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Machine Learning for Absolute Beginners - Level 1

Learn the Fundamental Concepts of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning as the Next Game-Changing Technology

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Feb 2021

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What you will learn

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Applied vs. Generalized AI

Features, Labels, Examples

The Process of Training a Model

Under-fitting and Over-fitting

Supervised/Unsupervised Learning

Classification and Regression

Clustering and Dimension Reduction

Reinforcement Learning


***** Feedback from Students ********

  • "Good course for anyone who wants to make some sense of all the proper terminology and basic methodology of AI. Idan's explanations are very clear and to the point, no fluff and no distractions!" Grace H.

  • "The course was actually amazing, giving me much more insight into AI. " Patrick A

  • "best ML course ever. " Parmanand S.

  • "It was a great experience." Dharini S.

  • "Indeed a good beginner's course which I actually wanted". Sharon A.

  • "Good and simple enough to start learning ML." Cogent Systems.

  • "Overall, a very good course to understand the basic concepts of machine learning." Arshad.


Machine Learning

The concept of Artificial Intelligence is used in sci-fiction movies to describe a virtual entity that crossed some critical threshold point and developed self-awareness. And like any good Hollywood movie, this entity will turn against humankind. OMG! It’s a great concept to fuel our basic survival fear; otherwise, no one will buy a ticket to the next Terminator movie ;-)

As you may guess, things, in reality, are completely different. Artificial Intelligence is one of the biggest revolutions in the software industry. It is a mind-shift on how to develop software applications. Instead of using hard-coded rules for performing something, we let the machines learn things from data, decipher the complex patterns automatically, and then use it for multiple use cases.

AI-Powered Applications

There are growing amounts of AI-powered applications in a variety of practical use cases. Web sites are using AI to better recommend visitors about products and services. The ability to recognize objects in real-time video streams is driven by machine learning. It is a game-changing technology, and the game just started.

Simplifying Things

The concept of AI and ML can be a little bit intimidating for beginners, and specifically for people without a substantial background in complex math and programming. This training is a soft starting point to walk you through the fundamental theoretical concepts.

We are going to open the mysterious AI/ML black-box, and take a look inside, get more familiar with the terms being used in the industry. It is going to a super interesting story. It is important to mention that there are no specific prerequisites for starting this training, and it is designed for absolute beginners.

Would you like to join the upcoming Machine Learning revolution?


Machine Learning for Absolute Beginners - Level 1
Machine Learning for Absolute Beginners - Level 1
Machine Learning for Absolute Beginners - Level 1
Machine Learning for Absolute Beginners - Level 1


Getting Started


Before You Start....

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

AI is Coming...

Artificial Intelligence

Classical Programming

Machine Learning

Deep Learning

Applied vs. Generalized AI

Why Now?

Quick Check-Point #1

Introduction to Machine Learning

Overview - ML Terminology

“Black Box” Metaphor

Features and Labels

Training a Model

Aiming for Generalization

Quick Check-Point #2

Classification of ML Systems

The Degree of Supervision

#1 - Supervised Learning



Quick Check-Point #3

#2 - Unsupervised Learning


Dimension Reduction

Quick Check-Point #4

#3 - Reinforcement Learning

Decision-Making Agent

Quick Check-Point #5

Course Summary

Let's Recap and Thank You!

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Sandy1 June 2021

This was a very good basic overview of the topics. I believe that more examples from real life would be helpful rather than image recognition of dogs, etc. I'm assuming this is what they use on Amazon when you take a picture of something you want to buy and it goes to figure it out. Other than that feedback it was great, thanks.

Hadi11 April 2021

The instructor’s delivery and pace made the learning very effective. The course is nicely structured for a high-level introduction to machine learning that also managed to include explanations of different types and methods of machine learning. It can be suitable for anyone without a background in computer science or programming, and also for those who want to understand AI but don’t know where to start - as this course will provide you with a high-level overview which you can use as a reference when deciding which area(s) of machine learning that you want to dive deeper into.

Jimesh14 August 2020

This course was good and was as per my expectations. The complicated topic of AI and ML was explained in as simple way as possible, specially by giving real examples and analogy.

Stephan15 June 2020

It was wonderful experience. As a beginner i got some idea and knowledge on Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, Supervised, Unsupervised learning and Re-inforcement learning..

Aniket10 May 2020

it was okay. Not very good because it didn't tell about the implementation part.But it's fine for introduction.

James7 May 2020

I am currently taking other courses in machine learning, mathematics, and data science. This course puts my other courses in perspective and helps my stay focused on my goal of becoming a data scientist.

Kalyan25 April 2020

The course is focusing more on the concept which is good rather than diving to solving big regression sums and computing slopes of lines of least squares.

Grace24 April 2020

Good course for anyone who wants to make some sense of all the proper terminology and basic methodology of AI. Idan's explanations are very clear and to the point, no fluff and no distractions!

Raman24 April 2020

The course was good. Its really for the beginner level students. It gives you basic knowledge of the topics but lacks the lab training part. If it includes some real-life lab work it would be grateful.....

Aditya21 April 2020

good because its is my first time to learn something on udemy . I like it absolutely it works for me to develop my skills Thanks you A lot of

no19 April 2020

Very simply explained, yet very detailed. I learned the basics of ML in a fun and effective way. Thank you very much!

Scott12 April 2020

I was struggling massively with getting my brain wrapped around the core ideas with Neural Networks. I bought several practical courses, hoping each one would help me get it. This is the one! This is the course that made it all clear and now I'm ready to re-tackle those other courses. Great course!

María9 April 2020

De momento es muy basico. Se podría resumir en 2 minutos el contenido. El contenido visual tampoco es de gran calidad

Rugma8 April 2020

Im eargerly waiting for the next theries...so as said in the introduction aa beginer will get aa basic idea about it,as i m in fort it... i think i have choosen a right course...

Mohammad26 February 2020

Thank you sir, this course is excellent for absolute beginners like me, I find it well structured, informative and very useful


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