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Learning Firebase

Harness the power of Firebase to build interactive web applications faster than you ever imagined

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Aug 2015

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What you will learn

Explore the Firebase administrative dashboard and dive into the development of a real-time link sharing app

Add user accounts to your Firebase app and grant access to them with ease

Grasp the different ways to structure your Firebase data to be scalable and performant

Add validation and permission logic to your app and make it secure using the Firebase Security and Rules editor

Make your app more real-time by utilizing Firebase’s latency and presence mechanisms

Sort, query, limit, and present the data in your Firebase app in a systematic way

Use the Firebase command line tools to configure and deploy your application for wider reachability


As the web evolves, more and more complexity is moving to the front-end. A new trend called no-backend seeks to shy away from the traditional server-side web development in favor of utilizing cloud-based backend technologies like Firebase, allowing developers to focus on important business logic rather than boilerplate backend code.

The web moves fast but with Firebase you can move faster by unlocking the power of real-time communication without the burden of server-side development. It will have you questioning everything you've been told about what web development is supposed to be and unlock a productivity gain you only get a few times in your career.

Learning Firebase will teach you how to develop fully featured real-time applications using Firebase in the friendliest and most intuitive way possible, by walking through examples using the Firebase dashboard and API.

From the word go you will start to craft a sophisticated real-time link sharing application as a means of applying Firebase concepts exactly as they would be for any other viable application. You will be introduced to the amazing real-time data browser, which you will use extensively throughout the course, as you go hands on with the most important features of Firebase. As you move ahead you'll learn how to create, read, update, and delete data. You'll also become familiar with adding and managing user accounts, securing your data, and unlocking its full potential. You'll apply the knowledge gained to your own application to solidify the concepts and be inspired to explore topics beyond the scope of this course.

By the end of the course, you will have created a full-blown real-time app and be rest assured that it will be the first of many to come!

About The Author

Mark Nutter is a Minneapolis-based software engineer and the father of two lovely girls. He has been developing software for the web for 10 years and has extensive experience with single-page frontend JavaScript development, having launched and maintained countless heavily trafficked JavaScript applications for his clients, employers, and his own start-up companies. He authored an Angular wrapper for Firebase and has given popular talks about the productivity boost enjoyed by combining Firebase with modern JavaScript frameworks. He is always looking for ways to combine new technologies to accelerate the development of cool and useful software.


Learning Firebase
Learning Firebase
Learning Firebase
Learning Firebase


Lighting the Fire – Getting Started with Firebase

The Course Overview

Exploring Firebase

Firing Up LiveLinks

Playing with Fire – CRUD Your Data in Real-time

Adding and Retrieving Data

Updating and Deleting Data

LiveLinks – Submitting and Managing Links

Sharing the Fire – Adding User Accounts

Choosing and Enabling an auth Provider

Managing a User Session and User Data

LiveLinks - Adding User Accounts

Taming the Fire – Structuring Your Data in a Scalable Way

Understanding Arrays

Flattening Data

LiveLinks – Adding, Voting, and Flattening the Data

Securing the Fire – Authorization and Validation

Data Validation and Authorization

Writing Sophisticated Security Rules

LiveLinks – Securing and Validating the Data

Controlling the Fire – Ordering, Paginating, and Querying Firebase Data

Sorting the Data

Limiting the Data

LiveLinks – Ordering, Limiting, and Paginating

Tending the Fire - Managing Connectivity, Latency, and Presence

Tracking and Managing User Connectivity

Managing Latency and Complex Transactions

LiveLinks – Making It Feel More Real-time

Spreading the Fire - Deploying a Firebase Application

Whitelisting Domains and the Firebase Command-line Tools

Advanced App Configurations

Course Recap


Flavio3 August 2018

Top! I really liked it, the part that talks about security and validations will be very useful to me. thank you. Some videos have outdated content but the course is worth the core concepts

Tim3 June 2018

The instructor is good, but firebase has changed making this course difficult to follow when thing don't work as the video shows. Update it or give me a link to the updated course.

Muthukumar24 May 2018

It is a course with hands-on code walkthrough - gives a clear understanding of learning the platform. The reference code is helpful. Thanks for detail explanations, and in-depth coverage.

Michal19 September 2017

This course totally outdated, most methods are not supported by Firebase now. I have tried to update sections using Firebase docs, but sometimes things had changed so much, you just do them different from the scratch, and using the instructions in the course doen't make any sense. Almost everything in this course became useless. It's a shame Udemy is still selling it. Don't waste your money!

Taiwo14 September 2017

Its an older version of firebase being used I feel its going to fast based on the fact that its older as things are not the same

Leopoldo25 November 2016

content is out of date. not friendly to newbies but great video to watch only for deep knowledge of firebase components.

Jesus14 November 2016

Is a good introduction and the instructor talk very clearly and with knowledge but most of the code is out of date and are copy and pasted so fast that is imposible to catch up.

Christo6 June 2016

The content is good, but it's done too fast and you would need to pause way to many times to process all the info coming at you...

John27 December 2015

Good and relevant content but moves to quickly to be able to absorb and learn. Doesn't spend enough time on teaching Firebase.

King28 November 2015

The audio and video are not recorded at the same time which makes for a very difficult set of videos to watch. He moves along at such a fast pace that it's hard to comprehend what he's try to show. And if you want to look at the code, you'd better pause the video because he moves away from it almost immediately after talking about it. There's little explanation on how things work, more just about that it works this way. I also see that it's being shown to use the Firebase like a Relational Database like SQL Server or MySql, and not like a NoSql database which it obviously is. I only made it through half the course because he would race through a subject and then say, "Now you are comfortable with how this works...", uh, no I'm not. I came to learn something, not be shown that it does work. I never give such a negative review, but this for me, was awful.

Taylor24 November 2015

The content is good, the flow is logical, and the example is nice. The problem I have is that the instructor flies through the content way too fast. This really becomes an issue by Section 3, User Accounts, where some of the code is even skipped. You'll need to download the sample code to get the missing pieces if you don't want to constantly pause and diff your screen with his. By the end of section 5, so many details are skipped that the code breaks and you'll pull your hair out.

James6 September 2015

The audio seems to be dubbed over the video, which means it is way out of sync. There is not enough theory and too much focus on the demo app.


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