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LinkedIn Marketing : Branding and Lead Generation

Search your target audience, Generate leads & promote your Brand in LinkedIn

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May 2021

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What you will learn

Optimizing your LinkedIn Profile to get 10x more visibility

A very effective LinkedIn Marketing STRATEGY to capture your audience’s attention and convert them into warm leads

Generate a tonne of ORGANIC traffic to your LinkedIn profile everyday

Searching and connecting with your target audience

How to improve your BRANDING practices by being INDUSTRY-SPECIFIC

Creating a company page and utilizing LinkedIn groups for LEAD-GENARATION

Unheard practices and hacks of LinkedIn - Optimize articles,Save profiles,Add creative texts,Create search alerts etc.

Understand LinkedIn ALGORITHM & make your own strategy


Want to learn how to use LinkedIn for BRANDING & LEAD GENERATION ? Then this is the course for you.

Facebook may be the largest social networking site in the world today, but LinkedIn has been supporting its users for a longer time period. And more importantly for those looking to network and develop business connections, LinkedIn users know the platform as the “Professional social networking site.” LinkedIn now has almost 740 million members with over 55 million registered companies in 200 countries & regions worldwide. So this goes without saying - LinkedIn is the most promising social media site to promote your business by lead generation & branding.

This course is all about teaching you - How to generate leads and promote your brand with LinkedIn. The main aim of the course is to make you understand how to utilize various marketing tools and strategies available in LinkedIn to improve your presence and brand value.

This course will cover some very important areas :

  1. Profile optimization

  2. LinkedIn strategy

  3. Lead Generation

  4. Branding

  5. Generating daily sales

  6. Best practices

  7. Hacks

Now what is not covered in the course is Job search & LinkedIn promotions (PAID promotions).

This course is designed with sole focus upon ORGANIC GROWTH. You will end up by learning my trade secret with REAL examples.If you follow the process,techniques & practices taught in this course, You'll never need a LinkedIn PAID promotion to help you GROW.

Some things you will learn:

  • What a TARGET audience is and how to SELL your product/service to them.

  • Creating & managing industry-specific posts.

  • Optimizing your profile to become ALL STAR.

  • Writing articles,Creating company page & Utilizing LinkedIn groups

  • Best practices & hacks of LinkedIn as such DOWNLOADING connections

  • Understanding LinkedIn algorithm & many more.



LinkedIn Marketing : Branding and Lead Generation
LinkedIn Marketing : Branding and Lead Generation
LinkedIn Marketing : Branding and Lead Generation
LinkedIn Marketing : Branding and Lead Generation



What is LinkedIn?

Course content

LinkedIn Strategy

Setting up your personal profile

Setting up a funnel profile

The featured section

Public profile settings

Branding & Lead generation

Search your target audience

Be Industry Specific

Re-share interesting posts

Welcome message to new connections

Create a company page

Utilize LinkedIn groups

Write articles

4 steps playbook to generate sales daily

Best practices and hacks

Text Creativity

Add Incognito toggle

How to download LinkedIn contacts



Tagging people - Good OR Bad

Save profile as PDF

Create search alerts

Understanding LinkedIn Algorithm


Arnab1 May 2021

This course was above expectation. Beautifully explained about the lead generation through LinkedIn. Lots of videos are available on the web but this one actually gave me perfect information on how I can improve my profile. Thanks a lot J Aatish Rao.

Prayag30 April 2021

Its bit different than other marketing courses. The instructor has explained some strategy which are really good and he has shown his trade secret as well which is a big thing I suppose


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