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The Complete List Building Course: All Levels

Copy & paste our business model and build an active list of 10,000 subscribers in no time.

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Oct 2019

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What you will learn

Pick the hottest niches to make the most money

Discover how to build a buyer list, create offers, effectively use solo-ads and monetize your list

Learn how to harness the power of solo ads to create a cash-sucking business with evergreen products

Learn how to create your Internet lifestyle in less than 24h

Get massive amount of subscribers in no time (more than 10,000+)

Learn how to set up Auto Responder series (with templates)

Learn how to successfully do Solo Ads - that show you the money

Drive massive amount of traffic with a few simple clicks

Learn how to create a huge list of hungry buyers

Learn how to create smoking hot Squeeze Pages that convert like CRAZY!

And so much more... No stone has been left unturned in this in-depth video series.

Start to profit like a boss NOW!



You can get thousands of HUNGRY BUYERS waiting for YOUR OFFERS within a FEW DAYS! 

I am going to reveal to you the exact strategies I have been using to build my lists and collect thousands of subscribers in no time! No stones left untouched, you will be covered with information from A to Z! All you have to do is copy-pasting what I do. 

Let me tell you what I've discovered: 

  • How to harness the power of solo ads to create a cash-sucking business with EVERGREEN products.

  • You can begin seeing serious dollar signs in your bank account in less than 30 days using the methods I'm about to reveal.

  • You can be a complete newbie - not know ANYTHING about how to make money online and be able to do this.

  • The LATEST trips, tricks and secrets even the gurus don't know about on how to create an online income - all laid out on a silver platter for you

  • How to start creating your Internet lifestyle in the next 24 hours.

I knew there had to be an easier way to create the Internet dream lifestyle I saw others living and I don't want you to quit before the "MAGIC" happens - I am living proof - that the MAGIC will happen for you. 

I am that person who no longer sets the alarm clock. Most days I work in my pajamas. I can take days off whenever I want - I can take time off in the middle of the day. I take vacations frequently. 

Here's Why It Works So Well: 

As you know, the way the "so-called" Internet gurus tell you to make money online simply DOES NOT WORK.   

You know that, I know that. We wouldn't be here if it did. 

You can continue down the path you're on trying to figure out a way to make money in Internet Marketing. OR - you can learn from someone who has been in the trenches doing this for YEARS.   

Why re-invent the wheel - when I can unveil to you everything I learned without you having to go through some of the failures I did. 

What's even more is I am going to share with you secrets on how to create hot offers, get massive traffic, and other little-known methods that the GURUS DON'T EVEN KNOW ABOUT.   

Ways to do things that will get you the results you want FAST.   

I created List Building Cash Tornado, when I saw how many people were struggling with not being able to make money online. And judging by all the feedback I've already gotten, I'm quite confident it can help YOU too. 

You'll discover:   

A guided course of 31 Professional, High-Quality, High-Definition videos that take you step-by-step through the process of how to build a list, craft offers and effectively use solo ads. 


  1. MODULE 1: 9 Videos that cover how to pick a winning niche and craft an irresistible offer.

  2. MODULE 2: 11 Videos covering how to create a cash-sucking Sales Funnel.

  3. MODULE 3: 11 Videos covering the right way to create a surge of Tidal Wave Traffic.

Here Is Just a Highlight Of The Topics That Will Be Covered... 

  • How to pick the hottest niches to make the most money

  • How to get massive amount of subscribers in no time (10,000+)

  • How to set up your Auto Responder series (with templates)

  • How to successfully do solo ads - that show you the money!

  • How to get an avalanche of traffic to your buyers

  • How to create a huge list of hungry buyers

  • How to create smoking-hot squeeze pages that convert like crazy

  • And so much more... No stone has been left unturned in this in-depth video series.

Once you set this system up, it runs complete autopilot! So you can take a vacation, sleep in, and still get paid - because this system runs for you and it runs autopilot so that way you don't even need to be there! 

List Building Cash Tornado Is A Multiple Award Winning List Building Training Program! 

The information inside this training are insider secrets that take regular guys like you and me and multiplies our cash-generating ability 100X instantly. 

And I STILL Haven't Even Gotten To The Best part... 

You don't need... 

  • To be seen as an expert

  • Sales skills

  • Copywriting skills

  • Designing skills

  • To slave long hours

  • Any experience (it doesn't matter if you are brand new to computer!)

  • To spend lots of money (you can get started with just a few dollars!)

You will get INSTANT, LIFETIME ACCESS to everything I mentioned - the 31 training videos that show you everything from A to Z!   

Oh, and just to make this a complete no brainer... I'm removing all the risk!

List Building Cash Tornado comes with a 30 Day Full Money Back Guarantee! If you aren't blown away by the information inside it, you'll get 100% of your money back!  

Start to profit like a boss NOW! 


