Accounting 101: International Financial Reporting Standards

Learn about International Financial Reporting Standards IFRS and how they differ from US GAAP Accounting for 2021

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Nov 2020

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What you will learn

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Why US Accountants Need To Learn IFRS


Talk Intelligently About IFRS

Inventory Accounting

Tax Treatment

Resources To Use

Primary Reconciling Items

Global Accounting Trends

And Much More!


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Recent Review:

John R. says "I had no idea what IFRS entailed until I took this course.  Turns out its not as overwhelming as I expected.  Instructor does a great job identifying the areas it differs from GAAP, explaining how to handle the differences, and provides great insight into how to create a plan to report under IFRS if you work internationally or if in the future the US switches to IFRS.  Really glad I took the course!"

Become an International Financial Reporting Standards accounting pro with this course!

In this course you will learn the major differences between US GAAP and International Financial Reporting Standards IFRS.  As well we will put together an action plan for you to follow to determine which IFRS rules apply to your company and how to best adopt them.  We will also look at 3 case studies and how IFRS impacted the companies involved.  Lastly we'll go over some FAQs when it comes to IFRS.  By the end of this course you will be well versed in IRFS & GAAP. 

What We Do In The Course:  

  • Learn the major differences  between IFRS and GAAP

  • Learn how IFRS applies to:

    • Accrued Expenses

    • Inventory

    • Income Taxes

    • Impairment of Long Lived Assets

    • Depreciation

    • Leases

  • Have a 10 point Action Plan to adopt IFRS

  • View 3 case studies on companies who adopted IFRS

  • And Much More!!!

At any point if you have a question, please feel free to ask through the course forum, I'd be happy to answer any and all questions.  


About The Instructor

Chris Benjamin, MBA & CFO is a seasoned professional with over 25 years experience in accounting, finance, GAAP and International Financial Reporting Standards IFRS.  Having spent the first 10 years of my career in corporate settings with both large and small companies, I learned a lot about the accounting process, managing accounting departments, financial reporting, external reporting to board of directors and the Securities and Exchange Commission, and working with external auditors.  

The following 10+ years I decided to go into CFO Consulting, working with growing companies and bringing CFO level experience to companies.  I help implement proper best business practices in accounting and finance, consult on implementation of accounting systems, implementing accounting procedures, while also still fulfilling the CFO roll for many of my clients which includes financial reporting, auditing, working with investors, financial analysis and much more.  

Thank you for signing up for this course on Udemy. I look forward to being your instructor for this course and many more!

Chris Benjamin, Instructor, CFO & MBA


Accounting 101: International Financial Reporting Standards
Accounting 101: International Financial Reporting Standards
Accounting 101: International Financial Reporting Standards
Accounting 101: International Financial Reporting Standards



Course Introduction

Instructor Introduction

Udemy Review and Feedback System

Excel Basics - Formatting, Reports and Charts

What To Know About IFRS

Overview of IFRS and Introduction to Topics

Accrued Expenses

Inventory Accounting

Income Taxes

Impairment of Long Lived Assets



What To Do About IFRS

Action Plan For Your Company

Overall Impact of IFRS

Case Studies

Course Conclusion

Course Conclusion

2020 Update - What's New In The Business For 2020

Recommended Next Steps

Bonus Lecture: Discounts For ALL My Other Courses


Ilya14 December 2020

This is a good start to the course. Hopefully the meat and potatoes of this course will be informative.

Alejandra27 October 2020

I thought this was a 50-minute course about IFRS, turns out that 18 minutes out of the 50 mins was just about basic Excel formulas. Disappointing

Thein16 August 2020

I like the course. Very informative. Not sure this is due to the fact that it is instruction course but would have use more examples to explain the concepts and ideas

Vashist21 July 2020

A good introductory course on IFRS. It is helpful. For those who wanted more meat, it is best to do so additional research and courses as instructed by the instructor. Otherwise I like the course and I am more knowledgeable than before taking it.

Amruta13 May 2020

I wanted to learn IFRS and so far wat actually been taught is excel!!! that too the excel which is taught in MSCIT course!!!

Charanjeet1 April 2020

The course is very crisp and clear information on IFRS. Course requires more practical cases to understand more of IFRS and GAAP.

Simona25 February 2020

I paid for a course that was supposed to be about IFRS and I ended up watching a very basic excel video. Not very happy about that!

Luis29 December 2018

El curso ha sido conciso con lo que trata, no se mete más a fondo y va directo al grano, era justo lo que esperaba del mismo y razón por la cual me inscribí a otros del mismo instructor.

Kaan27 November 2018

ancak konuşmacı çok hızlı konuşuyor. ve çok okuma modunda geçiyor . Bilgiler kısa ve öz . daha çok örnek verilebilir .

Draco4 May 2018

This is a great introduction to IFRS. I learned the basics I need to as my company does business internationally and we really had no idea how the different accounting rules apply. I am looking forward to the next more in depth course as well the instructor is putting together.


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