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The Ultimate Guide to Logic Pro X Instrument Plugins & VSTs

Understand & master all of LPX instrument plugins and build any sound you want into your music production & sound design

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Sep 2020

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What you will learn

Understand and use every single button, dial and fader in every single Logic Pro X instrument.

Understand the core concepts of synthesis.

Edit and understand any patch that you open up in a Logic Pro X VST.

How to create your own sampled instruments. Build your own drum kit from scratch.

Build your own extensive patches within logic with ease and know immediately how to emulate the sounds you hear in commercial music.

Master modulation, the key to dynamic and musical sounds that sit well in your mix.

Create endless variations and super interesting drum grooves.

Resample Sounds Copyright Free (make sure you get legal advice first!)

Understand advanced synthesis methods like: granular synthesis, additive synthesis, granular synthesis, spectral synthesis and formant.


Master Every Logic Instrument - and Create Limitless Awesome Sounds.

In this course you will understand and master all of Logic Pro X’s virtual instrument plugins, synthesizers and VSTs. Starting from beginner level, you’ll learn the deep principles of synthesis and enhance your music by learning how to emulate the instrument, synth and drum sounds of your favorite artists, producers and sound effects designers - as well as a wealth of other music production skills.

Each of the many free instruments included in Logic is like it’s own piece of software. Some of these are small like the ESE, ESM and ESP - but others, like Alchemy Synthesiser & Sampler or Sculpture Modelling Synth provide so many parameters they can be overwhelming could have their own entire courses. Many people don’t even scratch the surface of what these instruments do and buy new ones without realising how powerful they are for composition and Sound Effects Design SFX for games and film

The Entire Logic Instruments Manual - In One Step-by-Step Video Course.

Many courses on Logic Pro go through the production, editing and mixing side of the program, but do not explain the instruments in depth. Understanding the concepts behind how these instruments work, let alone learning the interface can take months and it’s easy for even conscientious people to give up.

I’ve read the manual for you - literally. I’ve read every page of that that thing and condensed and rephrased that complex bible into a practical course that guides you through each instrument - backed with the concepts you need to understand each one and make it yours.

You could take this course and go through the whole thing, or use this as your production instrument encyclopedia - referring to it at will whenever you forget what a dial or knob does.

Which Logic Instruments Does the Course Cover?

Starting with a complete introduction to Synthesis mini-course, this course builds through the most simple instruments sequentially, right up to the most complex - covering everything you need to know about the following Logic Pro X instruments:

  • ESM
  • ESE
  • ESP
  • ES1
  • EFM
  • Retro Synth
  • ES2
  • ESX24 Sampler
  • EVOC PS Vocoder
  • Complete Alchemy Synthesiser Course
  • Sculpture
  • Vintage Clav
  • Vintage Electric Piano
  • Vintage B3 Hammond Organ
  • Logic Pro Drummer
  • Drum Kit Designer
  • Drum Machine Designer
  • Ultrabeat Complete Course

In addition, I cover core concepts behind using these virtual instruments that allow you to use them exceedingly well. Concepts and guides to the controls of things like:

  • Envelopes, Filters and Modulation
  • Filters, Sends and EffectsPreparing your own samples and building your own sampled instrument
  • Sequencers, Arpeggiators and Vector EnvelopesXY Pads, Midi Controllers (CCs and Via modulations
  • Morphing, Macros and Global ControlsModelled instruments, 
  • Principles behind and getting the best out of the Logic DrummerPrinciples of Library Management and organising your library as a composer/producer
  • Frequency Modulation (FM) Synthesis, Sync Synthesis and Virtual Analog DigitalGranular Synthesis, Spectral Synthesis and Formant

And more..

An entire course on Alchemy - The Ultimate Synthesizer and Sampler Instrument.

Alchemy (originally by Camel Audio) is one of the most complex and powerful synthesisers inside of Logic. It’s parameters could warrant an entire course in itself.

The course takes you through the entire interface and every dial and knob (barring the extended spectral synthesis parameters) - allowing you to turn Alchemy into an extremely powerful workhorse.

Sound Design and Effects Creation for Games & Film

The Logic Instruments course is also particularly useful for game composers and sound designers. Mastering all the interesting and detailed parameters in these sound effect creation VSTs can give you an endless sound palette to build wonderful and weird effects for your game design projects. 


The Ultimate Guide to Logic Pro X Instrument Plugins & VSTs
The Ultimate Guide to Logic Pro X Instrument Plugins & VSTs
The Ultimate Guide to Logic Pro X Instrument Plugins & VSTs
The Ultimate Guide to Logic Pro X Instrument Plugins & VSTs


Introduction & Necessary Bits


What is an 'Instrument' In Logic Pro X?

