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Learn Solidity in 30 mins

Quick and fast solidity primer for programmers

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Mar 2019

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What you will learn

Quickly create a development environment for solidity

Learn the basics of smart contract development in under half an hour

Learn advanced concepts of solidity in a few mins


If you are looking to start blockchain development quickly and you have some understanding of programming languages, spend the next half an hour here and start writing smart contracts on the ethereum or tron blockchain platforms

1. Remix/Ganache Solidity Development Environment

2. Basic/Intermediate Solidity Concepts (Types / Controls / Events / Payables/ Inheritance / Exception)

3. Deploy on the kovan Network


Learn Solidity in 30 mins
Learn Solidity in 30 mins
Learn Solidity in 30 mins
Learn Solidity in 30 mins


Tooling & Concepts


Remix IDE, Ganache, Basic Contract

Remix IDE, Ganache, Basic Contract

State, Globals, Arrays, Mappings, Controls

State, Globals, Arrays, Mappings, Controls

Web3Js client, payables, Events

Web3Js client, payables, Events

Deploy ERC 20 on Kovan Testnet

Deploy ERC 20 on Kovan Testnet


Donte23 February 2021

The instructor is hard to hear. Mumbles too much. Very low energy...hard to stay interested. He seems to be knowledgeable but that makes no difference if I can't hear him or stay interested.

Kiran16 June 2020

If you are a beginner/Intermediate this course will bounce off your head most part. If you're an expert this course may be Ethererum101 for your level and hardly any new learning for you. Request the trainer to identify right set of audience and target them. Nevertheless this would greatly help someone who has a strong theoretical knowledge and wants to see practicals.

Roger29 May 2020

I was looking for a quick review of interface with web3js and a dapp. This is what I needed. I would recommend a cup of coffie and a jog around the block before your next video. Or have some exciting music in the background to keep you motivated for the viewer. Good job.

John17 March 2020

I don't think it was a good match for me because I never understood the why of what he was doing. I did get to see how complicated and confusing it is going to be to learn how to use the Ethereum Blockchain so I know this is going to be a difficult subject for me.

Adrian16 February 2020

Some of the functions I wanted to learn about were time based transactions, so I'm finding this introductory course pretty useful. Edit, This course is short, but packed full of information that someone with prior programming experience in another language will be able to study to learn about smart contracts on the Eth network. I think this will be a useful reference course.


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