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What you will learn

School Leadership Skills


Leadership and grooming as a priority.

The module talks about school leadership that works along with the classroom teaching expertise.

How to Teach Like a Champion?

A priority for Educators. WOW Classrooms......

The module activates Learn to Teach Like a Champion. Goes with learning as a priority. The module showcases ideas and reflections towards Lesson Planning to deliver a wow teaching spectrum.

Teacher Grooming and Classroom Management  are one of the most important documents to be planned and executed within a classroom teaching learning environment. For sure, the Lesson planning is an important attribution toward building a healthy teaching climate because it gives the teacher a concrete direction of what she/he wants to take up for the day during the classroom events in particular. The Action Research in education has shown that student learning is correlated to teacher planning in totality. One major explanation is that when plan is ready, teachers can focus on its implementation. The module exhibits the notion in a particular.

The execution of the lesson planning in directive format has to have an effective lesson which gets students thinking and get going for the learning. The SMART action plan by the teachers allows them to interact and ask questions, tap into their background knowledge, and build new skills for learning for the students and teaching for the teachers respectively. The module rightly exhibits the purpose of education and learning via the Effective lesson planning. This for sure also requires the teacher to determine three essential components viz.  the objective, the body, and a reflection. The module is a ready reckoner for the teachers to brining WOW learning scenario in the classrooms in totality. Let us learn to earn the respect, honour and recognition within classrooms for now! Get set go for the learning. Cheers.


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School Management Skills and Grooming
Grooming Expertise
School Management Skills
The Task on cards
Learning as a priority
Active Classrooms
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