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Introduction to Criminology: Crime across the Life Course

Be an Expert in the Life-Course Sociology and Criminal Psychology of Criminal Careers

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Apr 2021

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What you will learn

Speak about criminal careers like an expert even without a prior criminology education.

Change the way you understand criminal behavior.

Confidently talk to others about why people commit crime.

Use your new knowledge in discussing and critically analyzing real crimes in the daily news.

Improve your grades in criminology and criminal justice classes.


Welcome to this Introduction to Life Course Criminology course, which explains how criminal careers develop using principles from the sociology of crime and criminal psychology.

Why do some people start committing crime, and why do others not? Why do some offenders commit crime their whole life, and why do others not? How can offenders change their criminal careers and stop? This course will teach you how and why criminal careers develop the way they do using a lens from sociology and criminal psychology.

Understand Criminal Careers from All Angles

In this course, we’ll cover the fundamental areas of life course criminology:

- The Development of Criminal Careers – What does the life course of offenders look like?

- Different Types of Offenders – Are there different groups of offenders and what are they?

- Early Risk Factors – What childhood characteristics can put children on a pathway to crime?

- Turning Points – What life events can help offenders to stop committing crime?

- Specialization versus Generalization – Do offenders specialize in one crime type or do they commit all types of crime?

The course includes comprehensive videos and slide presentations. To maximize engagement, I discuss many examples of major studies and include quizzes for you to test your new knowledge. A list of articles and books for further reading is provided.

This course is modeled on a college-level curriculum on life course criminology that is included in many major criminology and sociology studies. Bu instead of combing through dense academic books, going to a college classroom every week and pay accordingly, you can follow this course in your own time and for an affordable price.

You can Trust Your Instructor

I am a university research associate with a Ph.D. in criminology and many years of experience doing research, teaching, and public speaking. My own research has appeared in the top criminology journals and has been featured in the media, so I’m knowledgeable about the core issues and the latest, cutting edge research in the area. I’m approachable and always happy to talk to students, so you should feel free to ask any questions that come up before or while following the course.

No risk!

This course comes with a full 30 day money-back guarantee. So if you’re not completely satisfied, you’ll get your money back, no questions asked.

You literally can’t lose.

Take Action Today and Change the Way You Think about Crime

Understanding the backgrounds of crime and criminal careers can change the way you view the world. It will make you an expert in everyday discussion about crime, and can help you in your career by increasing your ability to critically analyze and understand real life problems. Take action and enroll now if you want to take your knowledge about criminal careers to the next level.


Introduction to Criminology: Crime across the Life Course
Introduction to Criminology: Crime across the Life Course
Introduction to Criminology: Crime across the Life Course
Introduction to Criminology: Crime across the Life Course



Introduction to the Course

About Me

Course Program

Crime Across the Life-Course

VIDEO: Introduction to the Fundamentals of Life Course Criminology

The Age-Crime Curve

VIDEO: Example: How About Aggression in Childhood?


Quiz 2.1

Quiz 2.2

Understanding Life Course Criminology and Sociology: Central Themes

VIDEO: Introduction to Central Themes in Life Course Criminology

When and Where You Live, incl. Example

VIDEO: The Timing of Lives, incl. Example

Linked Lives, incl. Example

VIDEO: Making Choices, incl. Example

Summing Up

Quiz 3.1

Quiz 3.2

How to Study Criminal Careers?

VIDEO: Introduction to Studying Life Course Criminology and Sociology

The Life Course in Numbers: Quantitative data

VIDEO: Example: Trajectories of Aggression

The Life Course in Words: Narratives and Stories

VIDEO: Example: The Jack Roller

Summing Up

Quiz 4.1

Quiz 4.2

Different Groups of Offenders

VIDEO: Introduction

Moffitt’s Developmental Taxonomy

VIDEO: The Shape of Crime across the Life Course

Example: Who Is the Life-Course Persistent Offender?

VIDEO: Late Bloomers

How Do Late Bloomers Get Into Crime?

VIDEO: Example: Late Bloomers in Organized Crime

Summing Up

Quiz 5.1

Quiz 5.2

Criminal Career Dimensions

VIDEO: Introduction

Do Offenders Specialize?

VIDEO: Example: Specialization Among Domestic Violence Offenders

What Does a Career Criminal Cost Society?

Summing Up

Quiz 6.1

Quiz 6.2

What Are Some Early Risk Factors?

VIDEO: Introduction

Criminal Psychology: Early Risk Factors for Delinquency

VIDEO: Example: How Early Victimization Can Lead to Crime

Summing Up

Quiz 7.1

Turning Points in Criminal Careers

VIDEO: Introduction

The Age Graded Theory of Informal Social Control

VIDEO: Marriage

VIDEO: Example: Divorce


VIDEO: Example: How Work Affects the Criminal Career


VIDEO: Example: The Moving To Opportunity Program


VIDEO: Example: Effects of Prisons on Lifers

Summing Up

Quiz 8.1

Quiz 8.2

Deciding to Stop Crime: Changes in Thinking and Doing

VIDEO: Introduction

Transforming Oneself: Cognitive Transformation

VIDEO: Example: How Female Street Offenders Leave Crime

Summing Up

Quiz 9.1

Quiz 9.2

Life Course Criminology and Sociology: Conclusions




Joury31 May 2021

Really helpful and interesting course! I’d love to take more courses with her, everything is clear and she simplified everything. Quiz questions are easy and accurate to every section. Thank you so much!

Thanuja5 May 2021

Great introductory course! Hope to get more specialized courses like this on criminology on the future as well.


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