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Mac Photos: Photo Editing, Organizing, & Sharing on Mac

Complete photo editing Mac Photos course where you learn to organize & edit photos with Apple's Photos app like a pro.

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Feb 2021

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What you will learn

Become completely comfortable using Mac Photos

Import and organize photos so you can easily find them

Edit and adjust your photos to make them look amazing

Save and share your photos to your computer, online, or with iCloud

Create and order projects such as books, calendars, and more

Use the Photos app on your iPhone to organize, edit, and share


You have a Mac computer, and you want to learn how to easily edit and organize your photos, right?

Perfect! Mac Photos is the free application that comes with all Mac computers (previously called iPhoto).

This course will teach you how to use all of the amazing features of Mac Photos, a truly powerful editing and organizing tool for all kinds of photographers.

What will you learn in this Mac Photos course?

  • Import photos from files or your camera
  • Organize photos so you can easily find them
  • Edit and adjust your photos to look amazing
  • Save and share your photos how you want
  • Use the Photos app on your iPhone

What kind of editing will you learn?

  • Auto-enhance feature
  • Rotate and crop
  • One-click filters
  • Advanced slider adjustments
  • Retouching and blemish removal
  • Red-eye removal
  • and more!

Who teaches this course?

Phil Ebiner is a Mac-user, photographer, best-selling Udemy instructor, and most importantly - he truly wants to help you with this course. No matter what your skill level is right now, you'll get the best support in this course.

Why should you enroll now?

This course will make learning fun and easy. All you need is your Apple computer and any version of the Photos app. We'll be teaching with version released in macOS High Sierra. But you can use pretty much any version because the process is very similar in each version. 

We also have a 30-day money back guarantee. So you can enroll today, and if for any reason you aren't enjoying the course, you can grab a refund.

We can't wait to see you in the course!

Thanks for your time, and we look forward to helping you learn Mac Photos.




Mac Photos: Photo Editing, Organizing, & Sharing on Mac
Mac Photos: Photo Editing, Organizing, & Sharing on Mac
Mac Photos: Photo Editing, Organizing, & Sharing on Mac
Mac Photos: Photo Editing, Organizing, & Sharing on Mac



Welcome to the Course

Download the Course Practice Photos

Join the Official Student Photography Group

Import Photos from Your Computer

Import Photos from Your Camera

Import Photos from iPhone via Cable

Import Photos with iCloud

Import Photos with My Photo Stream

Pro Tip: Import Photos from Online

Viewing and Organizing Your Photos

Viewing Your Photos

Viewing Photos by People, Places, and More

Creating Albums, Smart Albums, and Albums by Photo Type

Easily Find Your Photos with Keywords + Favoriting Photos

Editing & Adjusting Your Photos

Basic Editing and Auto-Enhancing

Use Filters to Automatically Make Your Photos Look Amazing

Crop and Rotate

Case Study: When to Crop and Rotate

Light / Exposure Adjustments

Color Adjustments

Black and White Adjustments

Retouching Photos to Remove Blemishes or Unwanted Objects + Red Eye Removal

White Balance Adjustments



Definition Adjustments

Selective Color Adjustments

Noise Reduction


Adding a Vignette

Editing a Live Photo

Export and Share Your Photos

Save Photos as Files

Save Live Photos as GIFs or Still Images

Share Photos Online

Create a Slideshow

Printing Photos

Order Prints Right from Your Mac

Create a Calendar

Create a Book

Create a Card

Full Photo Editing Sessions

Editing a Portrait

Editing a Group Photo

Editing a Creative Landscape Photo

Editing a Night Photo

Editing a Cat Portrait

Advanced Mac Photo Tips & Tricks

How to Find Photos in Finder

Change Where Photos Are Stored

Send Photos to Other Apps for Editing

View All Keyboard Shortcuts

Working with Video in Mac Photos

Bonus Section! Using the iPhone Photos App

Viewing and Organizing Photos on Your Phone

Sharing Photos from Your Phone

Editing Photos on Your Phone



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Dottie20 September 2020

Yes, I'm learning more using the tools and a bit more about using albums and folders. What I would enjoy is a tutorial that could guide in sorting a huge collection of unidentified family photos from a span of 30 years. I need more information about moving them around, reordering them and marking them in some way to show which individual photos have been categorized.

Laura3 September 2020

Maybe a bit too much assuming that I know more than I do about iCloud and photos. Had to rerun the training a couple of times to keep up. Which I actually don't mind doing.

Christina30 July 2020

We are supposed to get going by downloading photos, but I don't even know enough about how to do that and looks like I am on my own. So, at this point I have no choice but to ask for a refund!

Michał1 July 2020

The course was really good, in section 3: editing & adjusting your photos I found what I was looking for

Stacy19 May 2020

it is okay. But if you are a beginner some times the instructor speeds along. I have a pretty good understanding of MAC and Photos but if you are brand new it would be hard to follow.

Karen27 December 2019

I've been using Mac Photos for years and I'm still learning new things! Its also great to see that using my own judgement is exactly what you do, and just play around until I like the image. I wish I would have found this course long ago!

Barbarajo@Rocketmail.Com14 June 2019

Yes, great match for me. I can pause and try it on my own, or rewind if I want to go at my own pace. It is very easy to understand and covers the whole Photos app!!

Hongbea28 February 2019

1차 평 : 애플 제품을 오래 사용하여 친숙한 시스템이지만 그래도 좀더 확고하게 지식을 정리 할 수 있어 좋아요~ 2차 평 : 후반부에 앨범 달력 책자 등 app store 연결된 부분은 불필요한 부분이 좀 있다 3차 평 : 전반적인 애플의 포토 app에 대하여 다루어진 좋은 강의 같다, 나역시 어느정도는 알고 있는 내용이지만 phil 강사가 알려주는 숨어 있는 기능은 정말 꿀 같은 정보가 된다 좋은 강의 감사하고 또다른 강좌에서 만나길 바란다.

Tero18 February 2019

When I started I haven't any glue how it is working. Seems to be so that MacPhoto is a good basic tool for non professional picture maker.

Jacque5 February 2019

Hi Phil, I finally finished all of the videos, some of them a couple times, and wanted to update my rating to 5 stars again. I learned so much from your information and your teaching style: perfect for the way I learn. I will have questions coming up as I put it all into practice. I did skip the iPhone sections as I have an Android. Thanks for all your time making this series and doing such a terrific job. Blessings. Jacqueline

Tiffany31 January 2019

its a little fast for those of us who are technically challenged. Probably because Mac has so many different ways to do the same thing! But I think I'm keeping up

Judy1 January 2019

I am starting from ground zero. It is going too fast. Can something be printed to review? Or do you have another suggestion.

Danny6 July 2018

Simple and straight forward instruction. Phil was amiable and I felt he was quite well versed in the subject matter. I would like to say thank you for a course I found quite helpful.

Martin3 July 2018

I was most interested in organizing many of my images from different grant projects and creating subfolders for them. Albums was useful but I discovered I could make a project -- e.g.,I called it "Images from Grants" and then make albums (sub-albums in the project) - e.g. Healthy lifestyle, Abuse Prevention, Backgrounds images, etc. Then I went to Final Cut -- opened each projects, found my images -- next I did show in finder for my different images and imported them into Photos into the correct albums for the different categories. Now I have them available for future grant projects.

Sahira1 July 2018

I'm pretty Mac savvy and been using iPhoto for years but then it switched to Photos and there was so much to learn. This course helped break things down in what one would do to edit a various types of photographs (landscape, portrait, etc) and explained what each of the tools are used for when editing. Learned a lot from this great teacher.


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