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LinkedIn for Photographers and Videographers

Get Paid Using Your Photography & Video Production Skills by Dominating LinkedIn

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Jan 2021

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What you will learn

Get jobs as a photographer or videographer

Use LinkedIn to land paid work with your photo or video skills

Find full time or freelance work

Improve your profile to show off your skills

Make connections that land you your dream jobs


Do you want to find more paid jobs, shoots, gigs and business as a photographer or videographer?

Did you know LinkedIn is an amazing place to find paid photography and video work?

Have you tried to use LinkedIn to find photo or video jobs?

If this interests you, this course will teach you everything you need to know to find work on LinkedIn.


You will learn a proven strategy to find photography and videography work on LinkedIn. From optimizing your LinkedIn profile to expanding your network... from boosting your personal brand to actually landing that job, we'll show you exactly how to do it.

By the end of the course, you'll have a professional and eye-catching LinkedIn profile. You'll know who and how to reach out to potential clients and employers. You'll be well on your way to landing more paid work with LinkedIn.


Whether you're just starting your photography or videography career or have an established business looking for more work, this is a great course for you to find more paid work. This course is for you if you have never tried LinkedIn to find paid work. Or, this course is for you have tried LinkedIn before but haven't been successful.

You can be a photographer OR videographer. In fact, you can benefit from this course if you are in any creative field looking for work such as artist, graphic designer, illustrator, sound artist, actor or actress, animator, 3D game designer, or really anything else!


This course is taught by a team of industry professionals. Gustavo Escobar has helped thousands learn how to expand their business and get more work with LinkedIn. Phil Ebiner has used LinkedIn to land both part time and full time work as a videographer. Together, their real world experience will help you!


We are committed to making this the best course on how to find work with LinkedIn for photographers and videographers online. If you ever have critiques or suggestions, we are happy to hear them. We will be updating this course when there are any changes on LinkedIn. And once enrolled, you have lifetime access to these updates!

We can't wait to see you in class, and help you find work on LinkedIn!


Phil & Gustavo


LinkedIn for Photographers and Videographers
LinkedIn for Photographers and Videographers
LinkedIn for Photographers and Videographers
LinkedIn for Photographers and Videographers



Welcome to Class

Is LinkedIn the right tool for a Photographer or Videographers?

What you are going to achieve - Time to establish your LinkedIn objectives

Tools for your LinkedIn Strategy

How to grow your number of connections fast - follow these steps

Step 1: Defining The LinkedIn Target For Photography And Video Professionals

How to profile the ideal LinkedIn target for photography and video professionals

How to search profiles on LinkedIn with the free account - Validate your target

How to search profiles on LinkedIn with Sales Navigator - Validate your target

Step 2: Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile - For Photography and Video Professionals

Optimizing your profile to find a job vs optimizing your profile to get clients

Optimize your LinkedIn photo

How to optimize and take advantage of your LinkedIn background image

How to claim a personalized URL on LinkedIn and set your profile as public

How to use SEO keywords on your LinkedIn profile

How to optimize your LinkedIn headline with a killer message

How to optimize your LinkedIn summary to communicate with your target

Add job preferences

What to include in your experience on LinkedIn

How to use the “Featured” section - Upload media files to show your work

Other aspects of optimizing your LinkedIn profile

How to get recommendations on LinkedIn. My secret to ask for recommendations

How to search for LinkedIn groups. Which ones to join and why

Step 3: Preparing to Boost Your Photography Or Video Professional Personal Brand

Publish a couple articles on LinkedIn Pulse to position yourself as an expert

How to create your LinkedIn company page

Step 4: Expand Your Network

Write your message templates for your LinkedIn campaign (downloadable examples)

Find your ideal employer or clients on LinkedIn

How to connect on LinkedIn with hundreds of your ideal leads

How to keep track of your connections requests

Step 5: Build Relationships And Create Top Of Mind Awareness

Build rapport with your connections from the beginning

Share content to create brand awareness

Prepare your content for the next 15 days

The cheapest way to make people love you

Automated software to create brand awareness

Getting A Photographer Or Videographer Job Using LinkedIn

How to search for jobs on LinkedIn

Tips before applying for a job on LinkedIn

How to use LinkedIn messages to ask for a job

What To Do Now

Plan for the next 90 days for your LinkedIn campaign

Conclusion / Thank You Video - Phil


Alex26 March 2021

I really enjoyed this course. The instructor is very positive and inspiring, and I'm now much happier with my LinkedIn profile. Following the advice in this course will definitely help you to stand out from the sea of competitors on LinkedIn, so give it a try. Cheers Gustavo!

Tejas4 December 2020

This course has shown me so many features that LinkedIn has that I had no idea about. It also made me completely rethink a lot of things I already knew in LinkedIn

Brett8 July 2020

Good class. In the beginning I was a little concerned that this class wasn't going to work out for me, but once I got more into it, it turned out to be right on target. Lots of good info. I'd recommend this class to others.

Samik29 June 2020

Love the strategic level thinking so I can see how it should be very useful for me and packed with actionable content. Impressed!


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