The no BS 2 Hour UI Design Course

Learn UI design in 2 hours, including how to become a top 3% designer.

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Dec 2019
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What you will learn

How to create gorgeous user interfaces using Figma (like Photoshop meets Sketch)

How to think like a designer with no previous experience or talent

All the design philosophy & lingo needed to sound like an old pro

How to design real world projects to showcase in your portfolio

Proven methods for finding high-paying freelance UI design work

How to get companies to come to you for design services

Basically: everything you need (and nothing you don’t) to start earning six figures as a UI Designer


Interested in user interface (UI) design? You should be. You can make more as a user interface designer than any other kind of digital design. UI designers enjoy amazing work flexibility and regularly makes top-ten lists for the most in-demand, fastest growing jobs in the US.

But here’s the big secret: UI design is actually pretty simple, thanks to great new online tools like Figma.

With this short but informative course, you’ll learn how get started as a professional UI designer. You’ll also learn how to become a top 3% designer using my simple but comprehensive system.

This course is broken into six parts:

  • Part 1 - Learning Figma. How to use the fastest growing and easiest to use design tool to design for mobile, web, and more.

  • Part 2 - Starting a Design. How to go about starting a project and creating designs clients will love.

  • Part 3 - The Project. Together, we’ll create a real world project for your portfolio.

  • Part 4 - Finding Work. Proven strategies for finding design work, and how to get employers to flock to you.

  • Part 5 - Tools. All the resources you need to complete any UI design project.

  • Part 6 - Pro Stuff. Design philosophies and a glossary of terms to help you become (or at least sound like) an expert.

**Email me anytime at, I would love to learn about your experience, get your feedback and hear about your goals, also follow me on Medium (link on my profile) for various tutorials and updates.**


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Setting up Figma Design Tool

FIgma Tutorial (Design Tool)

Frame Tool
Tool Shape
Working with Images
Pen Tool
Summary: Designing a Simple Home Page
Figma Keyboard Shortcuts

Projects: How to Become the Best

How to Start a Project
Copy, Copy, Copy, Copy, Copy
Portfolio Project: Chat App Design

How to Find Work

Best Online Networks to Find Work


List of the Best Design Tools and Resources
18 Design Philosophies to Live By (All you need to know about design principles)
Further Reading


June 8, 2022
I dont really agree with copying and adding that to your portfolio, maybe for practice but not ideal adding a project you've copied directly...
November 14, 2021
Since your tutorial has an emphasis on "No BS" I'll take the same approach to this comment. There is not a single video in the course where you do not look at other peoples work and implement an idea from yourself. You taught almost no fundamentals of UI design / how to use figma. I spent 30 minutes playing with the tools on my own and learned more in that time than your entire 2 hour course. Please reconsider updating the content to be original.
June 12, 2021
Great class to learn how to use the programs and resources. Not a fan of copying work and passing it off as your own. I felt like throughout the class that is encouraged. I would be mindful of that as a creative because it's not teaching you how to create based on your own ideas but off the back of others.
January 19, 2021
This is the first course where I felt that I have learnt something and will be able to start building a portfolio for my job. Must course for a person who's looking for some peaceful and clear understanding of UI design
January 5, 2021
Much of the content of the course felt like a cash grab. "Here's how you copy other people and speedrun your way upwards." I didn't leave with much of an appreciation for Figma, as it seemed to be a means to an end. Rather than something you genuinely enjoy.
November 11, 2019
Michael, I believe you put all of your great efforts and experience in a very concise and enjoyable way in the form of this course. Really enjoyed this. One of the best course I want to recommend every new / naive / beginner UI or Digital designer. Regards Ali Sultan
November 7, 2019
Michael instructs in a very easy and clear understanding way ! He certainly helps non-design background students to know what are the essential design principles. In addition, he can make people use Figma right after the class. highly-recommend to people who doesn't know UI or never use Figma before. You will learn it right away.
November 6, 2019
Surely, the trainer knows his ABCs as he is able to easily clone works of other designers but in my view, the trainee is presented only with the tip of an iceberg as far as the functionality of Figma is concerned. It's nice to know how masking works, how to make colour gradients, and that holding Shift while resizing an image will keep its proportions, but still, there is more to that that could be explained. However, the most disturbing/off-putting parts of the course were: a) When the trainer keeps on reminding us that we will be able to make "six-figure salary" if we b) copy works of other designers. I strongly hoped that what the trainer had on his mind was getting inspiration from other, more experienced designers, but no. As far as I understand that copying designs is a great way of learning/improving one's skills, doing the same in commercial projects brushes extremely close against plagiarism. Furthermore, the concept of a person who has two-months experience in the field and steals other people's works to pretend s/he has been in the business for two years also appears unethical to me. But hey, six-figure salary.
October 31, 2019
Really nice to learn. NO ONE IN WORLD WILL THAT AMAZING COURSE FOR FREE. Teaching everything so clear and in a straight forward way. Thanks Allot Sir.
October 24, 2019
I am Prakash having 9 experience in web design. I use photoshop for design any template.Here, I know about figma and really very happy to see this type of tool to desin quick and fast with tremendous effect. Even the link shared by you like dribbble, Behance is awesome. The most important thing is content and language which one could understand very easily. I hope we will get your guidance i future too. I am really very thankful to you.
October 17, 2019
It's good as a starter course for design. It gives you an overall picture of basic Figma tools and interface with a guide of the design steps/process along with some panorama about the top websites in the industry. Worth the time!
September 30, 2019
this course was really good, although the instructor is teaching Figma, i done this using Adobe XD and it is similar. I have no design experiance or artistic talent... but this course has given me a huge confidence boost and belief i can do it. Content delivered well and not too long winded. Going to check and see if the instructor has any other courses.
September 30, 2019
I came into this course as a novice with no idea as to how Figma works. I am really glad I took this course. So much content.
September 24, 2019
Muito bem explicado, mesmo sem ter noção nenhuma antes do curso, estou conseguindo aprender várias coisas!
September 13, 2019
Thanks for making this. I'm a programmer with absolutely no design skills, and wanted to make my sites look better. This helped me a ton. Thank you so much!



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