Learning NGINX Web Server from Zero to Hero

install and configure NGINX on a Linux machine, and set up the rest of the pieces you need for the complete LEMP,NLB

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Mar 2020

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What you will learn

Set up high-performance architecture with NGINX and install and configure NGINX on a Linux machine and complete LEMP web development stack also coverer NLB,Reverse Proxy



NGINX offers speed unmatched by competitors like Apache, on top of bonus features such as load balancing and HTTP caching. Its rising popularity makes NGINX an indispensable skills for web developers, system administrators, and web technologists of all kinds. you will learn how to  install and configure NGINX on a Linux machine, and set up the rest of the pieces you need for the complete LEMP web development stack also explores the security features of NGINX, such as password authentication, HTTPS, and SSL certificates, and its capabilities as a reverse proxy and load balancer.

The Following Topics are Covered

  1. Installing NGINX on LinuxConfiguring a virtual host

  2. Installing PHP and MariaDB for the LEMP stack

  3. Securing sites with NGINX

  4. Creating SSL certificates

  5. Reverse proxies

  6. Load balancing

  Demos: Added in one lecture how to setup NGINX


Learning NGINX Web Server from Zero to Hero
Learning NGINX Web Server from Zero to Hero
Learning NGINX Web Server from Zero to Hero
Learning NGINX Web Server from Zero to Hero




What do you know before starting?

Comparing NGINX to Apache

How to Setup a SANBOX with VirtualBox and Vagrant

Create a VM with Vagrant

Install and configure NGINX step by step

How to Install NGINX on UBUNTO

NGINX files and Directories

The NGINX command-line interface

Configure a virtual host-1

Configure a virtual host -2

Add files to the root directory

Configure Locations

How to Configure Logs

Tips for Troubleshoot of NGINX

Linux and NGINX,MYSQL and PHP stack

What is LEMP?

How to Install PHP on NGINX

Install MariaDB on NGINX

LEMP Stack demo

What and How NGINX Security

How to secure Sites with NGINX

How to Configure allow and deny Directives?

How to Create 403 Page?

Configure Password Authentication

How to Configure HTTPS?

How to Create SSL certificate?

How to Install SSL certificate on NGINX

What and How to use Reverse Proxies and Load Balancers

What is Reverse Proxies and Load balancing?

Configure NGINX as a reverse proxy

How to configure NGINX as load balancer


Nicolás24 March 2021

No es un curso para ir de cero a "Heroe", es simplemente lo mas basico de nginx, sin muchas explicaciones.

Anurag3 January 2021

Nice tutorial, and good Explanation. Can you please update following in course: 1. A video on SSL original certificates, how it is done in real production environments. 2. A video on TLS security and how it is done in nginx 3. Not sure how you created app server and used that in load balancing. Would be happy if you could include that. :) Overall very nice and Excellent tutorial..

Alejandro2 May 2020

No esta mal pero faltan cosas sobre todo en la parte de seguridad y no debe estar orientado solo a ubuntu también debería estar para centOS

Rafael28 April 2020

This course is quite good for NGINX beginners because it covers the basics although it is well explained. Even though the proyx reverse and load balancers is quite strange, everything else works fine. I followed the course with CEntOS so some things changes but with Ubuntu there should be no problem at all.

Kulsum7 March 2020

The instructor is talking way too loud, horrible background sound while coding, unprofessional presentation style

Farhadur22 October 2019

Worst course ever. Awful accent. Almost full copy paste course from https://www.lynda.com/course-tutorials/Nginx-High-Performance-Servers/724790-2.html

Alberto23 August 2019

The Topics of this course are very insteresting but the resources don't correspond to the lesson of the module and the resources omit important information so that the practice works correctly.

Bhaumik29 July 2019

The course structured is covered with the basics s, one can easily start with NGINX. Easy to understand and up to the mark.

Maurizio27 July 2019

A good entry level course to discover the basic knowledge about NGINX. The teacher starts for the beginning so it is not required having already played with the service. I would suggest to add some more practical examples in order to have a more complete overview. Anyway I suggest this course to everyone wants to get more familiarity with NGINX

Sambhu22 July 2019

Language of the instructor is a little difficult to understand but content is good, he's a resourceful person. Learned a lot

Breno5 July 2019

Gostei bastante do curso, melhorei meu conhecimento com coisas que eu já sabia e aprendi bastante coisas novas que certamente irei aplicar em minha futuras aplicações usando o Nginx. Muito obrigado ao Udemy e ao querido Zulqarnain Hayat por disponibilizar conteúdo de qualidade.

Tommy1 May 2019

you can tell that the instructor is excited about the training and is knowledgeable about the subject. I look forward to completing this course with Zulqarnain

Gaurav23 April 2019

background sound,communication is not good.The way of speaking should be improved,it sounds like shouting or giving instructions.

Utsav12 April 2019

This is a wonderful course tp build the basics on Ngnix. In this course, mainly php servers are used with Ngnix. Load balancing and reverse proxy is explained nicely and several links are provided to gain more depth knowledge on Nginx


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