The Complete List Building Course: All Levels
The Complete List Building Course: All Levels
The Complete List Building Course: All Levels
The Complete List Building Course: All Levels


List Building Fundamentals - How To Create An Irresistible Bribe

How To Identify A Profitable Niche Market In Less Than 20 Minutes

The Resources I Use To Identify Winning Niche Markets

Lead Magnet Factory - How To Create An Irresistible Offer

How To Get High-Converting Lead Magnets For Free

Outsource Smartly - Let Others Work For You

Discover One More Way To Get A Freebie Done

How To Spy On Your Competitors Legally To Leverage Your Business

How To Get More Valuable Data From Your Competitors

Discover How I Craft A Stunning Freebie Cover

List Building Fundamentals - Overview

Discover How To Set Up An Automated Funnel

Autoresponder Rocket - Getting Started With Aweber - Part 1

Autoresponder Rocket - Getting Started With Aweber - Part 2

How To Create A Converting Squeeze Page Fast With Megaphone - Part 1

How To Create A Converting Squeeze Page Fast With Megaphone - Part 2

How To Create A Converting Squeeze Page Fast With Megaphone - Part 3

Why The Single Opt-In Method Will Boost The Growth Of Your Email List

My Template To Harness The Power Of A Thank You Page

Crafting Your First Email

How To Generate Profit With Automated Follow-up Emails

Power Of Outsourcing - Getting Converting Emails Written

How To Get Access To The Highest Converting Emails For Free

Setting Up Your Funnel - Overview

Blueprint To Sending Massive Traffic To Your Funnel

Solo Swipe Emails - Creating Swipe Emails Quickly

Buying Solo Ads From ClickBank - Part 1

Buying Solo Ads From ClickBank - Part 2

Blueprint To Another Great Traffic Source: The Warrior Forum

How To Turn Directory of Ezines Into A Traffic Machine

13 Questions You Should Always Ask - Part 1

13 Questions You Should Always Ask - Part 2

BuySellAds Explosion - The Art Of Scaling Your Business

Tracking - How To Measure Your Success

How To Buy Solo Ads Using Facebook

Facebook Promoted Posts - Ready For More Traffic?

Traffic Warfare - Overview

Bonus - Join The Facebook Profit Workshop

Facebook Profit Workshop - Get Massive Traffic on Facebook I

Facebook Profit Workshop - Get Massive Traffic on Facebook II

How To Build A Massive List Of Rabid Buyers

Join The Facebook Profit Workshop - Overview


Ma4 July 2020

Yes, there are loads of ideas that I could put into action and see if it yields favourable results for me.

Darryl17 June 2020

This course is just what I was looking for to help me understand list building. From picking a winning niche, creating the offer and squeeze page, setting up your autoresponder, and crafting your emails. Then sending massive traffic to your funnel that will convert into leads and sales.

Kiran7 May 2020

I am finding this course very helpful. It is informative, well planned and perfectly delivered. It would help to have a resource page and also the Megaphone page is no longer available. Other than that it's a really good course I recommend it.

Jerry13 November 2019

The course is more detailed than many other courses I have viewed. I will watch this author for all future courses. I am very thankful for the content.

Angel15 October 2019

I've been really impressed with the quality of this course, so far. The information is clear and well-organized. The instructor provides plenty of practical tips, and walks through resources - I'm taking notes, and can already see how applying this will improve my online business! Definitely a course I'll finish, and I'll be following the walk-throughs as I work on my site. Thank you!

Puerqo18 June 2019

I had purchased click funnel and a weber and started reading books by Anik Singal and Rusell Brunson but I didn't really think I needed a funnel and I thought I needed a following build trust and would the customers email be legit I also thought what if the nichce is saturated and or I started hearing about many chat and stuff like that anyhow I left this rating because I feel the instructor is legit and I might make money with email but still on the fence because of ad spends landing page builder's solo ads I dunno bro

Jerome25 May 2019

Cours très intéressant et très complet. Malheureusement l'instructeur parle beaucoup beaucoup trop. Les vidéos sont inutilement longues. Que de temps perdu à l'entendre lire le contenu de pages web ou à enfoncer des portes ouvertes comme "Avec son adresse mail, si vous voulez contacter le webmaster, vous pouvez lui écrire en lui disant ..." Impossible de retrouver une information précise dans tout ce blabla. c'est dommage parce que le contenu est riche.

Emmanuel7 January 2019

To This point, much of the content of the course is based on either copying other people's programs or spying. Because of that, i am putting on hold furthering the review.

Raul6 December 2018

I just finished the course and it was very clarifying. Unfortunately the Facebook insights are not working anymore so certainly this is a downside to the strategy. On the other hand the rest of the course is sort of old and I wonder if the affiliate marketing strategies proposed are still valid in December 2018 or they they are rather outdated. The authors don't seem to give support since they do not replay questions from students anymore. Thanks for reading.

Pranay9 July 2018

Obviously one of the best List Building Courses out there. I learnt a lot from this course and can hardly wait to apply it!

Rovan25 March 2018

I really enjoyed this course. It answered a lot of questions I had regarding how to build a list quickly as well as the power of clickbank and affiliates. Tons of resources, tricks, and tips are given here. Well Done. Thank you.

Bjorn14 March 2018

says the same thing over and over lack clear structure, he has great tips but most part of the video just goes over the same thing

Bonnie4 March 2018

OMG! This is such a great eye opener class. I have been struggling to find the right way to get into affiliate marketing for years and already I am learning so much from their tips. I am blown away and I cannot wait to finish this course !

James28 February 2018

You can easily follow along and do what is being taught step by step. So far this course has me very excited and looking forward to finishing it so that I can start making some passive income!!

Moshe18 February 2018

Great experience overall, very knowledgeable instructor. Good Stuff this will definitely help me out with my marketing.


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