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Linux for Beginners: Crash Course

The quickest course to start using Linux today!

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Jan 2021

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What you will learn

Essential Linux Concepts

Using Linux as your main desktop operating system

Learn about the command line

Write bash scripts


Do you want to get up and running with Linux as fast as possible? That's how I roll! I don't want people to sit around watching boring tutorials for hours and hours, I believe in a fast and easy approach.

Linux is not learned in tutorials, you learn it by doing. So I teach people the basics and get them on their way to start actually using Linux on a daily basis. Fast, short and easy is my motto.

Tutorials who takes hours on end get very deep into the subject, and learning in a video format is easy for most people. But I believe in learning people the basics and teaching then to become independent in their craft. When you are working on Linux machines, the most essential tools will come up 80% of the time, the rest is experience and repetition. In this course I focus on those essentials and I try to get you working with Linux asap!

In this course you will learn how to:

  • Install Linux

  • Install and manage software

  • Using the terminal

  • Navigating through the files and directories

  • Learn about the Linux filesystem

  • Using command line text editors

  • Command piping and redirection

  • Shell variables

  • Install VSCode for writing our bash script

  • Write a basic Linux script


Linux for Beginners: Crash Course
Linux for Beginners: Crash Course
Linux for Beginners: Crash Course
Linux for Beginners: Crash Course




Introduction Quiz

Setting up our environment

Downloading and installing Ubuntu

Setting up Ubuntu for the first time

Working in the Shell

Using the terminal window

Terminal Windows Quiz

Superuser and software management

Superuser quiz

The Linux filesystem

Filesystem quiz

Files and folders

Files and folders

Text editors

Getting help for commands

Getting help for commands

Command piping

Command piping #1

Shell variables and aliases

Shell variables and aliases

Writing our first shell script

Install VSCode with dpkg

Writing a basic shell script



Trung24 July 2021

Overall, it was good, but he could've gone a bit deeper and explain (in a simple manner) more about those things that he wrote in the terminal. Some of them can be Googled easily, but some can't.

William29 May 2021

I enjoyed it. It was short and informal which is what I expected. This is a very good beginner's course.

Santiago6 May 2021

I'm a linux beginner. I took this course expecting to find an introduction with examples and maybe some exercises (as I do find in other coding courses), but there weren't. Good point: The teacher is easygoing.

Desara5 May 2021

Very practical course, very nice for me since I hadn't even seen the interface previously. Now I have an idea of Linux. Thank you !!

Daniel7 April 2021

Your good trainer. The fact that he makes almost no mistakes on his quizzes shows that he is very pedagogical. His courses are light, we follow easily. I recommend


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