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Catch the Liar like an FBI agent: Dishonest Communication

Become a human lie-detector in 2h - catch the liar, catch the cheater & never be fooled again (Lie Detection Program)

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Aug 2021

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What you will learn

15 steps to catch any liar

Lie detection - how to spot a liar

How to read facial expressions

Never be fooled again - in business and in private life


How many times have you been lied to today?

Statistics on lie detection reveal the truth: on average, we all get lied to about 10 times per day! It's time to realize who is lying to our face without us realizing it. Its a crucial skill in business and our personal life as well. Without this skill, we chose to date cheaters, go into business with fraudsters and even end up losing our faith in humanity.

But it does not have to be that way: modern social science sheds light on one of the most crucial areas of human existence: The question whom we can trust and whom we cannot.

Being able to know when you are being lied to can save you from having a very bad time in your professional and personal life, especially when the person lying to you occupies a special part of your life. To be able to spot when someone is telling the truth is an important life skill especially when you find out that there are so many techniques used and you didn't even know they existed. In this course you will realise that you don't need to be a detective or an FBI agent to be able to catch a liar.

In this lie detection course you are going to learn

  • How to catch any liar

  • How to detect lies by looking them in the face and eyes

    Body language of a liar

  • Discomfort indicating body postures

  • Statement structures

  • Fillers and other ways to say a whole lot of nothing

  • Make a liar retell a story

  • A liars facial expressions

  • Their eyes - mirror to the soul

A person's eyes can often give away the complete picture of what a person is thinking - but you need to be able to understand the science behind eye movement and what it means to be able to accurately spot a liar or a fraudster. In addition, Paul Ekman’s research has isolated nine facial indicators as reliable clues to deception —which anyone can spot if they know how to look for them.

Furthermore, body postures and a persons statement structure can add additional deceptive quality to the liar. Elements like fatigue, stress, hunger, concern about getting home on time—can affect how someone expresses himself.

Finally, verbal leaks are the mistakes people make when they expend so much cognitive energy on maintaining their lies that their brains have trouble keeping track of what they’re saying. “Ums” and “ahs,” inconsistent grammatical choices, and many other errors fall into this category.

The stakes are high. Being tricked by liars can destroy our lifes. Let's catch the liars and eliminate them from our life.


Catch the Liar like an FBI agent: Dishonest Communication
Catch the Liar like an FBI agent: Dishonest Communication
Catch the Liar like an FBI agent: Dishonest Communication
Catch the Liar like an FBI agent: Dishonest Communication




Definition of a lie

Introduction - Bill Clinton

Kylie Jenner

Was A-Rod doping

15 Steps to Develop Mental Toughness

FBI strategy intro

1. Build rapport "Good cop"

2. Ask neutral questions

3. Find the hot spot

4. Body language

5. Observe micro-expressions

6. Listen to tone and sentence structure

7. Surprise them

8. Listen more than you speak

9. Pay attention to how they say "No."

10. Distancing language

11. Changes in behavior

12. Ask for the story backward

13. Beware of compliments

14. Ask follow-up questions

15. Intuit the gaps

The FBI method summary

15 steps to follow in an interview

Body language related "alarm bells"

Inglourious Basterds

Their overall body language

Their eyes - mirror of the soul?

Their facial expressions

Recognizing a fake smile

Play good cop, bad cop

Their upper body

Can lips secretly reveal the truth?

Additional body language signs

Straight from the gut

Non-Verbal signs

What they are not saying

Lance Armstrong

Why the movie Pinocchio says it all

How words and their context matter

Guilt-trip liars

Some liars say nothing, others too much

Dodgeball liars

The Bill Clinton effect or how not to distance oneself when lying

Painting a gloomy picture - Euphemism liars

Saying so much of nothing

Protesting liars

Re-echo liars

"I swear to god" liars

The case of Ryan Braun

Verbal cues of Deception

Verbal "alarm bells"

Verbal alarm bells

Bill Clinton' specific denial

Non-contracted liars

"Specific truth" liar

Quick tip questions


Tonalities of a liar

The Freudian slip

Verbal Leaks

Final touches for liespotting

Their attitude might say it all

Hear the story again and again

Spoting the liar mastery exam



Sebastiana2 August 2021

Good course. It was engaging throughout and the information was presented in a way that made it simple to understand.

Gloria7 May 2021

The quality of the videos is incredibly good and the investigation and series of Inspector House is super entertaining, exciting and the best thing is to be able to follow the investigation and learn at the same time. Thank you for such a well done course Stefan!


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