Local SEO 2022: How to Rank Your Local Business in Google?

Local Business SEO 2022, Keyword Research for Local SEO, Technical SEO for Local Business & Link Building for Local SEO

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What you will learn

How to rank your website in Google for local SEO searches & drive more traffic to your website

Understand the process of local business SEO by learning the important steps involved in ranking local businesses in Google

Create a website for local business from scratch & learn to implement on-page SEO for local business

How to create quality backlinks and citations for Local Business website to drive more traffic

Easy & simple methods to increase the visibility of your local Business in Google search result pages

How to add your local business to Google and optimize the listing in Google my business for better visibility in search engines


Local SEO training for website owners & bloggers

This is a step-by-step practical roadmap for local business owners who want to rank in Google with straightforward strategies and tips that really work for everyone. The course will give you a hands on experience about improving the visibility and SEO of your local business in Google. Even if you have hired someone for local SEO then still you need to know how the process works and how you can track the result of your SEO campaigns.

What you will learn in this course? 

  1. Step by step guide to Local SEO 

  2. Adding listing to Google My Business

  3. Optimizing Google My Business

  4. Creating Website for Local Business

  5. Keyword Research & Competitor's Analysis

  6. Optimizing the Website for Local SEO

  7. Installing WordPress Plugins for Local SEO 

  8. Adding site to Google Search Console

  9. Adding site to Google Analytics

  10. Creating citations for local business SEO 

  11. Creating backlinks for Local SEO website

  12. Few bonus tips for Local SEO 

If you are a blogger or SEO executive then this course can help you improve the local SEO visibility of your clients. I'm going to give you a straightforward plan and strategy for Local SEO that will help increase traffic to the website through organic search results and also visit from other sources.

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Introduction to Local SEO

Introduction to the course
Step by Step Roadmap for Local SEO
Questions for first section

Google My Business Optimization

Adding listing to Google My Business
Optimizing Google My Business Listing
Important Questions Related to Section # 2

Creating Website for Local SEO & Keyword Research

Creating Website for our Local Business
My Recommended Web hosting
Installing WordPress to Create Website for Local SEO
Installing Premium WordPress Theme
Recommended WordPresss Themes
Keyword Research & Competitor's Analysis for Local SEO
Free Local SEO Tools & Google Extensions
Adding Local Business Content to the Website
Adding NAP information to website
Important Questions Related to Section # 3

On-Page SEO & Installing SEO Plugins

Adding Local SEO Plugin to WordPress
Installing Caching Plugin & Content Delivery Network (CDN)
On-Page SEO for Local Business Website


July 11, 2022
Very well defined Local SEO course, after watching this, Local SEO is a piece of CAKE for me. Its above my expectations.
June 8, 2022
I found this course very meaningful, I learn new things about local SEO and Abdul Wali Sir explain it in a practical way. Thank You Sir
June 7, 2022
LOCAL SEO - Best SEO Course Forever 2022-23 Abdul is Great tutor and his teaching way is very simple, straight forward to the point, practical, and is most sincer person on planet to subject. As much I've watched the course videos, I've gained best knowledge about the local SEO and importance of Business listing in ranking a local business. I would like to recommend you all guys must purchase this course and enjoy the real SEO strategies to rank a local project. Regards, Imran.
May 23, 2022
Dear Sir Abdul Wali Khan, I have done a lot of Paid courses, but I have never seen a course taught in such a useful and friendly environment. You have taught and told what people cannot get even with thousands of dollars. Thank you very much, sir, may Allah give you even more honor and knowledge. FARHAN MEHBOOB
May 16, 2022
I'm taking 1st course of this instructor and i found the content of this course really understandable and the teaching method of instructor is really good and it's easy to understand everything. I found the trainer method above my expectations.
May 11, 2022
If you are looking for the best SEO mentor to grow your local business, this course will fill your gap. Sir Abdul Wali's style of teaching is clear and concise. This course gives me a lot of unique and interesting information. In addition, I plan to attend their other courses in the near future. Regards, Shahzad Ahmed Khan
May 10, 2022
Very nice and comprehensive course., easy to understand ,, each and every step explanation good course for online earning ., all concept cleared easily
May 8, 2022
This Course has complete information regarding SEO , All course has been taught by Great Teaching method I recommend this course to every one who wants to learn about SEO ,, VERY PROFESSIONAL WAY OF TEACHING IS USED THIS HAS HELPED ME ALOT THANKS TO AUTHOR MR ABDULWALI
May 7, 2022
Very helpful and useful information, I got a lot from this course, Sir Abdul wali teaches very deeply.
April 20, 2022
Sir abdul wali is inspiration for thousand of us. The teaching methodology is one of the best which is understandable for an average student as well.The best part of teaching is the live example put it in the courses. The whole course move slowly and steady towards its target.
April 19, 2022
It was amazing course. It shares valuable learning tips and guidelines for local businesses to rank higher in Google.
April 18, 2022
This course is perfect match, what i was looking for , The Way Sir Abdul Wali teaches us is great, everything explained so nicely.
April 14, 2022
Absolutely great experience. Abdul Wali's courses are full of knowledge and practical work. I'm going to join his other courses as wel. Thanks you!
April 12, 2022
Very well structured, I am enjoying watching this course...so far learned many new things that was not in my knowledge about local seo...I am excited for section 3 where i will learn to create a website for local business.....



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