Make an eCommerce Website with WordPress and Elementor

Learn how to make an eCommerce website with WordPress and Elementor - Create a product, Manage Inventory, Shipping, etc.

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Mar 2021

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30 templates + 40 widgets

What you will learn

How to make a Fully-Featured ECommerce Website without Programming/Coding Knowledge

How to Create a Simple Product in an eCommerce store

How to Create a Variable Product which has certain variations

How to Buy Domain and Web Hosting

What is WordPress and How to use it

How to Integrate PayPal Payment Gateway to accept Online Payments

How to Set up Taxes on an eCommerce Store

How to Set up Shipping Prices

How to Manage Orders, Refunds, Products, etc.

How to add a Custom Delivery Date Field with a Product

How to design the website with Drag and Drop Page Builder (No HTML Coding)


This course is going to be very helpful for you if you are looking to learn how to make an eCommerce store website. Here, you will be building a fully-featured Online Store which can sell Clothes, Shoes, Bikinis, Mugs, Affiliate Products, Digital Products and almost anything that you have in your mind to sell online.

You need to have a mindset that this is the time when you are going to sell your products online and have a very small budget of just $65 to get the launch of your eCommerce website today.

What you will be learning in this course:

  • How to make an eCommerce website without programming skills.

  • How to integrate PayPal Payment Gateway for Online Payments.

  • How to create products easily.

  • How to manage orders including refunds.

  • How to Create Product Filters.

  • How to Create a Variable Product on an eCommerce website.

  • How to Create an Affiliate Product on an eCommerce website.

  • How to Add Extra Product Option with your product.

  • What are domain names and web hosting?

Build your eCommerce Website by yourself and Save $1000s in web development costs.

The most valuable skill you will learn today is how to create an eCommerce website to run a successful eCommerce business. All you need is a fully-featured eCommerce website and an Online Payment Processing System. In this course, you will learn how to make a stunning Online Store within an hour and later on, you can customize the website as per your need.

How this entire eCommerce website can be built without any prior knowledge of programming or coding?

This eCommerce course is fully designed for beginners who have no knowledge of how to make a website without any coding skills. Although, somewhere on the website we'll be needing a few lines of code but don't worry as I have already provided the codes in the lecture descriptions. So, you can just copy and paste as per the instructions are given by me in the course lectures.

Here, we are using WordPress as the Content Management System of your eCommerce website which is FREE to use and 100% user-friendly. WordPress is the most popular platform to build amazing websites with just a drag and drop interface.

For creating the page's content, I have used the most popular and 100% FREE page builder plugin named Elementor. It gives the flexibility to design amazing web pages and arrange the content without dealing with any HTML or any custom code.

For eCommerce integration, I am using WooCommerce Plugin which is also a FREE plugin and widely used by the eCommerce Business Owners.

What type of Products you can sell with WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is the One-Stop solution for all your eCommerce needs as it gives you the flexibility to sell any type of products whether it is a physical product like T-Shirts or a digital product like Softwares.

Here is a list of all possible products that you can sell with WooCommerce:

  • Clothes

  • Shoes

  • Jewelry

  • Stationery Items

  • Daily needs items

  • Grocery

  • Food Products

  • Electric Appliances

  • Automobiles and their parts

  • Songs

  • Courses

  • Ebooks

  • Subscription-based products

  • MP3, PDF, DOC, etc. files

  • You can sell everything that exists on this earth with the help of WooCommerce.

What Exactly You Will Learn With This Course?

This course has clear and step by step instructions for those who are interested in learning how to create an Online Store and accept Online Payments. You will learn the following things in this course:

  • How to create an eCommerce website within an hour

  • How to design a website with the Elementor Page Builder Plugin

  • What is WordPress and How to use it?

  • What is WooCommerce and How to use it

  • How to Create a Simple Product

  • How to Create a Variable Product

  • How to Create an Affiliate Product

  • How to set up Taxes in your eCommerce Website

  • How to set Shipping Prices

  • How to add a WhatsApp Chat feature to your Website

  • How to Create Product Filters on Shop Page

  • How to set up the PayPal Payment Gateway for receiving Online Payments

  • Plus everything that you need to run a success Online eCommerce Business

Don't waste your money on hiring someone who can charge you a minimum of $1000 for making an eCommerce website. Do it yourself by learning the eCommerce Development Process with me and launch your Online Store Today!

This will be an amazing and highly profitable eCommerce Course of the year. Even you can get a 30-days money-back guarantee as we stand behind the Udemy. So, what are you waiting for?

Go Ahead and Enroll today!


Make an eCommerce Website with WordPress and Elementor
Make an eCommerce Website with WordPress and Elementor
Make an eCommerce Website with WordPress and Elementor
Make an eCommerce Website with WordPress and Elementor


Welcome to the eCommerce Development Course

Get FREE Domain and Web Hosting

Install WordPress on the Domain

Install SSL Certificate (https)

Create a Business Email FREE of COST

Everything about WooCommerce - Its introduction and Entire Setup

Installing and Setting up WooCommerce and SSL on the Domain

Basic WooCommerce Settings

Setting up Shipping Zone and Shipping Prices

Account and Email for Notifications

Setting up Taxes in WooCommerce

Enabling Coupons/Discount Code System

What are Payment Gateways (Online Payments, COD, BACS, Check Payments)?

Configuring PayPal Payment Gateway


Download demo images

Creating Product Categories

Creating First Simple Product

Creating an Affiliate Product

Creating a Variable Product

Understanding Upsells & Cross Sells

Received Orders Management (Refunds/Processing/Order Completion, etc.)

Designing Your eCommerce Website

Choosing a WooCommerce Compatible Theme

OceanWP Theme Options

Creating Pages (Home, About, Contact, Refund Policy, TOS, Privacy Policy)

Creating Menu

Creating Content for Homepage (Part 1)

Creating Content for Homepage (Part 2)

Creating Content for About Page

Creating Content for Contact Page

Setting up FrontPage of the Website

Setting up the Footer

Some Advanced Integrations for a Successful eCommerce Website

Adding Login/Logout Menu

Adding WhatsApp Chat Feature to your WooCommerce Site

Product Filter on Shop Page

Ajax Search for Products

Adding Extra Product Options

Bonus Lecture


Hassan20 April 2021

Everything is hidden in Paypal section, I hope you update this section with new Paypal account so we can see from where you copied the code. i mean the first code not the second one.

Rajesh3 December 2020

IN SHORT - Almost everything related to setting an eCommerce store is taught. I highly recommend this course for understanding wooCommerce with wpOcean theme. Remember the language is english (but simple as normally spoke in India). Caution - there is nothing told about security of the website, rest all is actually The best among all.

Sarah31 August 2020

From start to finish this was an excellent course. I thought it was very well explained and one of the best eCommerce / WordPress tutorials I have come across on Udemy. I also like how I can go back and review parts of the course when necessary, that it's kept updated and relevant. I would easily recommend this course :-)

MD15 July 2020

Thanks For This Amazing & Informative course. Last One Request To You : Please, Keep Updating This Course as well!

Johan21 May 2020

As a complete beginner, this was a very good course for me. He basically took my hand, and walked me through everything I needed to know, in this unknown territory. Thank you.

Niyati25 March 2020

The course was really helpful for me because being a beginner I was able to learn about various tools which are really for running a successful e-commerce website.

Igor8 December 2019

Thank you for this detailed, and up to date course about making a eCommerce Website, and plus some extras on top. Thank you.


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