human resource professionals, team leaders, and entrepreneurs to master. The impact that exceptional people can have on organizations is self-evident.

Why Learn from Eazl?

Learning how to recruit, interview, and hire can be challenging and complex. To navigate this maze, you need an online learning experience built out of the field experience of an expert that integrates Eazl’s award-winning production techniques, a full suite of resources and templates, and real-world examples.

This course brings Davis Jones’ experience recruiting in the San Francisco Bay Area for Robert Half, the world’s largest HR consulting and recruiting company to you in a fun and engaging format. Mr. Jones has taught topics related to the labor market to more than 60,000 students in more than 180 countries for over 5 years as the bestselling author and creator of Eazl’s “Career Hacking” course.

By the end of the course, you will be able to confidently navigate the hiring roadmap presented in this learning experience. You’ll also have lifetime access to a suite of resources that will enable you to work across teams in this capacity.

Join us on this adventure today! We’ll see you inside the course.


Content Upgrade Journal:

  • Version 2 (November 2019): In this update, you’ll get brand new content that includes a series of interlinked, interactive assignments that put you at the head of a hiring project. This will enable you to apply your new skills by participating in a real case study. We hope you enjoy Recruiting 2020! Mariana from Eazl's team has also developed full, accurate English-language captions for Recruiting Version 2 to enhance your learning experience further.

  • Version 3 (November 2020): Wow! Recently, this course has become one of the bestselling recruiting courses on the Internet. You all are awesome! So, your course received a lot of investment this year. Some of the new features in version three are:

    • You'll now meet four successful recruiters from various backgrounds (technical recruiting, corporate recruiting, agency healthcare recruiting, and executive search) in your learning experience. They'll share their tips and insights for you in a new collection of lectures called "Voices from the Field", which you'll now see in the course. You're also invited to add each of them to your LinkedIn® network.

    • Each section in your course has new introductory videos. Now, any time you learn a new concept (for example, what "Passive Recruiting" is), you'll see video footage that compliments that concept. This will help you learn more quickly, and retain what you're learning.

    • You now have an additional cloud-based resource: Eazl's Guide to Using Boolean Search Operators. This guide will enable you to navigate search engines (e.g. LinkedIn®, Google®) more effectively. This will help you find better candidates more quickly.

    • You'll now receive a new, customized 2021 Eazl certificate if you complete 100% of the course.


[2021] Recruiting: Talent Acquisition & Hiring (Version 3)
[2021] Recruiting: Talent Acquisition & Hiring (Version 3)
[2021] Recruiting: Talent Acquisition & Hiring (Version 3)
[2021] Recruiting: Talent Acquisition & Hiring (Version 3)


Learn the Five Steps to Making a Great Hire

Hi I’m Davis, a Former Fortune 500 Recruiter

The Three Pillars of Hiring: Choice, Match, and Communication

Download the Full Suite of Recruiting and Hiring Resources

Step 1: Let’s Build the Job Description and Ideal Candidate Profile

Managing the Process: Choice, Match, Communication

How to Use the PAC Method to Build an Ideal Candidate Profile

Case Study: Same Job, Very Different Ideal Profiles

The 5 Steps to Writing a Great Job Description

Step 2: It’s Time to Get the Word Out about Your Opening!

Learn Key Concepts Related to Sourcing Candidates

The Four Ways to Source Candidates

SideBYSide: Using LinkedIn for Social Referrals

SideBYSide: Boolean / Pinpoint Recruiting on LinkedIn

Case Study: You’re One Connection Away from a Great Candidate

SideBYSide: Let’s Use YAMM to Send Out a WDYK Message Together

Step 3: How to Perform Resume and Phone Screens

How Many Candidates Do You Want to Bring in for Interviews?

The Two Most Important Elements of a Candidate’s Resume

Case Study: Sophie & Jim | Real Candidates, Real Outcomes

The Ultimate Fluff Buster: How to Use the Phone Screen

Step 4: Interviewing and Managing the Interview Process

The TFF and Leveraging Your Teammates

An Animated Crash Course on Interviewing Candidates

Let’s Practice asking Open-ended Questions

Let’s Meet Nick, Fmr. Head of Technical Acquisition for Viacom

How to Use Eazl’s Candidate Journal Template in Your Process

Step 5: How to Make the Final Decision and Negotiate the Offer

Confirmation Bias and Conformity in Group Decisions

How to Check a Candidate’s References + a Recruiter Hack

Key Compensation Issues in Negotiating with Potential Hires

Three Decision Steps, the Anti-Conformity Hack, and the Offer Letter

Let's Wrap and Get You Your Certificate


Ashutosh10 October 2020

It was the good experience to take up the course. Course defined the multiple way to hire the best fit.

B.7 October 2020

Great course, very simplea and easy to follow especially for me that didn't have experience in hiring

Ahmad20 September 2020

Just reading from slides and there is no deep explanation regarding each point of discussion. Overall it is awesome

Richard17 September 2020

This is perhaps one of the most succinct, yet well rounded courses I've had the privilege of taking on Udemy. Davis explains concepts clearly, without any fluff or convolution. The resources included in the study guide are very templatable, strong tools to carry with you as you embark on your career, and provide excellent insights into the practical use of the concepts described within the course.

Carlos17 September 2020

The course is very detailed in a very simple way which makes things easy to understand. Thank you so much for the effort and work you've put on this project!

Ana25 February 2020

He is very professional and knowledgeable and gives clear and precise introductions. I loved the course!

James24 February 2020

Excellent tactics and team collaboration practices. Provided documentation is extremely useful. This course has something for every level of recruiting. Well worth the time.

Amelia23 February 2020

With this short course, I was able to learn some important tips for recruitment process. I recommend it.

Anna20 February 2020

I feel like a lot of it was common sense if you ever passed an interview. I was hoping for more in-depth info, or skill set or more examples of day-to-day life on the job

Carmen20 February 2020

I have taken it as another learning step,allowing me to understand the recruitment process while job hunting

Chilamkuri19 February 2020

over all this course is very use full . and in this section i lean the how to short list right cv , how to hiring the skills based candidate for the right position. I really thank you for this course.

Sudarshan2 February 2020

It is a very user friendly course to get idea about recruiting and talent acquisition, even if you have no background about hiring process. I just feel they should have elaborated few points like mail-merge and boolean search to get in-depth idea about these features.

Branko27 January 2020

The course was really quality oriented. You get a quick glimpse of what you need as a recruiter. Even the intermediate recruiters can learn something new and useful.

Oleksandra22 January 2020

The course was great! I like the way the author spoke and a high quality of videos. A lot of useful information, but I feel like its more for beginners, because of superficial information

Rashi15 January 2020

The course is very small and limited in nature but this is what is it expected to be. A very basic information at a very high level on the recruiting and talent acquisition areas. This course is very good for somebody who wants to make a switch into these areas and make an understanding on the basics before starting further enhanced journey of learning or on the job. I would say Good job EAZL.


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