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Python from scratch in 2024 with 20 lessons and 100+ live-running examples

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Learn Python in 2 hours


Welcome to the 2-Hour Python Course by Studyopedia !!!

In this Video Course, learn Python and its concepts. We have covered Python Basics and Advanced concepts in this course. It consists of 20 sections, 60 lessons, and live running source codes (downloadable), including Functions, Classes and objects, Dictionary, Lists, Sets, Tuples, etc,

Python is a powerful, interpreted, object-oriented programming language. It is used in many areas for development and is considered a perfect language for scripting. A high-level programming language developed by Guido van Rossum and first released in 1991. More than 75% of programmers considered Python a must-have Data Science skill.

***Python Features***

  • Open Source

  • High-level programming language

  • Multiple Programming-paradigms
    (object-oriented, functional programming, imperative, etc.)

  • Interpreted language

  • Dynamically Typed

  • Cross-Platform

  • Lesser LOC (Line of codes)

***Python Version***

We have covered Python 3.12 and all the examples are being implemented on PyCharm (Community Edition), a free and open-source Python IDE.

***Lesson Covered ***

1. Python – Introduction

2. Install Python on Windows

3. Python – Variables

4. Python – Scope of Variables

5. Python – Operators

6. Python – Comments

7. Python – Type Conversion

8. Python – Get User Input

9. Python – Decision-Making Statements

10. Python – break and continue statements

11. Python – Loops

12. Python – Numbers

13. Python – Strings

14. Python – Functions

15. Python – Lambda Functions

16. Python – Classes and Objects

17. Python – Tuples

18. Python – Dictionary

19. Python – Lists

20. Python – Sets

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Python - Introduction

Introduction & Features

Install Python on Windows 10/11

Install and Setup Python

Python Variables

What are Variables in Python?
Variables - Example

Python - Scope of Variables

What are Scope of Variables?
Local Scope
Global Scope
Global Keyword

Python - Operators

What are Operators?
Arithmetic Operators
Assignment Operators
Logical Operators
Identity Operators
Membership Operators
Bitwise Operators

Python - Comments

What are Comments?
Single and Multiline Comments

Type Conversion in Python

What is Type Conversion
3 Coding Examples

Python - Get User Input

How to get user input (with example)

Python - Decision Making Statements

What are Decision Making Statements in Python?
if statement
if...else statement

Python - break and continue statements

break statement
continue statement

Python - Loops

What are Loops?
while loop
for loop

Python - Numbers

What are Numeric Datatypes?
Types - Integer, Long, Float, Complex Datatypes

Python - Strings

What are strings?
Create a String in Python
String Literals
Slicing in Strings
Negative Indexing

Python - Functions

What are Functions?
Create a Function
Function Parameters
The Return Statement

Python - Lambda Functions

What are Lambda Functions?
5 Coding Examples

Python - Classes and Objects

What are Class & Objects in Python?
What is a class? How to create?
What is an object?
EXAMPLES - Classes and Objects
_init_() Function

Python - Tuples

What are Tuples
Tuples vs Lists
Create a Tuple

Python - Dictionary

What are Dictionaries
How to Create Dictionaries

Python - Lists

What are Lists?
Tuples vs Lists
How to Create a List

Python - Sets

What are Sets?
How to create a Set


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January 20, 2023
Nice video and good explanation but I think he is a little bit fast since am a bigger I don’t see well what is done and why
January 1, 2023
So far this course is ok but you definitely require some prior python knowledge for it to make sense. I believe the title is slightly misleading but if you know a bit about python and want to know how to apply what you learn this course is great.
September 12, 2022
Its overall a good experience, all the basics are explained, but not concentrated on coding part the most.
September 6, 2022
I liked the course very much. I've learnt a lot from it. A lot of practical Python example codes are covered. Thank you to the Studyopedia Team.



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