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Lightroom Classic Crash Course - 4 Beginners

New to Lightroom Classic CC and lost? Not after this Lightroom crash course! Learn the basics and more.

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3.5 hours


Jul 2021

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What you will learn

Import images into Lightroom

Edit images in Lightroom

Have a sound game plan BEFORE using Lightroom

Know what all 7 modules in Lightroom can do

Have an outline for an editing workflow


Lightroom Classic CC Crash Course - for Beginners

Ready to start using one of the most popular editing programs, Lightroom?  If so, this is just the course you need to get up and running, fast.

  • Learn Everything from importing to exporting and more.

The course starts off with 5 questions you should answer BEFORE you even start using Lightroom!  Once you have those 5 questions answered, you're ready to start importing your photos.

But first, you'll learn a little bit about each module in Lightroom and how to customize the interface. Then, you'll learn how to import your photos.  You'll learn about all the different options and settings you need to setup before you click the import button.  After that, I'll provide additional tips for using the Library Module to streamline your workflow.

After that, the fun begins with the section on the Develop Module.  One of the most often questions photographers ask about editing in Lightroom is;  "Where do I Start Editing"?  Which is a great question. Once you enter the Develop module for the first time it can be a bit intimidating.  So many tools, features and panels to help you edit and fulfill your creative vision.  So, where do you start?  Well, I'll show you and you may be a bit surprised on where your editing actually starts.

You'll also learn about the different types of presets in Lightroom, all about one of my favorite tools; Local Adjustment Tools, my personal workflow and we'll also edit a couple of photos so you can see the workflow in action.

Finally, you'll learn how to get your photos out of Lightroom, via Exporting, and creating presets to re-use those Export settings again in the future.


Lightroom Classic Crash Course - 4 Beginners
Lightroom Classic Crash Course - 4 Beginners
Lightroom Classic Crash Course - 4 Beginners
Lightroom Classic Crash Course - 4 Beginners


What This Course is All About & What to Expect

All Videos Recorded in 1080HD

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Course Overview

Where to Get Lightroom

What Can You do With Lightroom?

the 5 Questions You Should Ask & Answer BEFORE Using Lightroom


Question 1

Question 2

Question 3

Question 4

Question 5

the Modules


the Lightroom Interface

Library Module

Develop Module

Map Module

Book Module

Slideshow Module

Print Module

Web Module

Library Module



THE Dirty Word of Lightroom

Develop Module


Where do You Start Editing?


Local Adjustment Tools

Basic Panel

My Workflow

Basic Edit

Get Your Images Out of Lightroom!



Bonus 01: Basics of the New Lightroom CC vs. Lightroom Classic CC

A quick comparison of the 2 new versions of Lightroom

What is Missing in the New Lightroom CC Cloud-Based Version?

An overview of the new Lightroom CC interface.

Bonus 02


What is Lightroom?

Understanding Catalogs Step 1 - Non vs. Destructive editing

Understanding Catalogs Step 2 - Previews

Understanding Catalogs Step 3 - What is a Catalog?

Creating a New Catalog?

Catalog Settings


Backup Your Catalog

Backup Your Extras

Bonus 03

Bonus Lecture: Get Any of my courses for Up to 90% Off!


Margaret12 August 2019

The course is helpful at an introductory level and I would recommend it to any beginner to Lightroom.

Enrique21 December 2017

So far it seems the instructions will be done very simple and well explained. As opposed to other courses where you don’t see what the instructor is doing.

Teri11 November 2017

Very good overview of Lightroom-increased my sense of feeling comfortable in the software.Will take more of his classes.

Arvin21 October 2017

From what I've seen thus far, this is a good overview and confidence builder for those who feel intimidated by the complexity of Lightroom.

Joanna23 September 2017

It did the job of showing a newbie how to navigate LR and how to open and export files. Upon looking at freelance photo editing jobs, I have noticed that knowing LR and not just PS are often necessary, and since they are both included in my CC package and I am already advanced in PS, I decided it was time to learn about LR. I will need to take other courses on how to learn how to use it, but the course did what it said it would do and is very basic. A good starting point before taking more detailed courses. It just explains very briefly what the modules do so you can start navigating the program and get your files into it. The one change I would suggest is that he talks about making sure the white balance, exposure and composition are done when shooting, but that does not apply to someone like me who plans to do editing of images taken by other, where these things may need to be fixed in LR and the LR editor is not the actual photographer. Hope to learn these edits and more info on reading histograms in another more detailed course. Overall it was very good starting point, for someone like me who knew nothing at all about LR.

Cemella7 August 2017

This course is the perfect venue to get a good sense of what you're able to do in LR. The teaching style is easy to follow and the use of the magnifier Chris uses to help follow along is a nice touch.

Rosemary29 July 2017

Good starter information and now I know some things I don't know, so i can go and find out. Instructor spoke alot, and for my style this put me off, as he went over a number of points more times than needed. Otherwise worth the investment. Thanks.

Hosea14 July 2017

This course is too basic. Majority of the course tells only about importing and exporting images. I wanted to look more into actual editing

Aitor2 July 2017

Sabía que el curso era básico, pero el ritmo es muy muy lento. I knew the course was basic, but it is super slow.

Jakob20 May 2017

For a free course this what a quite good first impression of the power of Lightroom. That being said, most users probably would like more focus on image corrections than how to organize their footage.

Janis2 May 2017

I was expecting more in-depth course, but it is quite good to understand the basics first. Would recommend to a beginner level users.

Oleksandr26 April 2017

After this course I understand Lightroom much better. The author gives valuable practical tips and clear explanations. I'll give it 5 stars.

Walt3 April 2017

Great overview of Lightroom. I have a much better understanding of all the capabilities of LR. The free class is merely a tip of the LR iceberg.

Heather21 March 2017

I had no idea on how to use Lightroom and the course gave a good overview. He also gave suggestions and ideas on other courses I can take.

Darren19 March 2017

I have just started using LR and so far he has gone over what he will covering in the rest of the course, which is great. I have just completed this 2 hour Free course in LR, and it covers the basic things within LR which is what I needed as I am new to LR. I will be signing up for the paid course very soon, and looking forward to it. The Tutor is easy going, very easy to understand, and he does not go fast that need to stop and rewind the videos.


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