LinkedIn Advanced. Lead Generation Strategies For B2B Sales

The LinkedIn Marketing Masterclass for LinkedIn Lead Generation and Business Development for B2B Sales. Remote Strategy

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What you will learn

You will learn the best LinkedIn lead generation strategies for B2B sales using LinkedIn as the primary tool.

Discover how to generate leads remotely. Covid proof!

Discover how to run a cold email campaign on LinkedIn for B2B marketing.

You will learn how to run a drip cold email campaign on LinkedIn focus on building rapport to generate high quality leads.

But you will also discover how to implement a massive lead generation cold email outreach campaign on LinkedIn focused selling, particularly for B2B.

Learn the best business development techniques for startups and tech companies when using LinkedIn.

You will acquire the skills that you need to implement successful LinkedIn marketing strategies for lead generation, business development and B2B sales.

Master four different LinkedIn lead generation strategies that will help you fill your pipeline with high-quality leads.

You will gain the right skills to implement a result oriented B2B marketing campaign on LinkedIn.




IMPORTANT: All of these strategies are remote lead generation techniques. They are Covid-19 proof. It doesn't matter if you or your leads are in lockdown, you can still build rapport, and generate leads through LinkedIn. In fact, during 2020 these techniques have worked better than ever.


Do you already know about LinkedIn Marketing and Lead Generation?

If the answer is yes, then this might be ideal for you.

Might? That doesn’t sound very confident! Well, we don’t want to sell you something, particularly if I don’t know you. We only want happy students. It is much better if you decide for yourself if this is the right LinkedIn lead generation course for you.

So here is my proposal: Read the description and watch the free previews. That way you will really know if the LinkedIn strategies for B2B sales (and lead generation) that we share here are the ones that you need.

What you will learn in this LinkedIn Marketing Lead Generation course:


  • One of those strategies is based on building rapport with a long LinkedIn cold email drip campaign. Ideal for B2B business development.

  • The second lead generation approach is the 100 Dream Client strategy. This is business development for high-end clients. Ideal B2B sales focused on high-end services or products. With this strategy, you will learn how to really build rapport, trust, and be liked by your ideal clients before you ask for a meeting. This technique is more time consuming, but will increase exponentially your sales conversion.

  • The third lead generation strategy is a massive LinkedIn cold email outreach campaign based focused on selling as soon as possible, instead of building rapport. The focus is on finding that 3% of customers are ready to buy now.

  • In the fourth B2B lead generation strategy, you will learn how to build a super high-quality, ultra qualified email database, so that you can, later on, implement a cold email lead generation campaign.

What we will not cover in this course and hopefully you are already knowledgeable on it before you enroll is:

  • How to optimize your LinkedIn profile.

  • How to publish content on LinkedIn Pulse.

  • How to use LinkedIn Pulse for personal branding.

  • How to create LinkedIn groups and use them to build authority.

  • How to create a company page on LinkedIn.

  • How to use a CRM or a google sheet to keep track of all your leads and the LinkedIn data.

All of those items are covered in the “LinkedIn Marketing & Lead Generation for B2B Sales and Coaches” which you can also find on Udemy.

Also, we won’t cover LinkedIn ads.


Simple, because these strategies are the best way to generate leads remotely. There is nothing more in terms of LinkedIn lead generation, without LinkedIn ads. There are no more lead generation or business development strategies to implement on LinkedIn unless you move on to LinkedIn ads.

You can find extremely good courses from influencers that will show you how to use LinkedIn to generate leads and will cost somewhere between $1,997 to $2,997 and they will give you less than what you will get with our two courses. This is it.

LinkedIn lead generation and cold email campaigns for B2B sales are what we do for living. We run campaigns for our clients every day. You can check out my LinkedIn profile, the recommendations there, my website… This is not a theoretical course from someone that once upon a time used LinkedIn to generate leads successfully. My team and I use LinkedIn every day to run lead generation and personal branding campaigns for our clients, and in this LinkedIn course, you will discover all our lead generation strategies.

                                                 ENROLL NOW!!


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Introduction to LinkedIn Marketing Lead Generation Advanced

Tips to make the most of this advanced LinkedIn Marketing course
What you Must Know Before Starting the LinkedIn Marketing for B2B Sales Course
4 LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategies for B2B Sales
Lead Generation and LinkedIn Tools That We Use for B2B Sales Campaigns
Create Your LinkedIn Cold Email Campaign Templates (Downloadable Templates)

Setting the Foundation to Your LinkedIn Lead Generation B2B Sales Campaign

LinkedIn Lead Generation Step 1: Find Your Leads With Sales Navigator
LinkedIn Lead Generation Step 1.2: Find the Right Clients With Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Lead Generation for B2B Sales - Strategy 1: Build Rapport With the Lead

