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Load Balancing & Failover on MikroTik

Master load balancing on MikroTik using ECMP, PBR, NTH and PCC

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Feb 2021

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What you will learn

Load Balancing on MikroTik to 2 or more ISP's

Load balancing using ECMP

Load balancing using Policy-Based Routing

Load balancing using NTH

Load balancing using PCC


If you have 2 or more ISP's then you can implement load balancing using MikroTik Routers to use both ISP's for your internet service.

However, load balancing in case not correctly configured can cause a lot of problems on your network. For this reason, I have designed this course to show you step-by-step how to configure load balancing using different methods so you can at the end decide which method would work best for you and you can apply it on your network.

The load balancing methods that I am going to discuss in this course are:

  • ECMP

  • PBR (Routing rules and Mangle Rules)

  • NTH

  • PCC

Understanding load balancing is very crucial nowadays because most of companies have 2 or more ISP's , paying the bill for the internet and not using all the ISPs services.

By end of this course, you will have a big understand about our to deploy load balancing correctly on MikroTik router and you will be able to apply the learned method(s) in your production network.

If you want to master the topic of load balancing on MikroTik, all you need to do is to register in my course and I will help you to understand the topic in a very simple teaching way.

I look forward to see you in the course.


Load Balancing & Failover on MikroTik
Load Balancing & Failover on MikroTik
Load Balancing & Failover on MikroTik
Load Balancing & Failover on MikroTik


Connecting the MikroTik Router to 2 ISP's

Introduction - Connecting the MikroTik Router to 2 ISP's

Connecting the MikroTik Router to 2 ISP's and share the internet service

Equal Cost Multi-Path (ECMP)

Introduction to ECMP

Understanding & Configuring ECMP for Load-Balancing

Outside Connections on ECMP

Policy-Based Routing (PBR)

Introduction to Load Balancing using PBR

PBR Load Balancing – IP Route rules

PBR Load Balancing – IP Firewall Mange Rules

Nth Load Balancing

Intoduction to Nth Load Balancing

Understanding and Configuring Nth Load Balancing

Per Connection Classifier (PCC) Load Balancing

Introduction - Per Connection Classifier (PCC)

Understanding and Configuring Per Connection Classifier (PCC)

Bonus Lecture


Fatih23 April 2021

This is exactly what I am looking for Mr.Haded explains very well I bought two other courses of him about mikrotik. Thank you very much Mr Haded for this great course

Ronald3 March 2021

No help from instructor on questions regarding the course that I do not understand or work for me. It was suggested that I hire him @ €80/30 min

Daniele19 February 2021

Another very good course that cover all concepts of "Load Balancing" topic on MikroTik devices... Thank you Prof...


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