Learn Xamarin & Flutter : Killing 2 birds with a stone

Grasp mobile app development skills in not just one, but top two Cross-platform technologies : Xamarin & Flutter

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May 2021

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What you will learn

Xamarin & Flutter : Top 2 cross-platform technologies of today.


With 10+ hours of content, this course will get you acquainted with the top 2 Cross-platform technologies to build mobile apps.

The top reasons behind teaching Xamarin and Flutter as part of a single course are:

  1. Several similar concepts and controls that these 2 technologies possess.

  2. The language on which these 2 technologies operate, C# and Dart respectively.

C# and Dart mirror each other so closely that it makes a lot of sense to go ahead and learn these 2 technologies parallelly side by side. And as you march along with me deeper into this course, you would soon start to realize that by putting just a little extra effort you can easily wrap your head around the top two cross-platform technologies.

And by learning 2 mobile app development technologies you will not only enrich yourself with a broader understanding and vision but also you would realize that you have literally doubled your exposed market surface area, job opportunities, and of course, the good impression of your coding skills on others =).

In this course the students will learn/build:

  • Several concepts from the technologies Xamarin and Flutter.

  • See the similarities between concepts, controls, language constructs that these 2 technologies have.

  • Apps that will provide hands-on coding experience.

By the end of this course, you would be able to make fully functional mobile apps, using any of these 2 cross-platform technologies.

Good to have :

  • Some prior exposure to programming

  • Understand the very basics of coding.

This Course is for the people who :

  • Are relatively new to the programming, or the mobile app development realm.

  • Are familiar with any one of these technologies.

  • Know both of them and want to explore several new unknown concepts and tips & tricks.

  • Want to follow along to build some new apps.


Learn Xamarin & Flutter : Killing 2 birds with a stone
Learn Xamarin & Flutter : Killing 2 birds with a stone
Learn Xamarin & Flutter : Killing 2 birds with a stone
Learn Xamarin & Flutter : Killing 2 birds with a stone


Why Learn Xamarin & Flutter

Why Learn Xamarin & Flutter

Code compilation and rendering techniques in Xamarin & Flutter.

Code compilation and rendering techniques in Xamarin & Flutter.

Environment And Setup

The Environment

Installation - Part 1

Installation - Part 2

Installation - Part 3

Why Cross-platform And Building a quick first app

Why Cross-platform

What Is Cross-platform - Our First Apps

Dissecting Our First App

Start Up Project Structures And Some Slick Tricks

Start Up Project Structure- Part 1

Start Up Project Structure- Part 2

IDE And Some Tips

Most Common Shortcuts Keys

Some Xamarin And Flutter Concepts

Life Cycle - Part 1

Life Cycle - Part 2

Layouts - Rows, Columns And StackLayout

Flutter : Stack and Alignment Widgets

Xamarin : AbsoluteLayout

Xamarin Concepts of Attached And Bindable Properties

Rendezvous With CSharp And Dart

Introducing Dart And CSharp

OOPS Concepts

Functional Programming : Xamarin

Functional Programming : Flutter

Asynchronous Programming In Xamarin And Flutter

Time for a AppBreak : Talking to a RestfulAPI

Building an App Called : PicNest

Message Communication In Xamarin And Flutter

MessagingCenter : Xamarin

Flutter : State

Flutter : ChangeNotifiers

PicSurf : Local DB interaction & Enhanced User Interface in Xamarin.

01PicSurf - Setting Up The Project

02PicSurf- Setting Up Communication WIth Pixabay

03PicSurf- Enabling Grouping For Our CollectionView

04PicSurf- Setting Up Pagination And Clear Functionalities

05PicSurf- Enhancing UI And SettingUp The SlideView

06PicSurf- SettingUp The LocalStorage

07PicSurf- SettingUp the ShellNavigation

SmoQuit: An App to help smokers quit smoking, Firebase DB and streams.

App Introduction

02SmoQuit- Adding AppIcons, SplashScreen And Providing Navigation

03SmoQuit- SettingUp Firebase Registration And Login

04Smoquit- Creating Firebase Collection And Documents

05SmoQuit- Working On User Interface

06SmoQuit- Extending our User Interface And Updating the Firestore DB

07SmoQuit- Streams And Automatic Update For Our App

08SmoQuit- Providing Bonus functionality And Refactoring our code

Where to go from here?

Where To Go From Here

Credits And Attributions

Bonus Lectures

SmoQuit: Bonus Lecture - Adding Animations


Daniel11 May 2021

I am a Xamarin Developer, and its a great and unique idea to teach Xamarin and Flutter side by side. I never tried flutter earlier, but only after I saw your course on Udemy, and I already like it. I think your course is great for people having familiarity with either one of the 2 technologies.

Hui-Chun9 May 2021

Visual aids and analogies are great. Learning 2 languages simultaneously is a huge benefit. The best part of the course is the Application Building. Comparing to similar courses on the market, this course is affordable and a worthwhile investment. Will it be possible to include some Animation Knowledge in the course?


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