How to Connect on LinkedIn With Hundreds of Your Ideal Leads in Minutes
Should You Use LinkedIn Inbox for Cold Email or the Sales Navigator Inbox?
Thank You For Connecting on LinkedIn - Turn Your Cold Email to Warm Email
LinkedIn Cold Email Drip Campaign to Build Rapport and Create Brand Awareness
EXAMPLE: How Does a Cold Email Messaging Campaign Loos Like on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Lead Generation for B2B Sales Strategy 2: 100 Dream Clients Strategy

Intro to the 100 Dream Clients Lead Generation and Business Development Strategy
LinkedIn Business Development: Finding your 100 Dream Clients for B2B Sales
Connecting with your 100 Dream Clients on LinkedIn
Business Development: Create Brand Awareness Through Customer Engagement
Business Development: Take It Outside of LinkedIn
EXAMPLE: How Does the Lead Journey for the 100 Dream Clients Strategy Looks Like

LinkedIn Lead Generation for B2B Sales Strategy 3: LinkedIn Cold Email Campaign

Lead Generation: Create Your LinkedIn Cold Email Drip Campaign Templates
Examples of Aggressive LinkedIn Cold Email Campaigns
A Forbidden Secret. I Did Not Tell You To Do This LinkedIn Cold Email Strategy
Action: LinkedIn Cold Email Lead Generation Campaign For B2B Sales
LinkedIn Cold Email Automation Tools For Lead Generation and B2B Sales

LinkedIn Lead Generation for B2B Sales Strategy 4: Email Database for Cold Email

How to Use LinkedIn to Build a High-Quality Email Database for Cold Email
LinkedIn Email Mining: Automation Tools To Build Your Cold Email Database

Your Next Steps And a Final Message

What to Do in the Next 30 Days to Generate Leads on LinkedIn for B2B Sales


December 25, 2020
I'm Completly disappointed with the course. I have seen this is for advanced Users. There's no much stuff inside the course for advanced users. It would be good for a Beginner.
December 23, 2020
The instructor does a fantastic job of imparting communication strategies for engaging leads through inmail. Well done! I can't wait to see what other incredible lead strategy tidbits he's positioned in the course. Oh, I have completed half the course now, and the templates alone are phenomenal. Great insights into Sales Navigator!
September 23, 2020
Comparing to the first course, the content is mediocre and in my point of view could have been added to the first course.
September 2, 2020
I take this course as a continuous learning on LinkedIn Lead Generation.Sir Gus way of teaching is base on how he implement these effective strategies on his company.He is a reliable instructor
September 2, 2020
I cannot tell you the amount of knowledge and wisdom this course will add (provide one has already completed the basic course). The course has all the ingredients to make you a pro LI user. There's in-depth coverage on every aspect - which normal folks will not have any idea about tools, hacks, tips & tricks, to-do, to avoid etc...and how to optimally use LI Everybody can learn - be B2B or B2C.. The strategies outlined for 100 clients is fantastic...along with the importance of creating persona and the tips to follow a cold campaign. Folks go-ahead and subscribe
August 20, 2020
Gustavo is the best instructor I've met on Udemy. we can see that he masters and loves what he's teaching. As someone who has already taken his first course on LinkedIn lead generation for coaches and seeing how fast I was able to master it with him, I was motivated to go in for this advanced course and I must say; I'm not disappointed. With his step by step process and the best strategies I've find no where else. I've become an expert in LinkedIn Marketing.
August 18, 2020
It was absolutely a great idea to do this course, I did not know that there were so many email templates available on LinkedIn. And so many ways to quickly reach a lot of people, thank you Gus!
August 17, 2020
Me ha parecido muy útil. Con un muy buen nivel de detalle para que las campañas sean eficaces y eficientes.
July 10, 2020
Great course, that's all the info I was hoping for. I'll dig deeper/test the automation tools mentioned.
May 16, 2020
I love the course so far. Gustavo teaches at a really nice pace and gives out a lot of great tips! A must have.
May 9, 2020
I think this course might've changed my life. Thanks Gus, I love how valuable you made this course! Your teaching style is friendly yet straight to the point -- exactly what I like.
March 6, 2020
It’s clear,easy to learn, very much audible and understandable, quality of the video is good, the software is very much user friendly, we’ll taught
January 31, 2020
Good and solid advice, however I am pretty familiar with the subject and I was hoping for more advanced stuff. Good hacks inside.
January 30, 2020
Es un tema de expectativas nada más. Realmente esperaba que al ser un curso avanzado tocaría temas en más profundidad. El curso no está mal pero creo que valdría la pena omitir las menciones a la optimización del perfil, blog y demás (específicamente dice que no se tocará, sin embargo se dedican minutos a eso) e ir directamente a los temas avanzamos de prospecting. La sección 5 se pone más interesante, pero de nuevo, se trata de expectativas, no es que el curso sea malo o que Gustavo no sepa. Todo está muy bien, solo esperaba algo más de profundidad.
January 10, 2020
Great way to speak in Perfect English Language. Great fluency so one can easily understand what he says.



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