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Long Exposure Photography: Shoot Your Own Stunning Photos

A quick start long exposure tutorial that will get you shooting beautiful photographs with your DSLR and iPhone cameras.

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Feb 2021

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What you will learn

Shoot amazing long exposure photographs

Know the right gear necessary for long exposure photography

Understand the right settings for long exposure photography in different camera modes including aperture priority, manual, and bulb

Quickly set the shutter speed using modern day techniques and apps for long exposures

Edit beautiful long exposure photos in Adobe Lightroom

Show off some of their best work as photographers with these new skills


You're a photographer and you want to learn how to shoot with the long exposure shots. But you don’t know where to start. You don’t know what equipment you need. You don’t know what settings to use. You don’t know what type of shots you should get.

This course teaches you how to shoot long exposure photos with a typical digital camera. You’ll learn the gear, settings, and tips needed to shoot beautiful long exposure photographs. We'll even do a live demonstration out in the field while we shoot long exposure photographs. Lastly, we'll edit our long exposure photos in Adobe Lightroom.

We use a DSLR for most of this course, but you’ll even learn about an app that allows you to shoot long exposure photos with an iPhone.

Download a transcript for all of the lessons in this course, which can help you follow along.

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Long Exposure Photography: Shoot Your Own Stunning Photos
Long Exposure Photography: Shoot Your Own Stunning Photos
Long Exposure Photography: Shoot Your Own Stunning Photos
Long Exposure Photography: Shoot Your Own Stunning Photos


Getting Started


Exercise: The Course Project

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The Long Exposure Tutorials

What is Long Exposure Photography

Gear You Need for Long Exposure

Camera Settings for Long Exposures

How to Set Shutter Speed for Long Exposures

How to Shoot Long Exposures with an iPhone

Get More Photography Resources & Tips

Live Long Exposure Demonstrations

Live Demonstration 1 - The Lake

Live Demonstration 2 - The Fountain

Editing Long Exposure Photographs in Adobe Lightroom

Practice Editing Part 1

Practice Editing Part 2


Thank You

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R2 August 2020

It was great and the process was well explained. A bit more practical demonstration of the ND calculator app would have been nice.

Miranda25 April 2020

Good course. Very easy to understand and I'll be posting my results on the Facebook page once I get out to shoot.

Luís18 August 2019

It doesn't add much to the landscape photography course. By the way, including the same modules (with the same videos and classes) in both courses makes us, who have acquired the courses, feel somewhat backward. I have two other courses of the same instructor already purchased and at this moment I am afraid it is not worth it.

Paul28 May 2019

I tried to do daytime long exposures, but need a longer exposure to get the desired result. If you need only one HD filter, which one would you get (2 stop, 3 stop or 4 stop). Your course gave me a lot of ideas to work on. Thanks

Francesca19 May 2019

Phil, is clear in each step of the courses, I was shooting my photos with iPhone 7 now I have bought a Mirrorless Sony A6000 and I wanted to take slow exposures at night and also during the day. Phil has a great teaching manner and delivers at the right tempo to process the information. Thank you!

Tanya16 May 2019

I really enjoy this course, like with anything, if you don't practice enough you will forget, he takes you to the basics.

Eileen14 March 2019

Phil has a great teaching manner and delivers at the right tempo to process the information. He is clear in each step and what you need to do. I have always wanted to take slow exposures and now I am excited to go out to the ocean and city to shoot. Thank you!

Ron8 February 2019

Good information regarding camera settings. Looking forward to putting this information to use. One problem though, the video stopped a couple of times mid way through. I would have to start the video over and fast forward. I was then able to view the entire chapter. Over all, I would buy this video again for the information learned.

Susan28 October 2018

The course was shorter than I expected, but provides a nice overview of the process to capture long exposure photos. I would have liked an example of Phil shooting at night, without the ND filters. Other than that, the course provides enough info for one to get out and take some nice photos. I'll post mine in the near future.

Damien16 October 2018

The course gives a fairly basic run down on what 'long exposure photography' is and offers some helpful hints and tidbits. Content delivery is 'ok' but I would have preferred to see some more examples of 'long exposure' and a bit less of the instructor's talking head. The course overall is 'ok' but I'd wait for it to come around on special before picking it up. The content you receive for $100 price tag feels to short and way to shallow.

Karthiksankar10 September 2018

The content delivery was really good and our mentor makes it understandable for the basic learners of photography.

Dominique8 September 2018

Thank you! Though, I believe that maybe it would be also helpful if you can have more live tutorials on setting up the camera on the spot.. some camera can still be a little intimidating.. I have Sony A6000,, after watching this class, I still feel a bit intimidate as if I can execute and apply the Long Exposure- Slow Shutter speed application properly. Overall, I am happy and satisfied with the course. Thank you! Lorraine

Joel30 August 2018

Phil's info & delivery is great. He is certainly knowledgeable and has an easy tone. However, there's not enough real content to make this a good value for the student. In this course, Phil only covers taking long exposures during the day using ND filters. I think Phil should combine this with his night photography course so it also covers star trails & light trails.

Brooke14 August 2018

I liked the course, but it had a lot of the same videos as his master course, which I had also bought. I also wish he would have done more night long exposures, like with star trails. It's still a good course if you want a quick tutorial about how to do long exposures.

Steve3 June 2018

The Instructor is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about what he is teaching. The material is very helpful with what I am wanting to accomplish with this type of photography.


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