Downloading and Using the Course Files

Quick Help Functionality with Instruments

Setting Up Controller Assignments

Option Click

Quick Wins with Logic Pro Instruments

Free Online Lesson/Chat

Quick Wins Introduction

Copy and Adapt Any Commercial Sound into your own Instrument

Create Endless Drum Groove Variations

Create Waveforms from Your Voice in Retro Synth

Modulate Anything In Any Instrument

Turn Drums into Chords

Introduction to Synthesis & Sound Production


Introduction to Synthesis: Oscillation

Introduction to Synthesis: Filters

Introduction to Synthesis: Envelopes

Introduction to Synthesis: Modulation

Introduction to Synthesis: Advanced Concepts

A Quick Request

Logic Pro Synthesizers


ESM - Monophonic Bass Synth

ESE - Polyphonic Synth


Assignment: ESP Sound Building

ES1 - Part 1

ES1 - Part 2

Assignment: ES1 - Sound Building

EFM - Frequency Modulation Synthesizer

Retro Synth - Part 1: Analog Page

Retro Synth - Part 2: Sync, Table & FM Pages

ES2 Part 1: Oscillators

ES2 Part 2: Filter & Effects

ES2 Part 3: Modulation & Envelopes

ES2 Part 4: Vector Envelope, XY Pad, Global & Macro

EXS24 Sampler Part 1: Introduction

EXS24 Sampler Part 2: Parameters Window

EXS24 Sampler Part 3: Importing & Zones

EXS24 Sampler Part 4: Groups

EXS24 Sampler Part 5: Multiple Samples & Multiple Outputs

EVOC PS - Vocoder Synth

Alchemy Course


Browse and Simple View

Advanced View

Filters, sends and voices


MSEG - Multistage envelope generator


Mod map



Library management

Should you go further with alchemy?

Advanced Alchemy Sampling

Preparing your own samples

Sampling basics






Introduction to sculpture

Objects and material

Modulation in Sculpture


MIDI controllers, morph and envelope recording

Logic Pro Vintage Modelled Instruments


Vintage Electric Piano

Vintage Clavinet

Vintage B3 Hammond Organ Part 1: Main Window

Vintage B3 Hammond Organ Part 2: Rotor Cabinet

Vintage B3 Hammond Organ Part 3: Options

Vintage B3 Hammond Organ Part 4: Effects & Expert View

Logic Pro X Drums


Drum kits vs drummers


Drum kit designer

Drum machine designer

Ultrabeat Part 1: Overview & Assignments Panel

Ultrabeat Part 2: Synthesizer Window

Ultrabeat Part 3: Oscillator Types

Ultrabeat Part 4: Modulation

Ultrabeat Part 5: Sequencer

Assignment: Build a Kit


Build a Sound


Understanding 'Archetypal' Sounds: Envelopes

Understanding 'Archetypal' Sounds: Waveforms

The Design Process

Build a Sound #1 Tokyo Machine


Amos3 May 2020

Instructor is incredibly thorough, very meticulous in his descriptions and in his development of the course structure. Very very impressed, learning a great deal!

Jim28 March 2020

Extremely meticulous and well thought out course. Often courses on Udemy feel cobbled together, especially the larger ones. Jack clearly thought out each section and is very good at layering up knowledge without glossing over details or wasting time. Great teacher. I hope to see more courses by Jack for Logic Pro.

Truls28 March 2020

Very good, easy to understand, and yhe comination of showing and telling works good for me. Helped my learningcurve alot,

Casey21 December 2019

This class was well structured; wide introductions were followed by a proper and useful level of detail.

Fernando16 December 2019

Muito bom, o que eu já aprendi até agora já valeu meu investimento! Apenas achei algumas instruções muito rápidas e difíceis de serem acompanhadas, precisei retornar o video para assistir outra vez.

Tim31 August 2019

Great Course - got back into my passion for synthesis recently after many many years as just a guitarist. As logic is my chosen DAW this seemed to be a great match for me. Loved how we go through reviewing the fundamental concepts of synthesis/sound design, as well as getting into what every little knob does for every logic synth - in my opinion (as someone who usually just desperately wants to get going with the creative process - but is also a little OCD and wants to understand as much as possible about music) this was much easier to get all the way through and complete than having to peer over a manual for each software synth.

Linosia25 August 2019

Looked through this course -- and just from "Contents" and some videos I can say it's worth to take a look at this course, because otherwise it's hard and long to find such valuable information. Thanks a lot for this course!

Samuel7 August 2019

Awesome content for this course! Really gets into all the different synthetic and plugin effects. Would recommend it for anyone who has only used Logic on a basic level or is just getting started. I've been using Logic for 8 months and this course is taking me to a whole new level!

Dori25 July 2019

A Superb course! I enjoyed it so much, I want to start from the beginning and take the whole course again!

Anonymized9 July 2019

So far the instructor is just going over some basic tips but I think as I get deeper into the course it'll be much more details and informative. I'm looking forward to it.

Jeff12 May 2019

This course is an outstanding value… Learning logic instruments is an in valuable skill to have. Thank you so much for creating this course

Tami5 April 2019

The rating could have been a five. I like his concept of being able to use his information right away. But, at this point, the subjects jump around too much. The course does not seem cohesive. Perhaps, he’ll pull it all together by the end of the course.

Tom23 March 2019

This course is outstanding - both musically and pedagogically creative. Stands out from the crowd. Great work - many thanks. Tom Short

Abdo14 March 2019

I never thought that I would understand Synthesizers and sound... Thank you for the simple yet very deep knowledgeable way you have explained it. I'm hooked.

Jc24 February 2019

This is the course I had been searching for! If you are looking to dive deep into all of Logic Pro X's full potential then I highly recommend this course!


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