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Learn to video edit FAST with Davinci Resolve 17 Free

Fastest Way to video edit, only the skills you actually need to know and none of the ones you don't need.

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Apr 2021

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What you will learn

How to Video Edit FAST

Video Editing

Davinci Resolve

Voice Over - Record and add a voiceover track

Audio Ducking - is commonly used to lower background music anytime a person speaks, then raises it when that person finishes speaking

Exporting Video for Youtube

Speed Ramping - Slow motion

Basic Color Correction

Editing Methods and Workflows


Video Editing In DaVinci Resolve 17: Basic Skills For Aspiring Beginners

A Complete, No-Nonsense, Fluff-Free Beginner Course On Video Editing, Color Grading, And Visual And Audio Effects

What You'll Learn

  • How to download and install DaVinci Resolve 17 for free

  • How to create your first project and import video files to the media library

  • Where to download royalty-free music to use in your video edits

  • Keyboard shortcuts

  • How to start editing your first video on the Edit page

  • How to add clips and make cuts

  • How to add titles and pictures to your footage

  • How to apply transitions and video effects onto clips

  • How to use markers

  • How to edit to the rhythm of the music

  • Cutting to the beat of the music

  • How to use speed ramping and achieve slow motion using speed points

  • How to add voice-overs

  • To use Audio Ducking to reduce the music volume when you're talking automatically

  • Adjust the sound levels

  • Quickly color grade your video, correct exposure issues, enhance colors

  • Copy one clip's color grading and add it to another

  • Apply LUTs to style footage quickly (similarly to drag and drop filter presets)

  • How to connect your DaVinci Resolve to a YouTube account

  • How to Export the finished file to YouTube and make a master file

  • To create subtitle tracks and export an SRT file to upload to social media platforms

  • About recommended 3rd party software plugins to improve functionality


  • A fully functioning version of DaVinci Resolve. It is free to download, and the course includes download and installation instructions.

  • No prior expertise in DaVinci Resolve is required

  • No experience in Video Editing, Color Correction, and Grading needed. I will cover all the basics for beginners.

  • The course includes sample video clips to work with, but you are free to use your own as well.


I am Jon Siddall, a professional video editor and experienced YouTube content creator. I've created this course for beginner video editors and those wanting to learn DaVinci Resolve 17 to learn basic skills fast and efficiently.

DaVinci Resolve is a powerful video-editing package used by highly experienced professionals, from editing TV commercials to Hollywood films and TV shows. However, it is also incredibly super friendly and can be used by advanced editors and beginners alike.

The course covers all the essential tools and skills to make you a profound video editor. All the information is conveniently packed into one hour of video learning with no unnecessary steps and explanations. Watch the video lesson provided, add a bit of hands-on work, and you'll be creating videos that are ready to be shared with the world in no time.

You'll be provided with sample videos such as talking to camera and drone footage to be used for practice, but you are welcome to use your own clips if you prefer.


Learn to video edit FAST with Davinci Resolve 17 Free
Learn to video edit FAST with Davinci Resolve 17 Free
Learn to video edit FAST with Davinci Resolve 17 Free
Learn to video edit FAST with Davinci Resolve 17 Free


Introduction - What you will learn on this course

Download and Install Resolve 17 Free

Download the Project Files

Create a Project

Pages Overview

Media Page

Royalty free Music

Import Music

Using the Cut Page

Edit Page - Timeline Basics

Linked Clips and Delete clips from timeline

How i setup the timeline

Auto Track Selector

Keyboard Shortcuts

Editing Techniques

Adding B Roll

Picture in Picture - Overlay

Crossfades and Transitions

18 Audio Transitions and Titles

Finishing Off

Speed Ramping - Slow Motion

Recording a Voice Over

Tweaking the Audio

Audio Ducking - Automatically adjust the music Volume

Basic Colour Correction

Adding LUTS (Look Up Tables) Color preset styles

Exporting Video

Connect Resolve to Youtube Account

Export Video

Export seperate video and audio files

Add Subtitles to your video - create an SRT file for Youtube

Recommended Plugins


Fabio12 June 2021

Este foi meu primeiro curso de DaVinci Resolve. Tenho em torno de 6 meses de prática com o software (autodidata) e devido a isso não tive um aproveitamento muito grande. Talvez no meu caso seria melhor ter procurado um curso um pouco mais adiantado. Mas, acredito que o curso cumpre muito bem aquilo que se propõe a cumprir.

Daniel7 May 2021

was maybe a bit quick for someone who hasn't had any experience with this software, but otherwise very informative!

Joe30 March 2021

Wow, just Wow! This is an amazing course! I'm still working through it however I've already learned enough tips & tricks to more than justify the price! The instructor clearly knows his stuff and gets to the point QUICKLY! I'm used to other courses where I can multi-task and have things on in the background because they pace is so slow. This course you really need to pay attention to as the tips are coming at you left, right and center! Davinci Resolve is an amazing tool and, due to this course, I'll now be able to use so many more features quickly and easily! Plan to take notes as there are great tips throughout the course!


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