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Make Games without Code? Master Visual Scripting in Unity!

Learn to make awesome games without Coding!

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Aug 2021

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What you will learn

Learn from a Professional Indie Game Developer

Learn how to make games without writing code!

Students will learn how to make several complete games from start to finish

Learn Visual Scripting, Shader Graph, Particle System, UI, Game Design, and more!


Hello and Welcome!

I'm your Code Monkey and in THIS course you will learn how to make Games without writing any code!

This course features multiple games all made completely using Unity Visual Scripting and without a single line of code.

I specifically designed it to include multiple games so you can learn to use Visual Scripting and apply it to any genre you can think of.

With the knowledge you will learn from this course you will then be able to make any game you want!

About me, I'm a Professional Indie Game Developer with several successful games published on Steam covering a wide range of genres, I've been Programming for over 20 years and using Unity for almost 10.

Also a couple of years ago I started a YouTube channel making Free Video Tutorials to share the knowledge I have accumulated to help you learn how to make YOUR OWN games.

If you'd like to try out my learning style before purchasing the course you can watch the over 350 Videos available for Free on the YouTube channel. They are presented as clear step-by-step tutorials just like this course.

The course also includes the Complete Project Files for every single lecture.

A bit more about the games...

First we start off with a Simple Platformer in order to learn the basics of Visual Scripting.

The course is designed with a smooth learning curve in mind so you will learn how to use the Visual Scripting Tools as they are needed.

The platformer features: Physics, Platforms, Coins, Hazards, Multiple Levels, Moving Platforms, Moving Hazards and more.

The second game is the Action RPG

This one builds on the knowledge gained while making the Platformer so the design is more complex.

There's tons of features in the final game.

Swords, Arrows, Enemies, Dungeons, Keys, Doors, Buttons, Lava, Fireballs, Hearts, Coins, Shops, and much more.

The third game is a First Person Shooter FPS

It features multiple weapons, enemies, pathfinding, coins, keys, Boss fight and a really awesome Hookshot mechanic.

All made without a single line of code!

All 3 games have tons of effects and lots of awesome features. You can see some cool Shaders, Glow, Screenshake, Post Processing, Animations, lots of UI elements, smooth Camera, Particles and so on. The final games play really great and feel very satisfying.

This course starts with a completely empty project starting completely from scratch and step-by-step we will get to the final games.

Everything is built in an understandable way so you can easily take this as a base and expand upon it with more Hazards, Enemies, Weapons, Levels and so on.

This course is presented as a thorough step-by-step guide where I will show you exactly how to do what I'm doing and why it is that I'm doing it so you can learn how to think like a game developer.

This course will cover a bunch of topics including:

  • How Visual Scripting works

  • Handle Player Movement and Physics

  • Visual Scripting Variables, Events, Super Units, State Machines...

  • Handle Enemy AI with Attack Logic and a Health System

  • Build up the World using a Tilemap

  • Learn the basics of Unity tools like Shader Graph, Post Processing, Particle System...

  • And much much more!

As for requirements you really just need to know the absolute basics of Unity.

If you've never touched Unity before then there is a lecture in the extras section which covers the basics.

If you feel confused or lost at any point in the course make sure you post your questions in the Q&A section.

I will be there to help with whatever issues you may have.

Alright so go ahead join me on the course and let's learn how to build some awesome games together!

- Code Monkey


Make Games without Code? Master Visual Scripting in Unity!
Make Games without Code? Master Visual Scripting in Unity!
Make Games without Code? Master Visual Scripting in Unity!
Make Games without Code? Master Visual Scripting in Unity!




FPS Free Update

New Project

Unity Layout

Render Pipeline

Bolt Setup

Platformer (Visual Scripting Basics)

Platformer Start

Platform Game Design

Visual Scripting Basics


Player Movement

Player Movement Speed

Player Jumping

Is Grounded

Super Units

Visual Scripting Groups



Platform Visuals


Death Scene Management

Visual Scripting Events


Player Fall to Death


Level Win

Multiple Levels

Lava Particle System

Post Processing

Shader Graph



Options Menu Volume

Game Win

Main Menu


Player Win Death Particles

Coin Animations

Face Last Move Dir


Double Jump

Moving Platforms

Moving Hazards

Touch Input

More Levels

Final Showcase

Action RPG (Visual Scripting Advanced)

