Learn Vector Algebra and 3d Geometry basics in 1 hour

Learn maths using numerical problems

Learn Vector Algebra and 3d Geometry basics in 1 hour


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Dec 2020

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What you will learn

Learn Vector Algebra and 3d Geometry basics.

Students can easily learn the tricks of solving numerical problems and understand the concepts from this course as detailed and explanatory notes and steps are provided for each problem.

As numerical problems are mentioned in various categories like MCQs, Very short answer types, Short answer types as per the examination pattern, students can easily score high marks in board exams or school exams.


In this course, we will learn the concepts of VECTOR algebra and 3d geometry basics for CBSE board students by practise solving the problems in various categories like MCQ(1 mark questions), Very short Answer types and Short Answer types (4 marks).

Here we are covering important problems and respective clear description of notes for important concepts in Vector like Position vector, Direction cosines, Direction ratios of a vector, Zero vectors, Parallel vectors, collinear vectors,unit vectors, equal vectors, coplanar vectors, Addition & Subtraction of vectors including their properties, Multiplication of a vector by a scalar, Vector component form, Product of two vectors, scalar or dot product, cross or vector product, Angle between two vectors, Condition for perpendicular, Projection of a vector on a line, Area of a parallelogram, Scalar tripple product, Geometrical representation of scalar tripple product, Condition for coplanar. Also important concepts in 3d geometry like coordinate axes, coordinate planes, octanes, coordinates of any point in 3d space, Distance between two points, Section formula, length of the foot of the perpendicular, centroid of a triangle, measurement of sides or vertices of rhombus, parallelogram, rectangle etc.

These are important and guaranteed solved problems which are more likely to come for your board exams.

For self practice, additional practise problems are included at the end of each category.

On completion of this course, you should become confident to solve or crack any numerical problems which will come for any competitive exams as well as your board exams.


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