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Learn Socket Programming in C from Scratch

Master the socket programming concepts and start building networked applications in C programming language

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Dec 2018

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What you will learn

Understand Socket Programming in C

Learn how to create server and clients and communicate between them

Learn about TCP programming

Learn all about HTTP server programming


Learn socket programming concepts in our short yet comprehensive course on C programming. On popular demand we bring together a practical and professional tutorial which starts with basic C communication concepts and take it to building of HTTP servers. If you want to start using sockets in your C applications this is the course to start learning.

The course will teach:

Concepts of port communication

Sockets and their use

Data transfer between systems

HTTP protocol

Building HTTP server

Advance C programming concepts

Start now and build the next generation C communication Apps.


Learn Socket Programming in C from Scratch
Learn Socket Programming in C from Scratch
Learn Socket Programming in C from Scratch
Learn Socket Programming in C from Scratch




Socket Programming Basics

Introduction to Sockets

Coding Sockets in C

Data transfer over sockets

Communicating on the same machine

HTTP Protocol

Introduction to HTTP

Building the HTTP Server

Testing our Web Server

Advance Concepts



Bonus Lecture: More Interesting Stuff, Offers and Discounts


Rahul9 June 2020

Font size is extremely small... moreover linux terminal background is completely black. its hard to see colors on a black background. Background should be white.

Angelo28 April 2020

This course only covers the bare basics of socket programming. It's not something of high caliber. Asynchronous programming is not covered, major/common APIS are not mentioned. I can go on.

James1 April 2020

Need to explain both constructs before coding. Should demonstrate or at least mention the use of the C compiler and text editing tools on all three major platforms, not just one.

Chad10 March 2020

Really great, and concise explanation of how to use sockets. This course is a really helping to solidify my understanding of using network sockets.

Darren21 February 2020

Instructor never addressed the Windows environment, even though it was mentioned in the Introductory video. Course is Very Short and the Code examples were really basic. I felt like I was watching a Youtube video instead of a professional video. No mention of sending files, such as images or anything advanced. Requested Refund

Grind9 December 2019

Very well explained on every line. This instructor is obviously very knowledgeable and I'm so happy to see some low level C classes available on udemy. C will never die! Epstein didn't kill himself.

John21 November 2019

+ very well organized, structured, and presented. - would have liked to see the param that we set to null explained, and a bit about the flags that we set to 0.

David29 August 2019

The content was great, but the technical execution was lacking. I found it difficult to see what was typed. A different contrast or better resolution would have helped. There was some odd feedback in the audio in a few lessons. Breakpoints between lessons seemed unnatural. Such as mid-sentence with no summary of the lesson.

Mihir10 August 2019

I have been through 50% course and as per what I see, this couse provides the correct info but isn't competent to be on udemy. If we are paying for a couse, we expect its content to be highly polished. This course seems to me like a regular video playlist on youtube. I won't ask for a refund, but please do some good video editing. Enhancing your voice, cutting unecessary video part, and especially if you are using Vim, at least change the font colors. The colors of your font are so hard to see. The only reason for buying a course here is because we need a spoon-feeded content.

Markus19 February 2019

A very quick and direct course to help you get up and running with sockets in C. Highly recommended, if some what short

Szymon6 February 2019

Course good for beginning network developers. The only problem is with description: "HTTP server" I was hoping for something more advanced.

Mongezi7 January 2019

I got a firm fondation on tcp client and server but on the http client and server I could not send the data to the browser I don't know why when I debuged it then prints it on the terminal, can the instructure make a program that will allow us to re use the port numbers

Jasmine7 January 2019

Explanations are to the point and clear. Not much chance of misinterpretations happening as one is guided step-by-step throughout the videos. Some basics in coding are required in order to understand basic creation, compilation, and execution of files but otherwise this course is perfect for beginners and those wishing to brush up on their knowledge of client/server interaction.

Victory3 December 2018

Excellent course. Theoretical socket programming lives in my head, however the instructor connected the dots for me on how to make a real world application. I love the socket programming project with tcp and the http project built upon the tcp socket. Thank you for this free course, and I can relate perfectly well with the TCP/IP Model for communication.

Adam28 November 2018

Good introduction to sockets in C. Goes over a few programs to get started with implementing some sockets.


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