Learn swimming in a count of 3

Swim freestyle, backstroke and enjoy it!

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Learn swimming in a count of 3
1 hour
Dec 2020
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What you will learn

How to swim freestyle and back stroke;

How to use swimming as a workout, improve cardio-vascular endurance and loose weight;

How to triad water, float, breath correctly and over all enjoy swimming


In this course you will find easy to follow guid to effortless swimming! Backstroke and freestyle will become your "go to" water activities. Even if you never swam before, this course will help you not only learn the basics, but become fast and confident swimmer.

You will learn top 3 techniques of professional swimmers, improve your posture, strength, flexibility and health.

If you know only doggie paddling, or you are already an intermediate swimmer, but suffer with breathing or coordination, this course will help you to achieve your health and fitness goals. You will become fluid and confident swimmer and will be able to swim laps fast and continuously.

The first step will be to learn floating and trading water,

Second - glide and kick,

Third - to use your arms

Forth to coordinate breathing and keep the rhythm.

In the course it all broken down in small chunks with homework assignments and drills to practice.

This program is proven by more than 500 students to be successful and the easiest to follow. The skills are practiced independently and then put together into strong, graceful stroke. Bu the end of the course you will be able to swim on the back, freestyle with 2 side coordination, trade water, float, breath rhythmically and swim without stops.

Dare yourself, swim like never before!



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Learn Freestyle

Body position, leg work in FREESTYLE
Arms technique in FREESTYLE
Breathing and coordination in FREESTYLE

Learn Backstroke

Body position, floating on the back in BACKSTROKE
Arms technique in BACKSTROKE
Coordination and flip in BACKSTROKE



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