Action RPG Welcome

Action RPG Start

Action RPG Game Design


Player Animator

Player Sword Attack



Post Processing

Health System


Sound Music Options


Player Death Scene Management


Visual Scripting State Machines

Enemy AI

Enemy Patrolling AI

Enemy Attack Player AI

Enemy Health System

Player Block


Health Pickup

Visual Scripting Return Events

Player Dash

Weapon Arrows

Enemy Arrow

Enemy Manager

Battle Spawner

Key Door System


Coin Spawner




Fire Arrows

Extra Pickups




Game Win Scene

Main Menu


Tint Flash Damage

Dissolve Shader Spawn

Coin Key Animations

Destructible Pots

Arrow Trails

World Building

Dash Trail

Stop While Attacking

Star Glow Outline

Lava Emission

Fireballs Dont Vanish

Camera Shake


Sword Slash

Grass Wind Shader

World Populate

Final Showcase


Unity Basics

Continue Your Learning Journey (Bonus Lecture)


Melissa8 January 2021

I think the course could be useful if the instructor actually slowed down to explain why he does what he does. As a complete beginner to Unity and programming in general, he glosses over a lot of things. I had to slow down the playback to .75 and still had to repeat a lot of what he said. The video quality is also not great, and paired with no on-screen indicator of where he's clicking, no zooming, or what keys he's pressing, its a constant squint-and-pause game to try to figure out where he's at on the screen or what he's trying to show you. Wanted to really like this course but its a bit of a mess from a student point of view.

Anthony1 January 2021

So far so good! Was bit intimidated by visual scripting when I first saw it and rather code manually, but trying to learn both methods for future use, and see how visual scripting can be useful.

Stephen24 December 2020

So far, I think so. He does appear to go fast and talk quickly which might be an issue for me further in the course, but we shall see. :)

Robert10 December 2020

At first, I thought this is great. But then I had to change to a 5 star from a 4 because I realized I am learning scripting in C#. I am amazed at how easy this is, as well as focused on the training. I am very impressed and satisfied with everything I am learning here!

Peyman28 November 2020

you just talk without explaination why you need to do that and other side in some places you do something which we can not find that file in our unity and its make hard to follow you,you need organize your course in a way better if you dont want people refund their money best regards

Philip27 November 2020

In short: the course is very suitable for beginners. The lecturer teaches at a comfortable speed and explains what he is doing. I would love it if Code Monkey added a few quizzes to the course.

Jeremy23 November 2020

Having tried several tutorials on YouTube, each of them using older versions of Unity and thus often encountering problems with updated/deprecated APIs, I was in the market for an up-to-date Bolt tutorial. A few days later this course became available. I am delighted that there will be a free First Person Shooter update, this will nicely round out the various game perspectives.

Mateusz23 November 2020

This course is just magnificent. If you are a beginner at programming or even if you know something about unity you should definitely buy it! It's worth that money :D

Brown18 November 2020

The small video chunks are full of information that guides you quickly through the lesson. Although the instructor tends to deliver this course in a quick monotone, it is easy to follow along and stop or rewind the videos as needed. I tend to spend about 15 to 60 minutes per video because I take notes, play with alternative approaches and try to guess where the next step might be before getting the actual flow from the video. The instructor does a good job of progressing under the assumption that students can and will learn elements around the fringes of the specifics he offers. For students who are inquisitive and willing to fail while iterating, this approach works well. The most essential part of this course is the student's willingness to thing beyond the details and adapt techniques presented to suit the purposes of the desired project.

Mikael18 November 2020

Amazing content, i'm more driven towards C#, but this Bolt course is actualy teaching me a lot of cool logic that can also be inplemented in C#. Code Monkey explains very well and visual scripting is quite simple to visualize and understand compared to C#, making this course a good programing start for begginers.

Daniel15 November 2020

This is an amazing course. It really does shine explaining step by step. So anybody who wants to enter into game dev with visual scripting, it is a most have.

Raj13 November 2020

at the time of buying this course i didnt excepted that much awesome result from this :). tutor described everything in detail with very simplicity :)

Brendon7 November 2020

So far, very clearly laid out introduction of what to expect. Haven't actually gotten to the first lesson yet, but I'm excited to see what's to come!

Moinuddin5 November 2020

Just amazing this course. He is arguably the best instructor for unity 2D. Uses right programming approach in visual scripting. Right presentation with game desing and everything else. It is more than you can ask for in a course. If you thinking of learning bolt and game dev in general, you must get this course. Do not hesitate. Get it now!

Soner4 November 2020

i know CodeMonkey from his Youtube Chanel he is great Teacher and he have load of exp. aboute games and Unity cant wait to finish my first game with his help.


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