Learning Clojure

Dynamic, Functional Programming on the Java Virtual Machine, CLR, and JavaScript

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Learning Clojure


3 hours


Jan 2017

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What you will learn

Once you have completed this training course, you will be fully capable of taking advantage of Clojure's unique feature set to start writing useful software


In this Learning Clojure training course, expert author Adam Bard will teach you how to write Clojure code and structure Clojure products. This course is designed for the absolute beginner, meaning no experience with Clojure is required, although some programming knowledge would be beneficial.

You will start by learning how to structure Clojure projects, then jump into interacting with Java. From there, Adam will teach you about concurrency, how to write safer software, and how to interact with data stores. Finally, this video training will cover writing a web application with Clojure, including how to route with Compojure, render HTML with Selmer and Hiccup, and render HTML with Enlive.

Once you have completed this computer based training course, you will be fully capable of taking advantage of Clojure's unique feature set to start writing useful software. Working files are included, allowing you to follow along with the author throughout the lessons.



Important - Download These First - Working Files

What To Expect

About The Author

Diving In

Getting Started


Control Flow


Working With Collections

Recursion In Clojure

Structuring Clojure Projects

Introducing Leiningen

Using Modules

Writing Tests With Clojure.Test

Interacting With Java

Working With Java

Proxying And Reifying Java Classes

Generating Java Classes

Using Java Code With Leiningen


Basic Concurrency In Clojure

Clojure Stm - Atoms

Clojure Stm - Refs And Agents

Working With Core.Async

Writing Safer Software

Types And Records



Interacting With Data Stores

Reading And Writing Files

Working With JDBC

Writing A Web Application With Clojure

HTTP With Ring Part - 1

HTTP With Ring Part - 2

Routing With Compojure

Rendering HTML With Selmer And Hiccup - Part 1

Rendering HTML With Selmer And Hiccup - Part 2

Rendering HTML With Enlive

Dependency Injection For Persistence

Pulling It All Together - Part 1

Pulling It All Together - Part 2


Wrapping Up


Robert15 July 2020

Instructor is way too fast. Doesn't explain well as all. Have to go over and over to get the meaning. This was useless. The instructor was constantly in a rush. You should make it clear that this course is for seasoned programmers, and not beginners. I got nothing out of it. I've watched it twice and my head is still spinning.

John13 June 2020

The instructor really seems to know his stuff and is good at explaining the tactics of coding. This is currently like a math class where you learn to solve raw math problems but have no idea of what you would apply that math too in the world. I wish he started each section by taking a minute or two to explain real-world software architecture problems the thing he is about to explain solves.

Jason3 June 2020

I like the content of the lessons, just the setup was not easy. The text editor, LightTable has not been updated in a while, so is not compatible with the newest versions of Windows and Ubuntu. So instead, I had to use Atom on my Ubuntu 20.04. I would consider refactoring the course in Atom, or alternatively the intuitive editor called Nightcode (www.sekao.net/nightcode). I look forward to finishing the course One other thing, is that the notes downloaded at the start of the course did not contain anything, and the download link in the zip file did not lead to anything.

Konstantin26 April 2020

A mediocre course. An awful IDE full of bugs. Extremely superficial coverage. All the coding process is organized through constant wiping out the lines from the previous topic in one and the same doc core.clj. Seriously? O'Reilly: wonderful books and dreadful courses.

Giacomo17 March 2020

Excellent course, very well organized and dense with great content. First the author gives you a brief overview of the Clojure syntax, then he talks about how to structure a Clojure project and how to use Leiningen, then he moves to the interoperability with Java, and lastly he guides you through implementing a simple web application with popular Clojure libraries. 5 stars!

John22 February 2020

The right level for a beginner, but prefer to work along with written code incrementally rather than have it deleted frequently.

Paul15 February 2020

I have several years of experience in Clojure(Script), but this course contained things I've never used (e.g., enlive, selmer).

John28 January 2020

I've already read a couple of beginning Clojure books, and these video cover topics not covered otherwise. Goes a little fast, but that's what rewind is for.

Roberto17 January 2020

Too fast paced for introduction course. Functional language is new for most programmers. I usually do not have to pause nearly as much as I do in this one. I probably switch to a different course.

Angel6 September 2019

first not share with us, links for learn more, not share with us a files from his project, each code not working, in each tutorial he delete all files, is not good this course.

Jerónimo2 September 2019

I think the course could be better if the teacher proposed exercises for practising each section. I agree with other alumns when they say that the teacher speaks really fast, but the most important aspect for me is the lack of a big exercise to be done by the alumns.

Lucas21 August 2019

Esperava que os primeiros vídeos fossem mais introdutórios sim, mas esperava mais das legendas. Basicamente é um interpretador auditivo que transforma isso para palavras, que MUITAS vezes, se enrola e coloca na legenda palavras que não se encaixam no contexto.

Paulo28 July 2019

Light table is not work and Q&A place is not answered after two years, this is very small and superficial course

Rodrigo17 June 2019

Lighttable doesnot work, requires much more configs, that made me spent a lot of time trying use something else or work arround.

Renan15 June 2019

The course does not dive in the functional paradigm, which is very important for those who never programmed like that.


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