Search Intent for better SEO (#1 SEO Ranking Factor)

Understanding the Search Intent for better SEO and how Search Intent can help you in improving Conversion rate

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What you will learn

Understanding Search Intent

Types of Search Intent

How to work on Search intent

How search intent is related to Sales Funnel

How to increase Conversion Rate with Search intent

Boost Organic Rank by working on Search Intent

Create content that can get better rank


For a better SEO, it is important that we should be publish content keeping in mind the latest updates by Google. Google has designed its algorithms in the manner that, it is now able to understand the intention behind any query. Therefore, it tries to bring  those results on the First page of Google, which have highest potential to satisfy the user intent.

For SEO Practitioners, it becomes important to publish the content satisfying the Search intent of the user. This not only assist us in winning the confidence of algorithms like Rank brain, but also it will help in improving the conversion rate and organic visibility.

What is included in this course?

The course will help you in understanding various aspects related to Search intent.

  • Introduction

You will see meaning, basics and types of Search Intent. These will help you in understanding the basic aspect of Search Intent.

  • Sales Funnel

Users on Google behave in a certain pattern. They follow a journey through which they make their mind to shop anything or take actions. This is called buyer journey. Understanding buyer journey is really very important if we want to produce content that can satisfy the Search Intent. This not only help in improving the Conversion Rate but it also help us in increasing the Organic visibility and other brings other SEO benefits like topical optimization and Semantic SEO. Search intent and Sales funnel have a deep relation with each other.

  • Understanding various kind of Search Intent

It is important to understand the different types of search intent, if we want to publish Relevant Content on our website. This course contains various types of Search intent and also how can we work on these to make improve our Semantic SEO score and to bring the effect of topical optimization, which has become very important SEO strategy especially after hummingbird and Rankbrain.

  • Content Strategy

It is important to publish the content strategically. So you will learn the basic 3C strategy that is essential to publish relevant content.


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Introduction to Search Intent
Meaning of Search Intent
Types of Search Intent

Search Intent & Sales Funnel

Sales Funnel Introduction
Sales Funnel & Search intent
Sales Funnel & Content Requirements

Informational Search Intent

Informational Keywords Meaning
Informational Keywords (Type 1)
Informational Keywords (Type 2)
Informational Keywords (Type 3)
Informational Keywords (Type 4)
Informational Keywords (Type 5 )
Informational Keywords (Type 6)
Informational Keywords (Type 7 & Type 8)
Benefits of working on informational Keywords

Commercial Intent Keywords

Meaning of commercial intent
Types of Commercial intent keywords
Targeting Product Comparison keywords
Targeting Review Keywords
Targeting Tech Spec Keywords

Transactional Keywords

Meaning of transactional keywords
How to target transactional keywords
Important Terms used in transactional keywords
How do other keywords support transactional keywords

Navigational Keywords

Understanding Navigational Keywords

How to infer Search Intent

How to infer Search Intent
Understanding Search intent from modifiers
Understanding Search Intent from SERP Features

Content Planning for Search Intent

3C Content Strategy
Content Type
Content Format
Content Angle
Content Angle Tips


June 29, 2022
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